Friday, December 28, 2007

Lucy Goes Home and the Girls Arrive

Lucy went home on December 26 as scheduled and three new guys arrived the very next day. Joining us at PetSmart is three new girls named Clairy, Bettina and Glory. Clairy is a gray and brown striped tabby, Bettina is black and white and Glory is a gray striped tabby. Tracey said they were a little nervous with the new surroundings but otherwise seemed to settle in just fine.

Hobo was taken back to the Shelter and a vet looked at the sore on his mouth that had been progressively getting worse. It is an abcess and he will be staying at the Shelter for a week or so where he will be given antibiotics. Once it clears up he will be back.
Okay, I will see you all in 2008! Don't forget to call Anne or Jenny if you need coverage. Happy
New Year!!
Say hello to the girls:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sashimi Gets Her Christmas Wish!!

Yes, it's true! Sashimi went home last night! Joan S gave her a kiss goodbye from all of us and sent her off with her new dad. She will wake up in a house Christmas morning! I know how thrilled all of you are that a forever home finally found Sashimi. I think Sashimi is right - there is a Santa Claus! Her new dad has already made a vet appointment for her so we can rest assured she is in good hands.

A hold was put on Hobo and Sugar together. The application is at the Shelter and is being processed. Remember, Lucy goes home this Wednesday. The wheels are in motion for a couple of new guys to come to PetSmart by the end of the week.

Just a reminder... When completing paperwork for holds and adoptions please consult the steps listed on the top of the adoption table. I know it is a tad tedious but the Shelter has rules to follow. Hold receipts are copies of the hold agreement itself. Staple the cash to one copy and leave it in the cabinet. Complete a SECOND hold agreement and give it to the person for a receipt. The shorter cash receipts (in triplicate) are ONLY completed when an adoption is finalized and the balance of the fee is being paid. Make sure the applicants are aware that on average the adoption process takes three-five days. Explain that rental agreements or home ownership is verified and vet references are checked. After that the Shelter Director does a review of the application and makes the final determination on the approval. Applicants with animals who are not current on vaccinations will not be automatically denied however they will not be approved until the animals are brought to a vet and the vaccinations administered. If you have any questions you can always call the Shelter seven days a week during the day. Do not hesitate to call me as well.

I am going away (yes, again!) from December 28 until January 5. I will be back to work the adoption table on Sunday, January 6. Should you need coverage for your shift in the morning please contact Anne. Should you need coverage for your shift in the evening please contact Jenny. I will send you their e-mail addresses and phone numbers in a separate e-mail. Should you get REALLY stuck and can not contact either one of them call the store and ask for the manager.

I owe Sugar an apology! I mistakenly told you that she is a he. Sugar is a female! Sorry, Sugar!

Can't ya just picture our sweet Sashimi sitting quietly on a window perch! Thank you, Santa!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Richard and Athena Go Home - Sugar, Scout and Hazel Arrive!

Another busy week at PetSmart! As you can tell I am having trouble keeping up with all the adoptions! Isn't it great! Athena went home on Saturday and Richard went home last night. Lucy is being picked up next week - on December 26. Remember, her application was approved a while back but the adopting family could not pick her up until then.

Now, keep your fingers crossed...Sashimi got a hold! The application is at the Shelter being processed. Barb A met the applicant last night and said the home seems perfect for her. The gentleman applying wants a mellow cat and already has a window perch in his house. He had an older cat that he recently lost to cancer. He lives alone in a quiet house and wants a quiet, low maintenance cat. He spent some time with Sashimi and she stayed with him and purred and happily accepted treats from him. She is so sweet and not a bit of trouble! I am hoping to get the process expedited so she can go home tomorrow night. If any cat deserves to be home by Christmas it is Sashimi. I will keep you posted!

Seventy-two people came to the Shelter staff & volunteer dinner at the Golden Inn on Monday night. Thank you to all who attended and helped to make it a success! While there a group photo was taken of those who participated in the West Cape May Christmas parade this year on a float with their dogs. The purpose of the float is to bring attention to the Shelter and to homeless animals. The group, organized by Barb A, marched their own dogs in the parade dressing in a "beachy" theme. This year again they won an award - 1st place in the comic division. In the picture from left to right ( rear) Larissa S and her husband Matt, Joanne R, Joan S, Barb A & husband Glen...from left to right (front) Jess F and Alex C. You can see the big trophy being held by Joanne. The trophy will be placed on display in the lobby at the Shelter. You, too, can be a part of this prestigous group next year! Mark your calendar now and bring your dog next year!!

Three new cats were brought to PetSmart on Sunday. Sugar is a sweet male tiger stripe, Scout is a friendly black male and Hazel is a big old calico. It is a nice group!

Just a reminder...30% of the cats adopted from the Shelter in 2007 were adopted through the program at PetSmart. Your compassion and commitment to this program truly makes a difference to the feline population at the Shelter! Thank you for another successful year! It is truly a pleasure and an honor to work with all of you! Enjoy the holidays!

Here is Sugar, Hazel and Scout...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Finn and the Boys Go Home!

Finn went home Monday night. He will be joining Buster, a dog from the Shelter, in a home with another dog and another cat. Sounds like he will have alot of company! His new family is so excited about this adoption. They saw Finn at PetSmart and when they went to the Shelter to complete the paperwork they fell in love with Buster.

Caramel and Taffy went home last night. They are going to a house that presently has no pets. Their new family had a dog and a cat for years and both passed way this past year. They have been waiting for the right time to adopt again and saw these two in the big cage at PetSmart. I am sure they will have a great life! How lucky they are to get to stay together!

I am in the process of arranging for new guys to come down to PetSmart to replace the recent adoptees. I will let you know when they arrive.

A District Manager came to the store last week and reviewed our operation at the adoption center. Although the DM approved of our use of the PetFinder bios they also would like us to utilize their cage cards. So, from now on we will be displaying a combination of the PetFinder pictures and bios and the PetSmart cage cards.

January schedule looks great!! Only the following two mornings are still open: Saturday, 1/12 and Saturday, 1/26. Only one afternoon/evening/adoption table shift is still open: Sunday, 1/26. You know the drill!

Last call for the dinner at the Golden Inn on Monday night, December 17!! If you have not responded please let me know immediately if you would like to attend. I will be giving the Golden Inn my final head count Friday, December 14 in the early afternoon.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great Job While I was Gone!!

When I returned I was so happy to hear that four guys had gone home in my absence! Great job! You guys are awesome! You don't even need me!

Emma left on Wednesday, November 28. Leila, Mae and Bagheera all left on Saturday, December 1. Leila and Mae went home together. How great is that!! Bagheera was adopted by an older gentleman who had just lost his 25 year old cat. Bagheera will be splitting his time here and in Florida - yes, he will be a snowbird!

Lucy has a hold and the application has been approved. The adopting couple can not pick her up until December 26. Per the Shelter, should someone else show interest in adopting Lucy you can take the application, however explain that she has a pending application and if the couple do not come through she may be adopted.

It looks like the two holds on Finn and the one on Shortie are not going to go anywhere. The Shelter has continued to attempt to contact the applicant of Finn's first hold however no one answers the phone and there in no answering machine. As far as the second hold on Finn, the applicant does not want to complete the paperwork required by the Shelter. The applicant for Shortie has not contacted the Shelter since November 12 which is telling in itself. Don't worry - good homes will find them!

Five new cats came to PetSmart today. They are a great bunch and all their names are easy to say!! Caramel and Taffy are two orange and white young brothers who moved into the big cage. They are sweet, friendly and playful! It is going to be difficult for someone to separate them! Hobo is a young black male kitty who is vocal and friendly! I put him on the first row with Finn and Sashimi. I did not open his cage however should you see that he mixes well with the other two feel free to open the cage. Richard is a young orange male and is very playful and friendly. He is sharing cages with Athena, a young black female. Yes, all the guys this time around are youngsters!

I know I have addressed this before but just a reminder...please do not put beds, blankets or towels in the cages. I know that you are trying to provide comfort on the cats' journey to their forever homes and I certainly understand why you want to do so. However, under these circumstances keeping beds, blankets and towels clean presents too many challenges. The cloth gets dirty quickly and absorbs odors. The washer and dryer at the Shelter operates constantly as the towels and blankets are washed daily. The number one turn off to people entering an animal shelter is smell. Clean, uncluttered cages are more "customer friendly." Please keep in mind that at PetSmart we are essentially "marketing" our cats and the Cape May County Animal Shelter. I removed the beds and blanket that were in the cages. I will wash them and put them in the cabinet when I work the adoption table this weekend.

Please take a look ahead to the January schedule. You will see that Monday and Thursdays mornings need coverage. Also, if you did not get the e-mail about this Saturday (December 8), Judy M needs coverage. Please let me know if you are available.

Remember the Christmas Dinner/Meeting is Monday, December 17 at the Golden Inn in Avalon. If you have not RSVPed please do so! I really hope to see all of you there!

Meet Athena, Taffy, Caramel, Hobo and Richard