Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Switching Things Up A Little...

In an effort to move some of the kittens out of the Shelter we are switching things around a little today.  We are bringing Igloo and Sherlock back to the Shelter and bringing two kittens, Sweet Pea and Jewel, to the store.  Now, I know some of you feel bad when we bring cats back to the Shelter.  Please do not feel bad!!  Often times this will jump start adoptions.  Also, kittens do get adopted quicker and we need to make room.  Believe me, Igloo and Sherlock will be fine! 

Sweetpea and Jewel are littermates and are both girls.  They are about three months and one week old.  They have been fostered since late April when they were about one week old. They are part of a litter of four and are very socilaized.  In foster they lived with three dogs and numerous other cats.  They will be fine in a home with kids as well. They were part of a litter of four.  Of course if someone is in the market for two cats littermates are always the best bet...however they do not need to go together.
Sweet Pea


Someone called the Shelter VERY interested in Toby and will be stopping in the store on Sunday to meet him.  Let's hope it works out!!  It is a very nice woman.  Her and her husband have a number of cats and Toby caught their eye!

Good news...Mona Lisa is doing very well in her home!

The August schedule looks great!  At this point there is two openings that need to be filled.  Please let me know if you can cover either of them.
Tuesday, August 26, PM Cleaning
Thursday, Augsut 28, PM Cleaning

There is also a regular evening cleaning available for Tuesday evenings beginning in September.  If you are interested in that spot let me know.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to Normal - I Hope!!

OK...I think I may have figured out what happened and why I have been unable to post until now.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

I am going to reiterate what I said in the email when I introduced the new arrivals as well as give you some new information.  It is easier to find information on the blog than it is to search your emails and I know some of you use this blog as a reference point.

As I said in the email the following cats were adopted: Jasmine, Mona Lisa and Walnut.

Jasmine went to a home with a dog and another cat - the other cat is a Himalayan.  The family was advised that Jasmine is not fond of other cats and they are slowly introducing her.

Mona Lisa went to a single woman who had never owned a cat before!  She had dogs throughout her life but never a cat.  After seeing our pretty Mona Lisa sit for so long at PetSmart she decided it was time she adopted a cat!  She has a close friend with cats so has plenty of guidance as she becomes familiar with feline behavior!

Walnut went home with a young family who could not wait to get him!!  He has two human littermates now - one is three years old and one is five years old.

Watson somehow hurt his leg and went to the vet for xrays.  Well, it was determined he has a fractured tibia on one of his back legs.  He had surgery and three pins were implanted. Dr Hirsch at Parkway Vet was taken by Watson and so has him recovering at his office for now.  He is expected to make a full recovery - however it will take time.

FOUR new cats arrived to replace Watson and the three adoptions.

Dusty - you should remember him from being with us before. He is very vocal!! He was brought back because apparently he is nocturnal and he meowed all night long. I know - seems like a silly reason.  Dusty had some discrepencies in his paperwork so was brought back to the Shelter until that could be rectified.  He is back now! 
Dapper Dusty
Mittens is a female, about four years old and is friendly and sweet. She lived with another cat. She will do best  in a quiet home.
Mild Mittens
Snowball is amle and he is great!  He is quite friendly. He and Toby are friends. They did not come in together but they have grown to like each other.
Mr. Snowball
Toby is a young male. He is friendly but be careful as he likes to play rough! Warning: Does NOT like his belly rubbed!! Not at all!!

Don't Tickle Toby
So, there you have it!  I think we are back on track! 

Below is the dates still needing coverage in August. Let me know if you can do any.
Tuesday, August 12, PM Cleaning
Friday, August 15, AM Cleaning
Tuesday, August 26, PM Cleaning
Thursday, August 28, PM Cleaning
Friday, August 29, AM Cleaning

Thanks for your patience while I worked out the problems with the blog software!