Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Arrivals: Identical Twins and Lady Di

Poor Patch is sneezy so we brought him back to the Shelter til he gets better. We did some re-arranging and three very nice kitties arrived on Thursday.

Diana is really really really friendly! She came in as a stray and had an injured foot so spent quite a lot of time in our sick room. She is black and white and has gained some weight since joining us. I think you are going to love her.

Vick and Vito are two gray males who are identical. Because they are impossible to tell apart we put collars on them. They came in when their owner was no longer able to take care of them. Both are really friendly. Since they came in neutered and medically tested and we did not incur that cost should someone adopt them together the fee is $35. Should they be adopted separately each one will be $35.

Here's Diana and the two boys:

Five rolls of brown paper were dropped off at the store this week. Four were placed in the manager's officer and one in the adoption center. Let me know when you ask for a new roll so I will have an idea when I need to get more.

The following dates are still open in June:

June 9, Wednesday, PM or Adoption Table

June 10, Thursday, AM

June 18, Friday, AM

June 22, Thursday, AM

June 24, Thursday, AM

June 29, Thursday, AM

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Karen & Cheyenne Go Home Together

It was a good week! A woman who adopted a little dog from the Shelter saw Cheyenne at PetSmart and applied to adopt her. When she went to pick her up Friday night she also met Karen and decided to take her as well. What a lucky lot!! When Karen's mom saw she was not crazy about getting into a cardboard carrier she went all the way home for a larger dog carrier and came back with it. When she left she told George that she just may be back for him, too! Wow!

Two good natured males arrived today. There is Casper who is three years old. For the most part he is white with the exception of his tail which is black and a couple of smaller dark spots. Casper was dumped at a feral cat colony - eartipped and all. He is affectionate and likes to be held. Patch is a four year old with a nice calm temperament. He will jump right into your arms! He is white with gray patches. Both of these guys are good with other cats. Here they are:

I am so happy that we brought Heiress to PetSmart! She had been at the Shelter for so long! Well, at PetSmart she was seen by a woman who has adopted from us in the past and she immediately called the Shelter and her application was approved right then and there. She was picked up from the Shelter on Monday.

Liam's new dad brought pictures to PetSmart on Wednesday showing him hanging out with his new buddy, Skinny. He is doing great!!

Just a word of caution...PLEASE when you work the adoption table do not assure someone that their application will be approved. Simply tell them that it will be reviewed and someone from the Shelter will be contacting them. Also, if they need to provide paperwork tell them that the quicker they provide the Shelter with the paperwork the quicker the application will be processed. Just because the applicant indicates they own their home this does not necessarily mean they actually do.

The June schedule is shaping up well but there is still some openings. Please look at it and let me know if there is anything you can do.

If you know anyone interested in adopting a kitten please let them know that we have many!! In a few weeks we will be bringing them to PetSmart on weekends.

Special thanks to Ruthann for adding Friday as another night the adoption table is open. It is working out well!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good luck, Tipper!!

Little Tipper was adopted and went home over the weekend. She will be living with a sixteen year old girl who is so thrilled to have her! Tipper is a great Shelter success story. She is thankful for a good Samaritan, a kind foster home and a new loving family!

Liam's adoption application has been approved and he is going home tonight (Wednesday). He will be living with one of those hairless cats named Skinny. His new dad is so incredibly excited about bringing Liam home. Being such a friendly outgoing guy I'm sure Skinny will like him!

Two new cats arrived today. Heiress is a big old calico...and I mean big! She is going to require two cages. She was left behind when her owner moved and has been in the Shelter for months. She is a sweetheart.

Bobby Sue is a tiger cat with no tail. She came to us a stray but must have been someone's pet at some time because she is also de-clawed. She is not going to want to jump in with everyone during play time. Bobby Sue is not crazy about other felines nor dogs. She will need to go into a home that has no other pets.

Spyder has been "acting out" lately with the other kitties - growling, swatting, etc. Tomorrow (Thursday) we're going to bring him back to the Shelter as communal living seems to be stressing him out. If everything goes as planned Liam will be picked up and two more cats will arrive before the weekend. I'll keep you posted on that.

Kittens, kittens, kittens!!! Yes, we have kittens! Should anyone ask please let them know that we have approximately thirty kittens in foster homes between the ages of three and six weeks. The older ones will be brought back to the Shelter very soon, given a first round of shots and available for foster pending adoption. If anyone is interested tell them to call the Shelter.

We did have a little run of upper respiratory infection at the store but it has been addressed and appears to be over. Zeus and Apollo are doing well and are in a big cage together at the Shelter.

There is still three remaining dates in May that need to be filled...two Friday mornings (May 14 & 28) and a Monday evening (May 31). Please let me know if you can cover any of the three.