Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry For Falling Behind!

PetSmart adoptions are out of control!!!! I keep putting off doing the updates until cats definitely go and the new ones arrive. Then, next thing I know ANOTHER cat gets to go so I decide to wait and see who we are sending and then ANOTHER cat gets adopted and I wait again.......get the picture!!! I am going to try to catch up right now...

OK, so, Ivana had a hold when she first arrived but the applicant changed her mind. No worries though...she got another hold over the weekend and is going home as I type this. Her cage is clean and ready for a new arrival.

Millie came and went so fast! Here is a picture for those of you who did not get a chance to meet her.... She is a snuggly, sweet dilute calico. It is no wonder she got adopted so quickly.

Bart and Sprinkles went home during the adoption event. Freddy and Johnny went home together and are probably wreaking havoc at this very moment.

Gladys, Penny, Alice and Ralph arrived most recently. I can't even remember who came when! Ralph and Alice are very affectionate and love playing together. Of course we would love to have them go home together. An application was taken for just Alice over the weekend but it has not been approved yet.

Gladys is a nice old girl with tabby markings and a funny meow. She can be shy at first but she will settle in fine. Poor old Penny!! She is an older cat - twelve years old. A woman came into the Shelter with her and said she could no longer keep her. She had Penny since she was nine years old so actually was her second owner. Penny also has some issues with her hearing. Not deaf - but has difficulty hearing. She is long haired and very pretty and sweet. She is also declawed. I'm hoping she gets adopted quickly.

Check it out!!! The October schedule is complete with the exception of one day...Saturday, October 10, in the morning. Let me know if you can cover it. Don't be afraid to look ahead to November! :-)

Special thanks to the group who handled the Adoption Event the weekend of September 12. A couple of the dogs got to spend some time out of the Shelter thanks to the volunteers.

I'll try to keep up a little better - but let's hope the cats keep getting adopted so quickly that I can't!!!

One of the little locks is missing. Anybody have any idea where it may be?? Is this an intentional act ;-) (Just kidding!!)

Here's Penny and Gladys.....

Monday, September 07, 2009

Siam Is One Happy Cat!!!

What a weekend... Siam went to his forever home on Saturday as scheduled! OMG!! How exciting! Leona said he jumped into his carrier and was ready to go. I am sure he was! Penny left on Saturday also and was carried away by a very excited family. Bart already got a hold! The application is at the Shelter and I will be reviewing it tomorrow.

Two females arrived at the store on Sunday. Sprinkles is very pretty and loving with beautiful colors and markings. She likes people but ain't all that crazy about other cats! Please keep this in mind and give her some space. She is an amusing cat. At the Shelter she has been very vocal - having full fledged conversations with me!

Heart is a cute little black and white cat. She got her name from a marking on her paw that looks like a heart. She is very sweet.

A new volunteer trained today...welcome Frances!! Thank you, Joanne, for doing the training!

The adoption event scheduled for this weekend is falling into place. If you would like to help at any time during the three day event please check the calendar and let me know what hours you can do. I will send out an e-mail to all involved Wednesday evening.

The October schedule looks great!!!! You guys are awesome! There is only three openings at this point...please let me know if you can cover any of the dates.

It is my understanding that when we need to replenish litter and/or food we are to let the manager know and he/she will remove the item from the shelf for us and then be given the UPC code. I do not know that this has changed. Has anything else been happening?? If so, please let me know. There is several assistant managers which can result in confusion. I can place a call to the store manager and verify the procedure if necessary.

The two new girls.....

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Summer Ends With A Bang!!

Yes, things have picked up!! We are ending the summer with many successful adoptions. Big Graham left last Sunday. He is going to be so happy being able to stretch those legs out and be free! Ben and Jerry left last night. I am so happy they went together.

You are going to really like the four cats that arrived today. Two littermates, Freddie and Johnny, are in the big cage. They are really great! They are full of personality and are alot of fun. Hopefully they will go the way of Ben and Jerry and get to go home together. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them. One is black and one is a gray tabby. They are eight months old. Bart is a big old nice lap cat. He has a funny eye but is just fine. Mia is a gray female and is very friendly and loving. She is beautiful. Mia and Bart should stay in their own cages until they get settled in.

We are getting ready for the adoption event being held next weekend. Please check the calendar and let me know what you can do. The more volunteers we have the more dogs we can bring. Please be specific about the hours you can be there. Also, only those volunteers who come to the Shelter and walk dogs can handle the dogs at the event. Below is the hours I would like the adoption table to be open:

Friday, September 11, 12-3pm.

Saturday, September 12, 12-4pm

Sunday, September 13, 12-4pm

Bart & Mia.....

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!!!