Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Purrfect Home For Purrty!!

Yes, it's true! Our girl Purrty went home last night where she will join our old friend Whitney and another cat. Apparently Purrty was more than ready to leave for good. Once the cardboard carrier was put together she jumped right into it as if to say, "Get me the heck outta here already!" As you may or may not remember, Whitney had a bit of an attitude - typical calico. Apparently she still does and is the princess of the household. Purrty will have to learn to bow down to her. In case you can't remember her, here is a picture of Whitney. The face says it all!!
Great news....a hold on shy Frankie! It is another past customer. This applicant adopted Madame, an older, very sweet female, back in March 0f 2007. Well, Madame's family wants another mellow kitty and Frankie totally fits that bill. The application is at the Shelter so I will keep you posted on that.
The adoption event scheduled for next month is looking really good! I have had a good response from volunteers. Dogs are scheduled to be there on Saturday and Sunday 12:30-3:00PM so spread the word. .
Some of the outstanding dates in February were filled but, alas, some new ones opened up. These are the dates in February (as of today at least!) that need to be filled. They are all mornings:
Friday, February 13
Monday, February 16
Friday, February 27.
You know the drill.....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ricky Goes Home & Three Girls Arrive

Little Ricky went home on Saturday. His new family is very excited about their new addition. He is going to have alot of fun being able to run around a house! Squiggy is doing well at the Shelter and will be back soon.

Another hold on Purrty! I hope this is THE ONE! The applicant adopted Whitney back in 2007. Remember her?? She was a funny calico who seemed to take forever to get adopted. She was the 100th adoption from PetSmart. It is very fitting that the same family is now interested in Purrty. I will keep you posted on the application. It is at the Shelter for processing.

The same four dates listed in the last blog entry still need to be filled. Again, let me know if you are available. Also, I am trying to add hours to the adoption table for the Second Chance For Love Adoption Weekend - details on that weekend are also in the last blog entry. Barb A is going to coordinate the volunteers that would like to help with dogs at the event. If you want to help that weekend please let me know ASAP. The Shelter would like to do a press release for the local newspapers detailing what time volunteers will be available at PetSmart. Please let me know what hours you are available.

Remember to read the notebook before you begin cleaning. Please take the time to read back to the last time you volunteered to insure you don't miss any important instructions or information. Medical issues and information need to be delivered in a timely manner and the notebook is the most efficient way to keep everyone informed.

Three new cats came to PetSmart today. All three are females. Two look VERY much alike - Cricket and Faye. You have to look closely to see the difference. Both are black and white. Faye has some black on her nose and the white stripe on her forehead is a tad wider. Cricket is very vocal - or at least was on the ride down - and is declawed. She is also the more out going of the two. Cricket had no trouble walking right out of her carrier and checking out the new digs. Faye is a little shy and nervous and curled up onto her blanket and watched everything from there. Tinker is a black and brown tabby and seemed to settle in just fine.

Okay...based on my description can you pick out Faye???

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thumpity, Thump, Thump....

Thumper when home on Sunday and his new mom was VERY excited to get him! I don't have a picture so I can't feature Thumper as he says goodbye. He is a good boy and is happily lying around a house now!

Squiggy was showing the signs of an upper respiratory infection and was returned to the Shelter. He is presently on antibiotics. Once he gets a clean bill of health arrangements will be made to have him return. In the meantime his partner in crime, Ricky, has a new home and is being picked up on Saturday. He is being adopted by the parents of our latest volunteer addition - Jenn J. Squiggy sure is going to miss him!

The hold on Purrty fell through. The applicant opted for a puppy instead. Poor poor Purrty! When will she get a home?? Right now she is rooming with Frankie and taking such good care of him. He is pretty shy and she is patiently grooming him and obviously telling him everything is going to be okay. The two look so good together. Wouldn't it be great if....I can't even say it...

The two calicoes, Carmen and Jess, seem to have bonded and are having alot of fun together. They are both so cute!

Arrangements are being made for new cats to be brought to PetSmart on Sunday.

PetSmart Charities is hosting the Second Chance For Love Adoption Weekend on Friday-Sunday, February 13-15. Volunteers are needed to man the adoption table a few extra hours. I would like to see the table open on Friday for two hours in the early afternoon. In addition I need someone to cover the table from 12-2pm on Saturday and Sunday. It is already covered from 2-4pm on both days. Please let me know if you are available. I am going to arrange to have dogs participate and will need help with them. As in the past I also hope to have additional cats come stay for the weekend. Please let me know if you are available for any of the time slots.

Thank you to everyone who attended the volunteer meeting on Tuesday night. I am glad so many of you had the opportunity to meet Sheriff Schaffer. I am grateful that he took the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us. 2009 is going to be a great year for the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center!

The following dates are still open in the February regular schedule. They are all morning cleanings:
Sunday, February 1
Saturday, February 7
Friday, February 20
Friday, February 27

Monday, January 12, 2009

We Begin the 2009 Tally!

Great job while I was away!! You guys are like a well oiled machine!
I am so happy that Tabs will be the first on the 2009 Happy Endings list! Mamma Mia, Ashley, Jenny and Buster have all gone home also. I never even got a chance to see Ashley or Buster.
Four new cats arrived today and you are going to love all four! Ricky and Squiggy are orange and white young males and a tad difficult to tell apart. You can tell the difference by the amount of white on their faces. Jess is a really super cute young calico. All three are under a year old. Frankie is a handsome black and white male who is a few years old. It is a great group!
Crystal from the Shelter had dropped off the four earlier today and put them in the prepared cages. When I arrived Ricky, Squiggy and Jess were in separate cages along the top row and Frankie had a double cage on the bottom. The three on the top row appeared to be trying so hard to open the doors between the cages. I let everyone out and watched to see how they interacted. Ricky and Squiggy immediately ran all around together and had a blast. They are really funny to watch! Jess was hesitant to jump down and join in but seemed really intrigued by everyone playing. Frankie looked from his cage but did not want to jump down. Shannon, Thumper and Purrty had no problem with the newcomers. Poor shy Allie just hung out in her cage.
I decided to open the three doors on the top row and let Ricky, Squiggy and Jess room together. On the bottom row I opened all the doors and gave everyone room. Frankie did not move from his cage but the others went in and introduced themselves. I kept Carmen alone in a cage on the top row thinking maybe the other three are too young and too rough for her. We can see how that goes.
Please remember to initial the Daily Maintenance Check List. The managers are evaluated on our compliance so let's make them look good!
There is three remaining open dates in January:
Jan 16, Friday - AM
Jan 18, Sunday - Adoption Table or PM
Jan 30, Friday - AM
Please feel free to look ahead to February and let me know what you can do.
One more thing...the key (on the red lanyard) to the adoption room is MIA. Check your pockets, purses, cars, etc and see if you accidentally brought it home! If you find it just bring it back - no questions asked, I promise!
Get a load of this group....