Friday, June 15, 2012

Hooray for Francesca!! Finally!!!

Yes it is true!!  Francesca finally got to go home!! She is living with another cat and a little dog. For the most part she is being cared for by a very happy nine year old girl.  All her things are in the little girl's room until Francesca feels comfortable enough to have run of the house. I did speak to the mom who adopted her and she said Francesca was a little afraid at first and hid but was getting more comfortable with each day.  They have another cat who is an indoor/outdoor and since Francesca's arrival he is more outdoor than indoor! I assured the mom that with time and patience both cats will settle in with each other.

Trooper is arriving tomorrow. He is a big handsome orange and white tom cat about seven years old.  He is very friendly and loves to be brushed and groomed!  Trooper was part of a group of cats being cared for in Upper Township by a wonderful caretaker.  Unfortunately, like others have experienced lately, she lost her home and had to leave it.  All the cats were taken to the Shelter. For the most part they all lived outside but she spend a lot of time with them.  It is evident when you meet him that he spent a lot of time with human companionship. Trooper's adoption fee is $10.

Big Handsome Trooper
Finally...some official word on the dreaded cleaning of the bowls!!!!  I spoke with the store general manager, Stacey.  Stacey told me that Amanda (another store manager) will personally be washing the bowls.  Pull the food bowls in the morning ONLY and place them in the square tub that is on the cart with three shelves.  When the bowls are washed they will be placed on the small dish rack on the second tier of the cart.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not put soiled bowls in a cabinet.  No one knows they are there!!! Toni is bringing litter pans to the Shelter every Thursday morning that are then put through our sanitizer.

A new volunteer started with us and will be doing every other Friday evening cleaning. Welcome, Elizabeth!!  We love new volunteers!

The following regular spots are available if you are a person who prefers routine:
Every other Tuesday evening starting July17.
Every other Friday morning starting July 6.

Please look ahead to July and let me know what you can cover.

For the month of June all cat adoption fees are reduced by 50%. At this point all the cats at PetSmart still have $10 adoption fees marked on their cage cards.  The Shelter will honor those prices as marked.  Trooper's actual adoption fee is $20 but for the month of June it is $10.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: I am having surgery next week and will be out of work for an undetermined amount of time.  I am hoping to be available by computer and telephone within a week.  Starting on June 20 and until I send out an email stating otherwise please contact the Shelter if you need to cancel a day or need to relay any information about the cats or any information from PetSmart management.  Remember, the Shelter is open seven days a week until 4:00pm.  Someone answers the phone Monday through Saturday beginning at 8:30am and on Sundays at 9:00am. If it is an emergency and the Shelter is closed please call the store at 886-7356 and advise the manger that you are unable to make it.