Monday, November 27, 2006

Aden & Pierce Staying Together

Tracey R took a hold from a great couple on Sunday for Aden & Pierce. The adoption application was approved today and arrangements are being made for the pair to go home together on Wednesday. Isn't that great news!

Just so you know...when someone adopts two pets from the County Shelter (and this includes PetSmart) the adoption fee for the second pet is reduced by 50%. Right now the Cape May County Animal Shelter Alliance is paying that 50% so the second guy has no adoption fee. To learn more about the CMC Animal Shelter Alliance and the work they do for the Shelter and Cape May County's animals just click on the eighth link to the right "CMCASA."

I know everyone is very busy around the Christmas holidays. Please take a minute and look at the December calendar. Someone is needed to clean the morning of December 14 (Thurs) and the evening of December 8 (Fri) & 29 (Fri). In addition the adoption table needs coverage on December 16 (Sat) and December 30 (Sat). Please keep January in mind as well and let me know what you can do.

Monday, November 20, 2006

West Cape May Christmas Parade Is For The Dogs!

Barbara A is going to have a float in the West Cape May Cristmas parade on Saturday, December 2 that will represent the County Shelter along with Animal Outreach. The float is going to be a North Pole scene with an igloo and a mock dog sled travelling in front of the float. Barb needs volunteers to help her walk her dogs. Also, if you would like to bring your dog and join the group you are more than welcome. Decorate your pooch, dress warm and join Barb! The parade starts at 5pm and line up is at 4pm. If you would like to participate please let me know.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ginger Went Home, New Arrivals

Ginger went home today. Hopefully this home is a better fit. Tracey R took some time explaining how to introduce a new cat to the household. The new home does have one other cat. Ginger had better behave!

Scooter is back with us at PetSmart along with new arrivals, Joey and CB. Apparently Joey and CB are buddies. The Shelter vet tech asked that they be permitted to stay together so the door between their cages is open.

The reporter from the Press will let me know when the article will appear in the paper and I will let you all know. The photographer got some really nice shots of Hobbes! He looks right at the camera and poses!

You should have all received an invitation to the Shelter dinner at the Golden Inn in Avalon. I hope you can all make it. There is strength in numbers and coming together as a unit is how we can make a difference in addressing issues effecting animals in Cape May County. Please come out and meet the Shelter staff and Shelter Advisory Board and mingle with others who share your passion!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Greaser Went Home, Scooter Is Fine

Greaser went home last night. Larissa S said his new mom is absolutely thrilled and Greaser will have a wonderful little life as a spoiled kitty! I am sure you will all miss his funny antics!!

Good news...Ginger got a hold last night! Let's hope this works out for her as she has been through so much.

I checked on Scooter yesterday and he is fine. He saw a vet and the sore on his leg is a "hot spot." In a few days he will return to Pet Smart.

On Saturday a reporter from the AC Press is going to interview me at the adoption table. This should generate interest in our program and get some publicity for the Shelter cats. Hopefully it will increase adoptions and also recruit some more volunteers.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Luck, Gunther !

Gunther went home on Sunday! Good for him! Unfortunately the family who was going to adopt Greaser decided against it due to an illness in the family. The Shelter will be contacting the second hold to let them know they may adopt Greaser.

Scooter has a sore spot on his right front paw so I took him to the Shelter to be looked at by the vet tech. As she cleaned the spot which appeared to be raw he did not even flinch. He is such a good boy! The tech theorizes the joint may be bothering him so he licks and chews at the area. He will see a vet this week and hopefully can return to Pet Smart soon.

The December calendar is really looking good however there is still some open spots. Friday nights need to be covered as well as a few Saturday mornings. Please take a look at it. Also, Katherine S has been doing every Monday morning for a long time and is headed to a warmer climate right after the holidays until mid-March. I will miss her dedication! So, Monday mornings will need to be filled starting January 1 until she returns.

To answer your questions about Thanksgiving and Christmas... The store is closed both days however a manager comes into the store mid-morning to take care of the animals and at that time we will have access to our guys. Both holidays are covered. Also, Tracey R has generously volunteered to clean and feed in the evening on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sylvia Went Home

Sylvia went home last night! Another happy ending!

Based on the observations of several of you guys I moved Lydia to a lower level cage. She is afraid to jump down from the top level. Let me know how she does in her new place.

The application for Gunther has been approved and arrangements are being made to have him picked up over the weekend. Here he is looking very handsome and ready to go home!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gunther Got A Hold!

Gunther and his crooked bumpy tail got a hold on Saturday. He is such a nice cat and will make a great pet!

Unfortunately the holds on Pierce and Scooter were pulled as of today. Both applicants have not returned repeated phone calls from the Shelter. Their hold money is in a folder in the adoption table and can be given back should they come in. Refer them to the Shelter should they have any questions.

I taped samples of completed hold paperwork and completed final adoption paperwork to the wall next to the adoption instructions. Hopefully this will alleviate any confusion you may have when filling the forms out.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Latest Adoption Information

Greaser is scheduled to go home over the weekend. Sylvia is scheduled to go home on Wednesday. The hold on Pierce has been removed as the adoption applicant did not show up on Wednesday as scheduled to bring him home and has not returned phone calls from the Shelter. The hold on Scooter may be pulled this weekend as well.

Hobbs was brought back to the Shelter as he was experiencing some problems with diarrhea (ugh!!). However, he appears to be fine and should be returning to Pet Smart on Saturday or Sunday. Which leads me to this...please refrain from giving the cats treats and wet food as the change in diet may cause an upset in their digestive systems. I know we all love to give the guys treats but this week alot had "elimination issues." It is best to keep their diet consistent.

Wednesday night Barb A took a second hold on Greaser. Knowing that Greaser had a pending application the applicant also expressed interest in Oreo or Gunther should Greaser no longer be available. Hopefully one of the two will get to go home soon!