Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hooray for Big Stedman!!

Stedman went home on Saturday. He will be living with a very nice couple who have three other cats and a beagle. They came into the Shelter to put a hold on him and were so excited about it. I have no doubt he will be well taken care of.

A cute little boy named Rascal took Stedman's place today. Rascal is an orange tiger and is a little under a year old. He is very friendly and very playful. He will not have any trouble settling in.

Hold on Ben and Jerry - together!! We have alot of litter mates at the Shelter and this is the way we like to see 'em go! The applicant originally applied for Mikey but as the second hold. The original application had been approved so this is a mere formality. I am hoping they get to leave on Saturday.

Just a reminder...since volunteers come in twice a day it really is not necessary to use alot of litter. The more litter there is in the box the more it seems to be every where. Also, remember, we need to keep our costs down. Please do not fill the boxes halfway to the top - put only about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch in the bottom.

I have been busy this summer and rarely have had an opportunity to get to the store. Every time I do go I am so impressed by how orderly all of you keep it. Things looked great today!! Thank you again for being patient about the locks on the cages and the change in litter. The ten cages at PetSmart are responsible for 30% of our feline adoptions. Your help and commitment to this program is so important to the Shelter.

The September schedule is almost complete. There are two openings - both in the morning: Thursday, September 10 and Monday, September 21.

In addition to the regular schedule we are participating in a fall Adoption Event on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 11-13 and will have extended adoption hours. We will also bring dogs based on the number of volunteers that are available. Please let me know if you can help. The more the merrier!

Here's our Rascal:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say Good Bye To The Dry Spell!!

It looks like the summer dry spell is finally over. I am very happy to report that we have had many adoptions over the past week to ten days. I don't know where to begin... Myrna was adopted by one of our volunteers and is doing well. I love her - she is so pretty! Frankie went home last Saturday and Mikey went home last Sunday. Pretty little Fluffy who got sick got a wonderful home when she returned to the Shelter. Get this...HAZEL got a home! She was adopted along with a shy cat named Cassie. Her new family was made totally aware of Hazel's dislike for other cats as well as her...shall we say"spunk" and they had to have her! I know everyone worries when a cat goes back to the Shelter. The return worked out great for Hazel and Fluffy.

PetSmart is having their annual September adoption event on Friday through Sunday, September 11-13. I would like to have the adoption table open on Friday 11-3pm, Saturday 12-4pm and Sunday 12-3 pm. The Saturday adoption table is covered from 12-4 for the resident cats. I would like to have dogs at the store on Saturday and Sunday for two or three hours. I also would like to bring down more cats to spend the weekend. Let me know if you are available for any of the hours. The shelter will receive $25 from PetSmart Charities for each animal adopted during the three days.

Five new kitties arrived on Wednesday. Two brothers, Ben and Jerry, are absolutely adorable! They are littermates. Jerry is a gray tiger and Ben is solid gray. They are in the big cage together. Hopefully a customer will simply have to have the pair of them after seeing them run and play - and, boy, do they run and play!

Oriella is a couple of years old and is a little shy. She is a black and white female. She is sweet and very pretty. Penny is a blue cream who is just about a year old. She snuggles and hugs and is very loving! Jana is about two years old and is a torti. She can also be a tad shy but is friendly when she becomes comfortable. Please leave these three in their own cages until they appear to settle in.

The following dates are still open in September:
Thursday, September 10, AM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, September 11-13, Adoption Event (see calendar)
Sunday, September 27, Adoption Table

Here's the new girls...sorry, no pictures of Ben and Jerry.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Toto Goes To The Emerald City!

Toto went home on Sunday. He is going to be living with a small dog, another cat, mom and dad, and a ten year old boy who is absolutely THRILLED to be getting him! I suspect that both the boy and Toto are going to be quite spoiled.

Tonight a hold was taken on Oliver and from what I have heard so far it sounds like a good application. I will review it tomorrow at the Shelter.

Three really nice cats were brought down today. Graham is a big old tom cat without a tail that is absolutely gorgeous. You are going to love him. He is a personal surrender that came to the Shelter in December. Less than an hour after arriving at PetSmart we received an inquiry from someone very interested in adopting him.

Fluffy is a sweet long-haired female who is about three years old. She came into the Shelter last month with six other housemates. Their owner was being evicted and could not take the cats. He did come back to the Shelter for two older cats once he found a place to live but he could not take the other four as well. One has since been adopted. Fluffy is a little sad (understandably so) but I do not think she will be for too long once people start to see her.

Mikey is a young male who came into the Shelter as a stray in early June. He was already neutered so it is no surprise that he is friendly and playful. Somewhere in his short life he definitely had human companionship and with his personality he will again very soon!

Hazel was brought back to the Shelter today. Do not worry about her!! She just seems to be a tad too temperamental for PetSmart. The setting is not for every cat. She will be well taken care of at the Shelter and you just may see her again - if she learns to behave herself!

If you are in the area of the 8th Street Recreation field in North Wildwood on Tuesday night (August 4) look for Shelter staff, volunteers, dogs and cats that are all participating there in National Night Out from 5:30p-8:30p.

We have a couple of new PetSmart volunteers - mother and son, Johna and Joe. Welcome aboard!

Special thanks to Leona for pulling double duty on this past Saturday - doing both the morning cleaning AND the adoption table!! Thank you, thank you!!

The September calendar is shaping up. Please take a look ahead and let me know the dates you can cover. Shelter volunteers, please remember to e-mail Tom and let him know when you plan on being at the Shelter.

Below is the cats that arrived today: Fluffy, Mikey and Graham....