Thursday, December 13, 2012


OK...get very is true...Glory went home last night!!  Anastasia went with her!  The two will have run of a very large house so Glory will have her space.  Their new mom is so excited!  After seeing our very pretty Glory on line she went to PetSmart and met her.  While there she saw sweet little Anastasia and fell in love with her, too.  It is a perfect household for the two of them.  They will be the only pets in the house and will spend very little, if any, time alone. Don't worry...Glory can find solitude if need be.

Snowball went home last night as well.  She will be joining a family with kids and another cat that is two years old. Another family came in thinking they could adopt Snowball and were disappointed she was leaving.  They faxed a completed application to the Shelter anyway and plan to meet our new arrivals and come into the Shelter as well.  They just may adopt two!!

Below is the three cats that arrived at PetSmart today.  You will love them all!!! Josephine is cute as a button with her round face and pretty tiger markings.  She may seem shy at first but she is a nice, friendly girl.  She is under a year old.

Lauren and Humphrey are about four months old.  They came into the Shelter at seven weeks old.  They are litter mates so it would be very nice if they were adopted together,  however they can be separated.  They are both friendly and playful!!
Josephine the Jewel

Lovely Lauren
Humphrey the Hottie

If you do not follow us on Facebook then I am very happy to report that Piper and Shiloh have finally been adopted and went home together on Tuesday!!  It has been over two years since they arrived at the Shelter!

The December calendar has two openings.  Let me know if you can cover:
Wednesday, December 25, AM Cleaning
Saturday, December 29, AM Cleaning

Reminder!!!!  Open House, Holiday Party,  and Santa Claws at the Shelter this Sunday, 12:30-2:30PM!  Please stop in and say hi and have some tasty refreshments!!  This a great time to mingle with people of like minds!!  Bring friends and family!!

(PS: FYI...brown paper was restocked today! )

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Gus Goes Home For The Holidays!!

Gus went home last Sunday.  He was adopted by one of the PetSmart associates who is so happy to have him!  She had adopted a kitten from us just about a year ago so Gus will have some feline company!

OK...I do not want to jinx it BUT...a woman is VERY interested in Glory and will be in today (Friday) or over the weekend to meet her.  She doesn't have any other cats!  She saw Glory on PetFinder and now wants to meet her.  Keep your paws crossed!!!

A precious medium haired kitten named Anastasia arrived at PetSmart today.  OMG!!!  She is a doll!!!  She walks out of the cage right onto your shoulder and purrs away! She came into the Shelter in mid-September as a kitten and is now about five months old. Although the cage card indicates she should not be placed with kids she has gotten better.  Just let potential adopters know she can get nervous. (This is really not a good picture of need to see her to appreciate her!)
Cutie Anastasia

The shelter is teaming up with the Animal Alliance of Cape May County and offering a special program through the end of the year.   It is called Senior Pets For Senior Citizens.  Please click on the link to the right for details. Also to the right is the details concerning the annual Santa Claws Holiday Open House.  Please share both links with anyone you know who may be interested.

Good news...Toni will be back volunteering with us after all!!  Yippee!!  She is leaving for those dreadful winter months but will be back!

A new volunteer is training tomorrow with Leona.  She will be taking over every other Monday evening for Paige.  Welcome, Judy Mc!!  We love new volunteers!!

The December calendar is just about complete.  Below is the dates that still need to be filled. Please let me know if you can cover any of them.
Saturday, December 15, AM Cleaning
Friday, December 21, PM Cleaning
Wednesday, December 26, AM Cleaning
Saturday, December 29, AM Cleaning

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lots Going On!!

OMG!  Sandy the Stupid Super Storm sure complicated matters!  Where did the last month go??  Thank you all very much for taking care of PetSmart while I was away.  Each year the planning becomes easier and easier.

So...what is going on?  Bunny was brought back to the Shelter to see the vet for a sore on her front paw.  She is doing just fine and will be on meds a few more days.

Tiger went home last weekend and will be living with a older dog and older cat.  He is going to have a nice Thanksgiving with his new family!!  They are thrilled to have him.

We did get an application for Glory right before I left for vacation.  Unfortunately it did not work out.  Hopefully her day will come soon!!

Three new cats arrived on Tuesday afternoon..Snowball, Gus and Tinkerbell.  All are easy going and will acclimate to a home with other cats, kids and dogs. Snowball is a black and white male going on three years old.  He was adopted as a kitten from one of the area veterinarian offices in October 2010.  Unfortunately now the owner had to move and the new landlord will not allow Snowball to live in the new place.  Gus is an orange and white male about five months old that came into the Shelter as a stray.  He is playful and loving - but may appear shy at first.  Tinkerbell is a pretty blue cream calico over a year old.  She is another victim of the old "I'm moving and can't take the cat with me."  So sad.  Please keep an eye on the new guys and once they seem comfortable let them out to play together! They're a good lot!!



Barb Allison is again organizing Shelter participation in the West Cape May Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 1.  The theme this year is "Harley Hounds."  Please contact Barb at if you would like to participate.

The Shelter's annual Christmas Open House and Santa Paws Pet Pictures is Sunday, December 16, 12:30pm - 2:30pm.  Hopefully many of you can stop in!  Refreshments will be provided!  Please tell your friends and family to stop in as well.  Tel people that if they are bring a pet for a picture with Santa Paws they should bring their own camera.  If you they do not have they can borrow ours and we'll email the picture.  I'll also email all of you a flyer that you can print out and distribute.  Feel free to send it to anyone you think may be interested.

I am gearing up for the 2013 calendar.  If you have a regular day and time and can no longer make that commitment please contact me ASAP.  If I do not hear from you I will continue to schedule you as I have been.  Sadly we are saying goodbye to two wonderful regular volunteers - Paige and Toni.  Thank you both for all you have done for the Shelter, particularly the PetSmart program.  Believe me when I say you will be missed. Should anything change you are always welcome back!!!!

Saturday, December 1 dogs will be again making an appearance at PetSmart!

Below is the open dates for December.  Please let me know if you can cover any of them. 

Wednesday, December 12, AM
Wednesday, December 19, AM
Friday, December 21, AM
Wednesday, December 26, aM
Saturday, December 29, PM (Adoption Table)
Saturday, December 29, AM


Saturday, October 06, 2012

No Surprise There!!

Kahn was adopted in a matter of days!!  Can anybody be surprised??  Zander went home this past week as well.  As you will remember he initially came to PetSmart with his brothers but they all got the sniffles and had to go back to the Shelter.  We are pleased to report that all three have been adopted!

The two boys that arrived this week are fabulous!!  Both will do well in homes with other cats, dogs and kids.  Both are under a year old and have a $70 adoption fee. Danny likes to play rough - make sure potential adopters are aware of that!  He does play biting!  Collin is so handsome! They are both small enough to be comfortable in one cage as they settle in.  Here they are:
As of now the October schedule is complete...hope it stays that way !!!  Look to November and see if you can cover any of the open time slots.

The last three day adoption event of this year is Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  November 2,3,4.  We'll have dogs at the store on all three days.

Today Joyce and I attended the Blessing of the Animals in Stone Harbor with one cat and one dog from the Shelter to represent all of our animals.  It was fun to see all the pets...mostly dogs...cats are not too crazy about things like this!  Elvis did great!!  The ceremony was particularly touching.  Special thanks to Joyce for helping with the logistics!
Judy & Elvis  Joyce & Lacey

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Luscious Leaves and Handsome Kahn Arrives!

Pretty little Luscious went home on Saturday with a very excited new mom!  We knew she would not last long.  Her new mom is young and ready to spoil her!

We suspect our new arrival will not last long either!  His name is Kahn and he is a handsome Siamese Snowshoe mix.  Wait til you see him!!  he is the definition of a handsome tom cat.  Kahn is an older distinguished gentleman - maybe around eight years old.  He does have a slight heart murmur - however the vet is not concerned about it.  Kahn is a social guy and loves attention however this will not be immediately apparent. He will start out a bit shy.  At the Shelter he is playful and enjoys stretching his legs.  He does like to play rough and we think he is man's cat!!  For now leave Kahn alone in his own cage and let him settle in.  He does like other cats, however remember this is a new environment for him.
Handsome Kahn

Some volunteers take laundry home and some do not.  If you do a cleaning and see that the hamper is full you may email me and CC the Shelter. We can pick it up and wash it at the Shelter. OR, Toni can bring it along with the litter pans on a Thursday.  Please do not automatically change the blankets each day.  If the blanket is still clean it can remain.  This will cut down on laundry.  Of course if it is soiled please replace it! To remove hair you can take a very slightly damp paper towel and wipe the hair down.

I have been receiving emails that some of you are experiencing difficulty accessing the volunteer calendar.  I am as well.  I am not sure why and I am hoping it is a Yahoo glitch that will soon be rectified. Fortunately I was finally able to access it but is has been hit-or-miss. October looks wonderful!!  The below dates still need coverage.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any.

Sunday, October 13, AM cleaning
Monday, October 15, PM cleaning
Friday, October 19, AM cleaning 
Saturday, October 20, AM cleaning

Friday, August 31, 2012

Playing Catch Up!!

OK, time for me to officially say good bye to Bailey and to introduce Abby.  Time got the best of me once again!

Bailey did not last long - which was no surprise.  He was adopted by a couple who had also adopted a dog from us last year.  The dog they adopted was a few years old and had lived with other dogs and two cats.  Bailey climbed right up into the lap of his prospective new dad and immediately won him over! His mom and dad were so happy to learn that Bailey was the same age as their dog as they were looking for an older cat to join their family.

Sweet little Abby took Bailey's place.  She is a young female that came into the Shelter in May.  When she arrived she was wearing a green flea collar so obviously belonged to someone.  The person who found her had seen her in the yard and began to feed her when she noticed a wound on her neck.  She was brought to the Shelter by animal control and spent some time in our sick bay getting well.  She is good as new and a happy girl!  Abby is very playful and would do fine in a home with dogs, kids and other cats.  She always had a great time playing with the other cats when we set her free in our main cat room!
Playful Abby

Buddy is being picked up tomorrow (Saturday). He will be living with a house full of people and a dog so will not be lacking for attention and affection!

Wait til you see the beauty arriving after Buddy leaves!  Her name is Luscious - which says it all!  She is a longhaired dilute blue cream torti about three and half months old.  She is so soft and luscious!!  She came to the Shelter in mid-July with four others in her litter.  She is definitely fine with other cats and kids but we are not sure about dogs.  If introduced properly she should be fine.  Please give her a little time to settle in an as always approach her slowly until she seems comfortable in her new surroundings.

Please take a look at the September calendar and see if you can cover any of the below available dates:
Sunday, September 9, AM Cleaning
Thursday, September 13, PM Cleaning
Friday, September 14, AM Cleaning
Sunday, September 16, AM Cleaning
Monday, September 17, PM Cleaning 
Friday, September 21, AM Cleaning
Friday, September 28, AM Cleaning 
Wednesday, September 26, PM Adoption Table
(I am waiting on an answer for Friday evenings from Elizabeth!!)

Saturday, September 1 is Dog Day at PetSmart!!  Two dogs will be spending the day with our resident cats!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seven New Furry Faces!!

Sadly, the Z brothers got sick at PetSmart and had to go back to the Shelter.  What a shame!  We are trying to figure out what it is at the store that causes the young cats' eyes to become so inflamed!  Maybe it is that scented litter.  We simply do not know.

Belle had a bit of a hissy fit and bit one of the volunteers.  She has been brought back to the Shelter for a mandatory quarantine time of ten days.  Do not worry about her - she is fine!!

Sentra went home as scheduled.  Her new family is very excited!!'s the new guys...some of you have already met a few of them:

First is Bailey, is a large buff colored male about five years old.   He was dumped on the front yard belonging to one of our staff along with three other cats - all in the same carrier.  Who would do such a thing???  He was even already neutered.  He is a sweetheart!! 

Then we got the kittens...Buddy and Rob.  They are litter mates and are about four months old. They have been living together in a bird cage in the lobby of the Shelter so are accustomed to a lot of activity.  They can be somewhat shy at first so let them settle in.



George and Jerry have been growing up at the Shelter.  They came in July of last year as eight week old kittens and have been living together ever since.  George, the tiger,  is affectionate and outgoing. Jerry, the black cat, is shy and afraid.  We must do all we can to see that George is not adopted and Jerry left behind!  If they are adopted together the fee is merely $35! They are in the big cage...the magical big cage that gets our pairs adopted TOGETHER!



Mitch is a handsome old tomcat!!  He has a big round face and beefy jowls! He is about three years old. He came to the Shelter in May after animal control received a complaint of cats fighting in trash cans.  Um...we do not think Mitch would find with anyone!  He is a love bug!! Look at that face!!!
Glory is a beautiful gray female just over a year old. She is very friendly and loves attention! Isn't she pretty?

Let all the new guys settle in before opening doors, sharing cages and having them all play at once. Watch for signs from those who are ready and those that wish to be have some space.

REMINDER....although litter pans are brought to the Shelter for sanitizing this does not mean you do not need to rinse them out.  Please take them into the back, rinse them out and spray them down with the Mad Dog disinfectant.  Not only is this unsanitary but soiled pans left in the cabinet will make the room smell.  A bad smell is a major turn off to potential adopters!!  If you have any questions about this procedure please call me at the Shelter.

It appears that often times the clean bowls are being shoved toward the back of the cabinet. The cabinets are very deep so it is easy to miss the bowls. 

Let's hope the Seven bring us good luck for adoptions!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Another Great Week!!

Wow!!  It is a tad difficult to keep up with the adoptions this week.  Armando left last Wednesday night and will be living with two Jack Russells and a wonderful family.  A few days after the adoption Armando's new owner felt bad not taking Archie as well.  Initially he was going to come back for Archie but after learning that he had a wonderful application pending he decided to let Archie go to the other home.  He will be leaving tomorrow night.  Archie will also be living with dogs, as well as another cat.

OK...get ready for this...Starburst and Skittles are going home tomorrow night, too!  They will be living with a young family and be the only pets.  There are two children in the house - a one year old and a six year old.  Mom and Dad are in the Coast Guard and moved here from Georgia.  Both have grown up with cats. It was refreshing to hear that they wanted older guys and not kittens.  They totally understand that Skittles is a little nervous and has her own personality.  They realize Starburst will more than likely settle in quickly where Skittles will need time.

And one more...Sentra is leaving on Saturday! She will also be living with two dogs!  All of our cats seem to be going to homes with dogs! Another cat is in the house as well. 

Poor Robby.  After bending over backwards to accommodate a young family interested in him he was brought back in less than 24 hours. There was a dog in the house and Robby was petrified.  More than likely he would have been fine if he had a slow introduction to the new house, the dog, a toddler and mom and dad. It is always a shame when people do not listen and fail to slowly introduce a new pet to the home.  Don't worry...Robby is fine and back with us at the Shelter.  He would have been brought back here from PetSmart anyway for a slight eye infection.  He is a good boy and will be just fine!!

The three Zs arrived at the store on Saturday.  All three are boys and were born on April 22.  They lived in a house with other cats, dogs and kids and wow, can you tell!!  They settled right in at PetSmart and are totally unaffected by the activity around them.  They do not need to be adopted together. However, as always, adopt two cats and the fee is waived on the second adoption.

I hope I haven't forgot anybody!!  With Skittles & Starburst, Archie and Sentra all leaving this week be prepared for more new furry faces!!

There is two openings in the calendar this month listed below.  Please let me know if you can cover:
Saturday, August 11, AM Cleaning
Sunday, August 26, AM Cleaning

A stack of brown paper was brought to the store today, more cat carriers and a stack of clean litter pans.  Also, I was told one of the openings under the cages needs to be covered.  Staci, the general manager was advised of this and said it will be rectified.  Let me know when that happens.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Week!!!

Fabulous weekend at PetSmart! where do we begin???  Gladys left on Saturday.  When her new family came to pick her up they also decided to adopt Gabby, a 12 year old lab mix who was at the store with volunteers.  Both of these senior pets are going to have a wonderful life!  They will be the only pets in the home.

Below is a picture of Gabby with her new mom. In addition the other dog that went to PetSmart this weekend, Stretch, a basset hound mix, was also adopted and went home from the Shelter today! 
Gladys' new mom and canine sister
Here is BIG news....Daisy went home today!!  Yay!  Her new mom put a hold on her Sunday and she was so happy to be able to pick her up today.  Daisy cheerfully got into the carrier and seemed more than ready to go home. AND...Daisy just may get a new brother or sister, too.  Even after being warned that Daisy can be a tad annoyed with other cats they still think they may adopt a kitten as well.  Maybe Daisy will behave herself in a home.  There would be room to get away from a younger sibling...or for him/her to get away from Daisy! For now Daisy will be the only pet.

Honey is leaving on Sunday!  She also will be the only pet in the house. After being at the mercy of her evil sister, Lily, while here at the Shelter this is a well deserved break for her!

Two precious kittens arrived at PetSmart today!  You guys are going to love them! Both are about three months old. Archie and Armando - along with their calico sister who has since been adopted – were found down a long road that ran along a stretch of woods abandoned in a box . A good Samaritan was walking her dog and came upon them.  They had obviously been domesticated and living in a house.  They were so clean and very friendly!  She carried the box for almost half a mile and sure they were delivered safely to the Shelter. We cringe to think what would have happened to them had they not been found!  They do not need to be adopted together however it would be wonderful if they were.  Two brothers from the same litter will be fast friends forever and anyone who adopts them need never worry about leaving them when they go out. always…adopt one and the adoption fee is waived on the other! 
Archie & Armando
We have three new volunteers helping us at PetSmart!  Two of the three, Diane and Kayla,  are a grandmother, granddaughter team who will be covering every Tuesday.  The third,Marianna, has committed to every other Thursday night for a while.  Welcome, newbies, and thank you so much for your help!  You are joining a great group of people! Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

Due to a cancellation someone is needed to cover the morning cleaning on Sunday, July 29.  let me know if you can do it.
The August schedule is really shaping up.  Below is a list of the dates that still need to be covered.  Please let me know if you available to do any of them:
Friday, August 10, PM cleaning
Saturday, August 11, AM cleaning
Sunday, August 12, AM cleaning
Friday, August 24, PM cleaning
Sunday, August 26, AM cleaning

So, there ya have it!  Good week all around! Let's hope the adoptions continue!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catch Up Time!

First,  I would like to thank everyone for their patience while I was out.  Things went smoothly!  Hopefully this entry will get us all caught up.

Stallone went home and will be the only pet in the house.  He left PetSmart with a cart load full of new items to make his new life complete!

Neither Skittles and Starburst, nor Leigh and Sentra, received a proper introduction.  Skittles and Starburst came into the Shelter together in October of last year as strays.  At that time we estimated them to be three months old. They are just about a year old now.  The adoption fee is $10 for these guys because they have been with us so long and also to encourage someone to adopt them together.  Starburst is a friendly orange male and Skittles is the female gray tabby.  Skittles is a nervous girl.  These two love each other so we really need them to go home together.  Orange males are so popular.  We want to avoid sending the friendly guy home while his scared sister continues to sit in a cage.  If adopted together the total adoption fee will only be $10 since the Animal Alliance of CMC pays the fee for the second adoption. (We did have a hold on them but the landlord did not approve the adoption.)

Leigh and Sentra arrived at PetSmart together however it is okay to send them to different homes. Leigh, the black female, came into the Shelter in early August of last year. She is just over a year old.  Sentra, the calico, came into the Shelter two weeks after Leigh.  She also is just over a year old.  As you can see,  soon they will have been in the Shelter for an entire year.  At one point during their stay with us they were put into the same cage to create room. They will be fine if separated.

Our newest arrival is Honey.  Honey is about a year and half and is very nice.  She and two other cats were left behind when their owner could no longer care for them.  One of the cats she came in with has been adopted.  The other cat, her sister Lilly, is here at the Shelter.  Honey and Lilly were sharing a cage but Lilly was so mean to Honey!!  She was always swatting her, growling at her and beating her up!!  What a horrible sister!  You could not even pay attention to Honey without evil Lilly intervening.  Lilly is all lovey dovey with people but is so mean to other cats!  Honey must be sooooo happy to be away from her!
Happy Honey

This weekend we will be bringing kittens to PetSmart on Saturday and Sunday.  Staff will stay with the kittens on both days and bring them back at the end of the day.  We have many, many, many kittens.  In addition this Saturday we will be bringing dogs to PetSmart.  We were originally scheduled to be at Smeltzer's - however he had to cancel so we are bringing the kittens and dogs to PetSmart.

Two reminders: 1) Bowls are to be placed in the container on top of the cart in the back room.  The manager named Amanda is washing them for us.  This will not be done daily - however there should be ample bowls there to cover a few days at a time. After washing Amanda will put the bowls on the second shelf to air dry.
2) Please use the measuring cup and only put 1/2 cup of food in the bowls - once in the morning and once at night. It is very difficult to monitor if a cat is eating or not when the amount of food being placed in the bowls is not consistent.

There is one opening in the schedule this month: Tuesday, July 31, Evening Cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available.  Also, look ahead to August and let me know what you can do.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hooray for Francesca!! Finally!!!

Yes it is true!!  Francesca finally got to go home!! She is living with another cat and a little dog. For the most part she is being cared for by a very happy nine year old girl.  All her things are in the little girl's room until Francesca feels comfortable enough to have run of the house. I did speak to the mom who adopted her and she said Francesca was a little afraid at first and hid but was getting more comfortable with each day.  They have another cat who is an indoor/outdoor and since Francesca's arrival he is more outdoor than indoor! I assured the mom that with time and patience both cats will settle in with each other.

Trooper is arriving tomorrow. He is a big handsome orange and white tom cat about seven years old.  He is very friendly and loves to be brushed and groomed!  Trooper was part of a group of cats being cared for in Upper Township by a wonderful caretaker.  Unfortunately, like others have experienced lately, she lost her home and had to leave it.  All the cats were taken to the Shelter. For the most part they all lived outside but she spend a lot of time with them.  It is evident when you meet him that he spent a lot of time with human companionship. Trooper's adoption fee is $10.

Big Handsome Trooper
Finally...some official word on the dreaded cleaning of the bowls!!!!  I spoke with the store general manager, Stacey.  Stacey told me that Amanda (another store manager) will personally be washing the bowls.  Pull the food bowls in the morning ONLY and place them in the square tub that is on the cart with three shelves.  When the bowls are washed they will be placed on the small dish rack on the second tier of the cart.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not put soiled bowls in a cabinet.  No one knows they are there!!! Toni is bringing litter pans to the Shelter every Thursday morning that are then put through our sanitizer.

A new volunteer started with us and will be doing every other Friday evening cleaning. Welcome, Elizabeth!!  We love new volunteers!

The following regular spots are available if you are a person who prefers routine:
Every other Tuesday evening starting July17.
Every other Friday morning starting July 6.

Please look ahead to July and let me know what you can cover.

For the month of June all cat adoption fees are reduced by 50%. At this point all the cats at PetSmart still have $10 adoption fees marked on their cage cards.  The Shelter will honor those prices as marked.  Trooper's actual adoption fee is $20 but for the month of June it is $10.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: I am having surgery next week and will be out of work for an undetermined amount of time.  I am hoping to be available by computer and telephone within a week.  Starting on June 20 and until I send out an email stating otherwise please contact the Shelter if you need to cancel a day or need to relay any information about the cats or any information from PetSmart management.  Remember, the Shelter is open seven days a week until 4:00pm.  Someone answers the phone Monday through Saturday beginning at 8:30am and on Sundays at 9:00am. If it is an emergency and the Shelter is closed please call the store at 886-7356 and advise the manger that you are unable to make it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Minerva and Fabio Go Home!

After being in the Shelter since May of 2011 our Minerva was finally adopted!  She will be living with an older cat and a nice quiet couple.  Perfect situation for her!  Fabio also was adopted.  He too will have feline companionship in his new home.  When Fabio's new parents first saw him at PetSmart they could not believe how closely he resembled a cat they had owned and sadly lost.  They were very happy to bring him home both for his sake and to also help them mend their own broken hearts.

Two newcomers arrived today at the store...Gladys and LJ.  Both will do fine with other cats and kids.  Most likely they will both be fine with dogs as well. For now they will be occupying single cages at PetSmart until they appear settled and at ease.

Poor Gladys really needs the luck of PetSmart to help her.  She has lived in a variety of homes and needs to find that last one where she can no longer worry about again finding herself living in a stainless steel cage. She is approximately nine years old.  She first arrived at the Shelter in July of 2009 and was pregnant.  She had a litter of kittens and went home with a kind foster mother until her kittens were weaned and able to be put up for adoption.  Shortly after that she was adopted and went home with a nice couple.  Sadly, in January of this year Gladys was brought back as her owners were moving and could not keep her.  In May Gladys was adopted and we were all so happy!  Imagine how sad we were when she was brought back two weeks later as someone in the home was allergic to her.  We were heartbroken for Gladys!  Gladys needs you guys at PetSmart to help her find her forever home - we promised her this was it!
Gladys - a good girl!

Then there is handsome, regal, majestic LJ!  He, too, has had a bit of a tough time but won't let you see it! In January his actual owner left him behind with family when he moved. In April they brought him to the shelter saying they had too many pets and could not care for him.  He was already neutered and had been a strictly indoor cat. He is so friendly!!  He will walk right into your arms! He has gorgeous markings and will make a wonderful companion.  LJ is between three and four years old.
So, by now hopefully all of you have had a chance to review the substantial changes in the volunteer calendar.  Some of the vacancies have been filled and some still need coverage.  Thank you, Leona,  for volunteering to do every other Monday until Paige is available again!  Thank you, Barb A, for volunteering to cover the third Wednesday of each month! And thank, Deb and Warren, for taking every other Saturday morning! 

I neglected to include in the list of changes sent by email that another regular spot that needs to be filled is every other Tuesday evening beginning July 3. Friday evenings still need to be filled effective immediately as well as every other Friday morning beginning June 8.

To complete the month of June the below dates need coverage:
Friday, June 1, PM Cleaning
Wednesday, June 6, Adoption Table or PM Cleaning
Friday, June 8, PM Cleaning
Friday, June 15, AM Cleaning
Friday, June 15, PM Cleaning
Sunday, June 17, AM Cleaning
Friday, June 22, PM Cleaning
Friday, June 29, AM Cleaning
Friday, June 29, PM Cleaning

PLEASE let me know if you can help with any of the above dates. You do not have to commit to every Friday.  You can commit to one or every other.  Whatever you can do helps.

This Saturday we will have two dogs available for adoption at the store from 12:00-3:00pm.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Tails, Char, Duchess and Knight!

Last week was a good one for adoptions!!  Char, as we suspected, did not last long at all!  She went home on Wednesday night.  Duchess and Knight went home together on Friday night.  Their new dad was so anxious and so afraid that he would lose out on their adoption!  He was thrilled to be approved!  The two will be the only cats in the home and will live happily ever after TOGETHER!!!

Three new cats have taken the place of the lucky three adopted.  They are Minerva, Skittles and Starburst.  Minerva has been at the Shelter since she was just a few weeks old.  She came in on May 31 of last year. That makes her just over one year old.  She is very sweet!  She has gorgeous copper colored eyes!  She is a little nervous about making the change to PetSmart but will be fine.  She will do well with other cats and with kids.  She will probably do well with dogs as well.
Mild Manerva

Skittles and Starburst are littermates discovered in crawl space at the end of last October.  At that time they were about three months old.  They are under a year old - eight or nine months.  (Even though they are under a year their adoption fee is still $10 for this month.) Skittles is a female gray tabby and Starburst is a male orange tiger.  They are together in the big cage.  We would prefer to see them go home together.  Of course the fear is that someone wants Starbust because orange males are pretty and desirable and they leave poor Skittles behind! We need to get them taken together!
Handsome Starburst
Sweet Skittles

So far we have been doing pretty well with adoptions as a result of the May promotion.  This month is typically slow - maybe because families are focused on graduations, weddings and proms. 

A warm welcome to new volunteers Debora and Warren who trained today at PetSmart!!  Their first day is this Sunday.  You will not be sorry you joined this compassionate team!!

Please look at the June calendar and let me know if there is any open dates you can cover.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prince and Clyde Go Home!

Yay for Clyde!!!  Finally he was adopted!  He left last night and will be joining another cat and a dog.  His primary caretaker is a young girl who is thrilled to be adding Clyde to her household.  Prince also left last night.  He was adopted by a vet tech who works at Abri Animal Hospital so we will be able to keep very close track of him!  He left in a new carrier and was quite content to be in it!!

Two new guys arrived today. Char is a fabulous young lady who was discovered inside the remains of a house following a fire. Even though she was wearing not one but TWO collars at the time she came in to the Shelter, still no one called to report her missing. She is very affectionate and will purr as soon as you pick her up!! She is a petite little torti and will acclimate well to a household with cats, kids and dogs.  She is just under a year old however her adoption fee is still $10.00.
Petite Char

Fabio is a big, handsome,  friendly boy that seems to LOVE children!  He has been staying in our main cat room and every time kids come in the room he runs to the front of the cage to say hi!  This poor guy was relinquished to the Shelter when his owner moved and could not take him.  He is two years old and very friendly.  He gets along with other cats and would more than likely be fine with dogs as well.

Fabulous Fabio

As always please allow Char and Fabio to settle in and do not force them to socialize with the other cats.  Both should be fine once they have settled in however let that happen at their pace.  Do not open the door between cages for them until you are certain they will be ok.

At this time of year unfortunately the kittens totally over shadow the adult and teenage cats.  To entice adopters to take cats and not kittens we are having a promotion at the Shelter for the next two months.  For the month of May the adoption fee for all cats over one year old is $10.00.  All the cats at PetSmart - regardless of age - are $10.00.  For the month of June (which is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month) all adoption fees for cats are 50% off the regular fee. Please look to the right under "Links" and click on May and June 2012 Cat Adoption Promotion and you will a flyer detailing the promotion.  Please forward it to any one you know who may be interested or make copies and distribute it.  If customers at the store are interested in kittens we do have them at the Shelter.

Help is still needed for the last two Sundays of this month for the morning cleaning.  The dates are May 20 and May 27.  Please let me know if you are available.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Candy & Raven Go Home TOGETHER!

Candy and Raven went home Friday night to a couple who are thrilled to be adding them to the family!  They will be joining an eight month old French Bull Dog.  Initially the applicants were only interested in one of the girls but after meeting them and seeing how devoted they were to each other they could not break them up! I think the two of them, along with Frenchie, will have a wonderful life!

Sinatra left on Thursday from the Shelter.  He was scheduled to leave Wednesday but due to a mix up that did not happen.  He was picked up Thursday afternoon so his adoption could be complete.  He, too, will be living with a canine roommate - as well as two other cats. 

Litter mates named Duchess and Knight arrived today.  They are about ten months old.  Knight is a black male and Duchess is a female long haired gray tiger.  They came into the Shelter last summer as kittens and had to spend some time in sick bay.  They were so afraid back then!  They have since come around and are very sweet.  This is a pair that really needs to stay together!  They love each other! As always - the adoption fee is waived for the second cat when adopted together.

In addition to Duchess and Knight,  an irresistible cutie named Prince arrived.  He is so sweet!  He is buff colored and is about eight months old. He is active and playful and reaches out to grab anyone who is within paw distance!  You can hear him purring from a mile away! This love bug is not gonna last long!

Meet the latest in feline royalty:
The Pretty Duchess
The Handsome Knight

The Irresistible Prince
The May calendar is complete with the exception of every Sunday morning.  Please look ahead and let me know if you are available to cover any of them.  The dates are May 6, 13, 20 and 27.  The store does not open until 10:00am on Sundays so you can arrive a little later than on the other days.

May 4, 5 & 6 is the Spring Adoption Event and dogs will be at the store on all three days!  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sorry For the Delay!!!

Shame on me!! I have not said good bye to our latest adoption nor introduced our latest arrival!  It somehow got away from me.

As expected it took no time at all for Arianna to get adopted.  She immediately drew a lot of attention.  She was adopted by the same family who adopted Randall and Rusty from us in the last few months.  They are thrilled to add her to their household. On Easter Sunday she readily got into the carrier and headed home.  She will have a very nice life!

Another long-haired cat took Arianna's place on Wednesday.  Sinatra is a four year old buff and white colored handsome man who will be fine with kids and other cats.  He has never spent time with dogs so we are not sure how that would go - however based on his disposition it should be fine.  He may act a tad shy when you first meet him but he is a lovebug that craves attention!
Calendar looks great for the rest of the month - knock on wood!  There is one opening yet to be covered...Sunday, April 29, AM cleaning.

VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you observe anything  you feel needs to be checked concerning the health and welfare of one of the cats do not only write it in the notebook.  In addition to writing it there note that you also either emailed or called the Shelter.  If you email please put ATTENTION MEDICAL on the subject line and email it to AND Routinely the animalshelter email is checked however an occasion may arise where it is not checked for a day or so.  If that is the case I will be aware of it and can insure it is followed up.  Thank you!!!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Isis Goes Home

Isis went home Wednesday night and will be the only pet in the house.  She did leave along with a cart full of new kitty cat supplies and will have a nice life!  Sadly the new family did not want two cats so Imp is still with us.

We do have an application for Lottie.  The applicant is also interested in Imp but may only be permitted one cat.  We are still waiting on the final word on this adoption.  Hopefully she can have two cats!

Arianna is a beautiful full bred Norwegian Forest cat that arrived at PetSmart today. She is so pretty!  Her owner moved to Florida and could not take her along.  Arianna is nine years old and would be fine in a home with other cats and kids.  She has never spent any time with dogs.  She is very friendly and loves attention!!  Potential adopters must be aware that Arianna will require very frequent groming!! She was brushed daily with a wire comb which kept her fur looking so beautiful!  the below picture says it all....
Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month which means our dogs will be making an appearance at the store.  Joyce, Peggy and Barb will be there 12:00-3:00pm.

It appears that ever since we began to pre-cut the brown paper at the shelter we are flying through it!!  Please do not change the paper daily.  It is not always necessary and the paper is very expensive.  Try to sweep it off and even flip it over before deciding to discard it.

IMPORTANT: Double check the cages before you leave and make sure they are securely shut.  Last night and one day last week cats were found running free in the cage room!

There are a few dates remaining this month that need coverage.  They are below:
Sunday, April 8, AM Cleaning (Easter)
Sunday, April 15, Adoption Table
Sunday, April 29, AM Cleaning
Have a wonderful Easter with your families - two legged and four legged alike!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy is quite happy!!

Happy went home Wednesday night.  He will be the only only pet in the house and is going to be quite spoiled! We knew he would be adopted quickly!

Daisy arrived on Friday.  She is between two and three years old and is a sweetheart!  She is very friendly and outgoing and even does not mind being picked up.  Daisy is not very fond of other cats so be cognizant of this during play time.  Introduce her slowly and give her space if it appears she needs it.  Potential adopters need to be aware of this should they have other cats in the home. She is very pretty!!
I received an email that PetSmart management left a note with instructions concerning the arrival of new cats as well as other things.  I will contact the manager on Monday to get details.  It appears the responsibilities outlined will fall on the shelter staff and not the volunteers.  I will pass on the information as soon as I have it.

For the most part Thursdays and Fridays are now being covered.  It looks like Sunday is going to become my "special" day now!!  Special thanks to Joe B for jumping in this week to cover the cancellation! Below is the dates still needing coverage for April:

Friday, April 6, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 8, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 15, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 22, AM cleaning
Sunday, April 29, AM cleaning

Please let me know if you are available to cover any of the days.  If you can do a regular Sunday schedule that would be great!  It can be once a month, every other, every third, whatever.  It is easier to work around regulars.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two New Arrivals

Here is the two guys who have replaced Calli and Snowball. They arrived Tuesday afternoon and were placed in separate cages. Both cats should acclimate quickly and will be fine with other cats - however, as always, please watch how they are doing and let them begin to socialize according to their schedule!

Meet Happy! As the name implies he is a happy cat! He an orange and white guy three or four years old. He loves attention and is definitely a lap cat. He even enjoys being picked up! He will make someone very "Happy!"

Our other arrival is a sweet tiger and white female named Francesca. She is also three to four years old. She was living with MANY other cats and four dogs prior to her arrival at the Shelter. Her owner was unable to take care of her any longer. She will do well with kids, also.

Leona had occasion to speak with the new family who adopted Calli and Snowball and both cats settled right in!! Snowball is a lap cat and Calli is sleeping in a bed!! Such good news!

Toni and Irene are back (yay!!!) so, for the most part, Thursdays and Fridays seem to be getting coverage. Also back is Patty and she does every other Thursday. Whew!! That was difficult to keep covered.

There is an adoption event at PetSmart Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 4, 5, 6. Dogs will be brought to the store on all three days from 12:00-3:00pm.

Below are the days in April when coverage is still needed:
Friday, April 6, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 8, AM Cleaning (Easter Sunday)
Saturday, April 15, Adoption Table
Sunday, April 22, AM Cleaning
Sunday, April 29, AM Cleaning

Lydia will be covering the adoption table the third Wednesday in April and May. Starting in June the time slot is open for a regular. Please let me know if you are interested in a permanent spot. It is only once a month!!

I spoke with Jackie, one of the managers, today. She was unaware that store associates would be cleaning the food/water bowls and will check with the other manager, Amanda, to see how this will be accomplished.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snowball & Calli Go Home!

Thanks to everyone for holding down the fort while I was away! We had two new arrivals that did not receive a proper introduction so I shall do it now!

Raven and Candy are two sisters who came into the Shelter as part of a litter of five right around Halloween. The other three have since been adopted. These two girls are about seven months old and are really sweet. They love to be petted and held and are very playful! They will adjust to a home with cats, kids or dogs. As always, adopt both of them and the fee for the second is waived! (Candy - to the left - is the sibling with less black around her nose.)

Calli and Snowball were adopted together and left on Friday. They will be the only pets in the home and will have a wonderful life together. A mother and her adult daughter met the cats at PetSmart and at the Shelter before making a decision. They did really enjoy Imp and Isis but after careful consideration thought that the two kittens had a better chance at adoption than the older girls. What a thoughtful choice! They brought their application and deposit money to the Shelter on Thursday. At that time they met Snowball's sister Lizzie as well. They just may be back for her! Two new cats will arrive either Monday or Tuesday to take their places.

Ron's new mom called and said he is now known as Rusty and he is "fabulous!" She said he is doing well with her other cats and has really blossomed in her home. She thanked us repeatedly for allowing this cat to become a part of her life. How nice is that?!!

I know there is a bit of a mis-communication among PetSmart staff concerning the cleaning of our food and water bowls. Ruth washed 48 bowls on Friday so we should be good for a few more days. I need to talk to Amanda as she is the manager who was going to see that this policy was put in place. Hopefully I can get this rectified on Monday. Thank you for your patience!!!

Please look ahead to April and let me know if you can cover any of the available time slots. Also, any takers for a permanent adoption table the third Wednesday of the month?? Let me know!! If you are new to the paperwork I will train you at your convenience. The shelter is open seven days a week so I am sure we can work out a time.

Hope you all had a great
St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Three out & Three In!

Little Ron went home last week!! He will have a nice life living with three other cats of various ages - all females!! Johnny finally got to go home! He will be living with a very nice man who already is taking good care of him. The original applicants were not permitted by the landlord to adopt. They were so sad to see him remain at PetSmart so they convinced a good friend to meet him. He did and he loved him and now they are a family!!

Sabrina was not doing well so we took her back to the Shelter. She was depressed and not eating. Back at the Shelter she is so happy! Don't worry - she 'll be fine!!

Below are the three new cats. Imp and Isis are from the same litter as Ivan and just as nice! They are about seven months old and are both lap cats. They will do fine with other cats, kids and dogs. They are both sweet and playful. Isis is a gray and white female and Imp is a male gray tabby with white.

Callie is a sweetheart! Yes, as the name suggests she is a calico. She is two years old and is very friendly. She is playful and energetic! She will be fine with everything and everyone!

The Shop-A-Holics event in Avalon was great!! It was a three day event at two locations. We received $3200 in donations and a full truck load of linens, pet supplies, food, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. People were so generous! Joyce and Peggy brought several dogs over on Saturday and they were a big hit!

Feline Frenzy February was fabulous! Thirty-five cats were adopted!! This will be an annual promotion for sure!

A young intern from The Herald came into the Shelter last week and wrote a very nice article about the Shelter. Please click on the link to right Shelter In The News to read it.

The March calendar is complete with the exception of the difficult-to-fill Thursday and Friday mornings and one Sunday morning. Below are the dates:
Thursday, March 8, AM
Friday, March 9, AM
Thursday, March 15, AM
Friday, March 16, AM
Thursday, March 22, AM
Friday, March 23, AM
Sunday, March 25
Thursday, March 29
Friday, March 30

Beginning in April someone is needed to do the adoption table on the third Wednesday of each month. The time now is 6:00--8:00pm. I would like to keep the time the same and keep it consistent however if need be I can change it. It would be great to have a regular! Let me know if you are interested. If you are I will arrange for you to be trained on completing the paperwork. It is not difficult!! Do not be afraid of it!! I am always just a phone call away, too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feline Frenzie Going Well!!

The February Feline Frenzy promotion is going very well. Lots of cats are being adopted from the Shelter - including some of our friends that spent some time at PetSmart. Rutgers, Petunia and Frannie all have left the Shelter in the last two weeks. Tiggers has been adopted, too!! Her new mom first saw her at PetSmart and then came to the Shelter to complete the application. She will be the only pet in the house and will have a wonderful life. as well!

In addition we had two guys go home this week from the store - Ivan and Ricky. Ricky will be the only pet in a house hold with three young adults. He will have a lot of attention. Ivan went home with a family that Leona (one of our volunteers) knows very well! Three young girls are very excited to add Ivan to their household. He is going to love stretching those legs out!

Two new cats arrived last night...Clyde and Sabrina. Clyde is a gray and white male who is a couple of years old. He is a very nice affectionate cat and should acclimate quickly to PetSmart. Sabrina is a brown striped tiger and white female with a cute little pink nose. She will sit next to you and purr away and loves attention! She struggles a bit when held but so do most cats! They are both smaller cats so will be fine in a cage alone while they get comfortable in their new environment. Here they are:

Our February promotion continues for six days. Adoption fees are $22 through February 28. On February 29 the adoption fee is $29.

If PetSmart employees do not wash the bowls for a day or two we should be fine as there are plenty of food and water bowls in the cabinet below the big cage. Please be careful not to push the stack of bowls to the back of the shelf where they are difficult to see.

Rationing the food has worked out well and really decreased waste. Thank you!

Please look ahead to March and let me know if you can fill in on any of the open days. Barring unforeseen cancellations we are covered for the rest of this month.