Thursday, May 31, 2007

Latest News & Updates

Well, my friends, perhaps our dry spell is over! Right now there are two very good applications at the Shelter waiting for the Director's final approval. One is for our little friend Roxy and the other is for Scotty. If all goes well these adoptions will be finalized very soon and I will bring new arrivals to PetSmart next Wednesday. I will keep you all posted.

Make sure when you leave that you double check the clasps on the cages. This morning when Judy M arrived to clean she was greeted at the door by a free roaming Diana! Also, be sure you shut the inside door leading to the cages when you leave. This way in the event one of the guys figures out how to use the clasp on the cages he or she can't scamper by you when you initially enter the adoption room!

Coverage is needed for the afternoon/evening on Saturday, June 9. I would like to see the adoption table open at some point that day however if you can only clean and feed I certainly understand. Remember, the time for the adoption table is not etched in stone. Just let me know what works for you.

Tracey R has been doing every Sunday afternoon at the adoption table all winter. For the summer she is not as available and needs to cut that back to every other Sunday. If anyone can cover some Sundays please let me know!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Angel Gets a Forever Home!

Angel went home on Sunday! She is going to have a wonderful life and a new name. Her new owner had a cat for over fifteen years that passed away in February. She has been looking for a new companion. She is going to change Angel's name to Sam. Sam was her best friend that passed away a while ago. She and Sam shared a love of cats and when she met Angel she felt Angel was sent from Sam to be with her. Sam is my aunt and her dear friend did not even know I was involved with PetSmart when she saw Angel there in a cage. When I saw the application I called her and we talked about Sam the person and Sam (Angel) the cat. I am so happy for Angel!!

The weekend was pretty quiet again. Let's hope Angel's adoption starts a trend!

Both the holds on Diana and Roxy have officially been pulled by the applicants.

We have a schedule change for an eight week period beginning on Tuesday, May 29. The mid-week adoption table will be on Tuesday nights instead of Wednesdays. Please be aware of this when giving people information.

Katherine called me today to tell me that PetSmart is out of both the pine litter and Yesterdays News. A delivery is due at the store tomorrow or Wednesday. She will put a substitute litter near the cages but is not going to poor it into the bin as we are only using it for the interim. As soon as the delivery is made we will stop using the replacement and go back to the pine. Hopefully the guys will not stage a strike and they will adapt to the litter change for a day or two with little problems!!

I will contact the Shelter about bringing someone new to replace Angel and to be Marbles' new roommate.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another Quiet Weekend :-(

Well, unfortunately we had another quiet weekend at PetSmart. The hold on Diana is still pending but the Shelter has yet to receive paperwork they requested on Friday. The application on Roxy is still pending but the applicant has yet to bring the hold money to PetSmart or to the Shelter. I phoned her personally on Friday and she stated she was still interested in adopting Roxy. I called her again yesterday (Monday) and left her a message. The applicant for Senora was called and told to pick up her hold money because her landlord does not want to supply the Shelter with any information.

Paige and I spent two hours at the adoption table Monday. Throughout our time we had everyone out of the cages at one time or another. Everyone was well behaved and did fine with each other. Blinky jumped down several times and played. She occasionally hissed at Scotty but did just fine with the others. Arrogant Whitney lied on the floor like she owned the place and did not bother anyone. I think any of the cats we have at the store right now would do just fine with other cats.

I am hoping that people are busy with proms, graduations and other Spring activities and that adoptions pick up soon!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Goodbye Traveller & Ariel - Welcome Blinky and Scotty!!

Ariel and Traveller headed home Wednesday night. By now Ariel has probably settled in with her guinea pig sibling and Traveller is happily hugging his new family! Good for both of them! They are a couple of nice kitties! .
Scotty and Blinky joined us at PetSmart on Saturday. Scotty, a black male, is very friendly and appeared to settle right in. I brushed him for quite a while and he was most appreciative. Blinky is a sweet calico who appears to be a tad timid but is friendly. She did not settle in as quickly as Scotty but I am sure she will be just fine. Apparently she is a bit like Ariel and prefers to be the "one and only." It is best to let her exercise on her own. It seems Blinky does not care for other cats!
The weekend was quiet. Lots of lookers but no holds were taken on either Saturday or Sunday. Diana got alot of attention on Saturday. She was very vocal and really showed off! She did good!
The holds for Diana and Senora did not work out so both have been pulled.
Poor Senora! I can not wait to hear she found a home! And Angel - such a sweetheart. When I opened the cage yesterday and leaned in to give her fresh water she was so anxious to come down she jumped right on my head! The right person will come along for each of them, I'm sure.
The June schedule looks wonderful!! You guys are the best volunteers ever!

Meet Blinky and Scotty: