Friday, April 29, 2016

Hola, Don Gato!!

A very wonderful male cat arrived at PetSmart today who we have dubbed "Don Gato!"  He is wonderful!!  He is friendly and handsome and is going to make someone very happy!  Don Gato is about nine years old and showed up one day at a TNR colony in Del Haven.  The colony caretaker immediately realized he was domestic, socialized and loved people so brought him to the Shelter.  He was already neutered so someone knows him.
"Keep purring my friends - meow!" Don Gato
Charlotte was brought back to the Shelter after we received a couple of reports that volunteers were having difficulty handling her - especially when it came time to return her to her cage.  She is doing fine and seems happy to be back at the Shelter.

Large Marge is apparently urinating outside of her box.  She was moved to two cages to facilitate cleaning since moving those large pieces in the big cage is difficult.  On Wednesday night she made it clear she did not want to move and took it upon herself to jump back into the big cage and join Geneviere and Gabrielle.  Marge did not have any issues with her box at the Shelter so perhaps it is the positioning of it at PetSmart.  Several volunteers have tried different things like changing litter, changing boxes and even changing cages.  If someone has a suggestion please let me know!  If you notice she is no longer doing it please let me know as well.

There will be some schedule changes in June.  Irene will be leaving us and Cathy Tc will be taking over the second and fourth Friday morning cleaning.  (Good luck, Irene!!  Thank you for everything you did for the PetSmart program for the last few years!) We are pleased to welcome mother/daughter team Angela and Julia who will assume the Friday afternoon cleaning!  Welcome to our group, A & J!!  Thank you for coming on board!!

The May calendar is just about complete.  The only openings are Sunday Adoption Table times.  I am waiting on a couple of volunteers to see if they are available. Below are the dates:
Sunday, May 8, Adoption Table 2-4pm
Sunday, May 22, Adoption Table 2-4pm
Sunday, May 29, Adoption Table 2-4pm

Kittens have started to arrive at the Shelter however at this time they are all too small to be available for adoption.  Many are still nursing or are in foster homes.  If someone comes into the store looking for kittens tell them they can call the Shelter and we will happily let them know what we do have and when we can expect litters back from fosters.  If anyone begins to talk about their cats ask if they are spayed or neutered and if they say no tell them to call the Shelter and we will gladly see what program we can plug them into or guide them in the right direction.  It is kitten season!!

Adoptions have slowed down but do not be discouraged!!  We always slow down this time of year.  I attribute it to proms, weddings and graduations.   People are busy.  No worries - it will pick up again!