Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Success At The Adoptathon!

Thanks to all of you that helped out Saturday at the Adoptathon! Barb was thrilled with how things went! There was alot of activity. Pertelot went home where she will be spoiled in her single cat home. Holds were taken on Tailor and Mae. (Oh please, please, please let Mae go home!) In addition holds were taken on Vanilla - a BIG fluffy white female cat who came for the day- and Chewey - a black & white GreatDane/Pointer mix. Fortunately a second hold was taken for Tailor on Sunday as the first one was pulled by the applicant.

The applications for both Chewey and Vanilla have been approved and arrangements are being made for them to be picked up from the Shelter. In addition to Chewey two other dogs came down from the Shelter for a visit - Troy and Sausage. Shelter staff were also on hand for the event - thank you, Jess and Heidi!

Everyone is working so hard to make little Shorty feel secure during his time with us and it is paying off. Thank you so much for your compassion!

There is some openings in the November schedule. Please let me know what you can do. Someone is needed for the following morning cleanings: Sunday 11/18, Monday 11/26, Thursday 11/29. Someone is needed for the following evening cleanings: Thursday 11/8, Monday 11/26. Someone is needed for the adoption table OR evening cleaning: Sunday 11/4 and Sunday 11/11.


Sunday, October 21, 2007


Pinky and Binky left together on Wednesday night. I am sure their new mom is having alot of fun with those two.

After Pinky & Binky left we had quite an empty house. Not any more! We presently have no vacancy! We are at maximum capacity - ten cats. Five new guys arrived Friday afternoon. At this point the door is open between three cages on each floor. As long as everyone is getting along this is not a problem - it lets the cats have more room to move around as well gives them company.

The new guys are Pertelot, Smudge, Leila, Tailor and Tinker. Pertelot is very Samantha-like. She is a big husky female who is all black and fluffy. She got a hold on Saturday! She has a sweet, gentle nature. Smudge is another black female. She is sweet, too, and gets along great with everyone. Leila is a pretty torti who seems to have really hit it off with Mae. She is friendly and loves to sprawl out on the floor when you let her out. Tailor and Tinker are litter mates that are about three or four months old. They are both males and are in the big cage and are SOOOO cute! Both are really friendly and not the least bit skittish. I bet we have no problem getting them into a home together. Tinker is the little tiger striped guy and Tailor is the one with the white on his chest and underbelly. Wait til you meet this crew! Unfortunately I can not upload photos right now with Blogger so can't show you the new guys! If you go to http://www.petfinder.com/ you can look these guys up. I will try again later to add the pictures.

Shorty was very sad today and scared. He jumps when you touch him. He is so cute with his big white whiskers and stubby tail! I feel sorry for him. Take some time with him, please.

Remember...next Saturday is the Make A Difference Day Adoptathon. Shelters are participating in various locations throughout Atlantic and Cape May County. If you know anyone interested in adopting a dog or cat tell them to stop in and see us at PetSmart. We also will have a list of participating shelters available. Barb A is handling this event and could always use more help!

Madelyn took some photos of dogs at the Cape May County Shelter from PetFinder and had then blown up. They are now posted at PetSmart above the cat cages. These dogs are representative of typical dogs in Shelters everywhere and will remain on the wall. They are beautiful photographs. Using a computer program Madelyn was able to remove the chains that can be seen in the original photographs.

November is almost here...please consult the calendar and let me know if you can do any of the open shifts.

Monday, October 15, 2007

WOW! What a week!

It was a great week at PetSmart! Lots of activity!! I had a difficult time deciding who to showcase on the "good bye" picture to the right. Tag and Sara Lee went home on Wednesday. Big fluffy Samantha went home on Saturday and Gossamer went home on Sunday.

A hold was put on Pinky and Binky on Friday evening. Yes, the hold is for the two of them! The application is at the Shelter and I am pretty certain it will be approved. Can you imagine these two racing through the house?! They are going to be so happy to be free of that cage! One of our volunteers will be sad to see Pinky go but will be so happy to know that not only does she have a forever home but she gets to share it with her sister - right, Lauren!

Three new arrivals came today...Shorty, Emma and Tori. Shorty is a black and white male and so named because he has a short tail. Normally he is friendly and affectionate. However, he was really scared after his trip from the Shelter so barely moved when put into the cage. Please keep this in mind until you can see he has settled in. He should be fine and should only need a day or two.

Emma is a female who is black and white with alot of white on her chest. She settled right in and kept wanting to come right out and explore. Tori is a small calico who also settled right in and is very affectionate. Tracey tried to put Tori and Emma in two shared cages but after seeing some spatting decided to wait and let them settle in first. We'll see how that goes.

Reminders: Saturday, October 27, 11a-5p, Adoptathon PetSmart Let me know if you can help Barb A at any time during that day. (Christina and Paige, I have you on the list! Anyone else if I forgot you please e-mail me again.) Sunday, October 28, Adoption Table or Evening Cleaning still needs to be covered.

I added a link temporarily to the right directly under the volunteer calendar. It is a story that appeared in Sunday's NY times and is close to all our hearts. Take a minute and read it.

Meet the new guys: Emma, Shorty & Tori

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lots of Good Applications Pending!

Alice went home on Saturday. She will be joining a big old male cat named Figaro. Her new family is very excited about bringing Alice home. They felt bad leaving Mae behind but I assured them we would find a good forever home for her.

Applications are pending for Samantha, Tag, Gossamer and a new arrival, Sara Lee. The woman adopting Samantha met her last weekend and loved her. At that time Samantha had a pending hold but it appeared as if it might fall through. The hold was pulled on Saturday and this woman came back to see if Samantha was still at the store. An application was completed and all the necessary information was promptly faxed to the Shelter. It all looks good!

On Thursday night while cleaning Jen introduced Tag to a family who have small children. The family was particularly concerned with how Tag would handle their little girl. He was wonderful and they loved him! On Saturday they dropped off a completed application and visited with Tag. That little girl can not wait to get him home!

Gossamer was introduced to a family and both of their cats last weekend. He did well with everyone and an application was completed and brought to the Shelter. The application looks like it is going to be approved, also. He has a clean bill of health and was brought back to PetSmart today.

You guys have not even met Sara Lee and she has a hold! She is a sweety! She is mostly white with some orange and has a sweet and friendly disposition. A family came in to PetSmart today and brought their cat to meet Sara Lee. Tracey said Sara Lee proceeded to immediately groom and kiss her new sibling! Well, that was all it took! A completed application is now at the Shelter for Sara Lee. I am hoping she gets to go home on Wednesday so for some of you this may be your only chance to see her...

Binky came back and joined Pinky on Tuesday. Binky also was given a clean bill of health. Apparently she will always have that wheezy, congested sounding breathing. I put the two girls together in the big cage and they are loving it! They rip race around and put on quite a show! They so need to go home together!

I put shy little Mae in a double cage with Sashimi. This way it will be easier for us to actually reach in and handle Mae. She is still a bit scared and so is Sashimi. Sashimi did do a little better on Saturday and was jumping in and out of the cage. I think it is very important for us to work with these two and give them extra TLC. I know we can help these two and can get them adopted!

The Adoptathon is on for Saturday, October 27, from 11a-5p. I am working on having additional cats and kittens brought to the store for the day and hopefully Shelter staff will be on hand with some dogs! If you can help at all on that day let me know.

What is a blog update without a reference to the schedule??? October is just about complete. Coverage is still needed for Saturday morning, the 20th, and for Sunday evening, the 28th. Sunday afternoon is usually when the adoption table is open. If you can open the table that would be great! If you can only clean that is fine, also. Keep in mind that the store closes at 6p on Sundays.

Our regular Monday morning cleaner, Katherine, is once again headed for warmer climates for a few months. Coverage will now be needed for Monday mornings starting the first week in November through March when Katherine will return. Please let me know if there are any weeks you can cover.

If all goes as planned you will be meeting a whole new crew by the end of the week!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Cayenne Had A Home All Along

We learned that Cayenee had a home all along and a family who sadly missed him! Apparently back in mid-April he got out of the house and could not find his way back. His family checked the Shelter at that time for him but he had yet to arrive. A few weeks later he was brought in by animal control. Just last week while shopping in PetSmart his mother saw him behind the glass. She knew he had that funny little bump on his tail and sure enough our Cayenne was her Bub! On Thursday she went to the Shelter armed with pictures and vet records for "Bub." Friday Bub went home! Bub's mom is also the one who adopted Iris. She said Iris is doing really well and rules the household!

I am so happy to report that Mollie went home on Saturday. Her new parents are both so nice and I know Mollie will have an absolutely wonderful, pampered life! She will be living with two other cats and of course will be kept strictly inside.

Right now we have two holds pending... The hold on Alice looks really good. All the paperwork is complete. Tracey took a hold on big old Samantha last Sunday. However, so far the necessary paperwork has not been brought or faxed to the Shelter. We are still standing by on that one.

I checked on Binky. She still is having a little upper respiratory problem. You can hear the congestion when she breathes.

Since Tag, Gossamer and Samantha are such big cats and since both Tag and Samantha are not exactly tolerant of others I am going to wait to bring new cats to the store. These big guys can not do with one cage AND a large litter box.

If you have not seen it already I rearranged our supplies. I cleaned out all the high shelves. The only items that should go there are litter pans, brown paper and paper towels. It is too difficult for many of the volunteers to access these high shelves. Tons of items had been pushed to the back and the shelves were very cluttered. The rest of the supplies (toys, brushes, medical stuff, liquid cleaners, etc) were all moved to the lower cabinets. The cabinets have all been labelled to make things easier. PLEASE return things to the proper cabinet!! Also, just a reminder...do not put any large litter pans or bowls away that have not been cleaned first. The sink in the store room does have hot water - it just takes a few minutes for it to get hot.

Please look at the October schedule. As you can see with the exception of Friday, October 5, there are several Friday evening cleanings yet to be filled. In addition there is a couple of Saturday mornings, one Monday morning and a Sunday. Please let me know if you can do any of these days.