Monday, June 18, 2007

Marvelous Marbles Goes Home!

Marbles went home on Sunday! Yippee! Now she can stretch her legs out all the time and talk to her heart's content to her new family! What a cutie!

Unfortunately the holds for Diana and Blinky have been pulled. The applicants never responded to several calls from the Shelter. The holds on Izzy and Lizzy are still pending. To date the Shelter has not received the required paperwork from the applicant's landlord. Do not hestitate to take a second hold on them.

The Cape May County Animal Shelter Alliance (CMCASA) is going to have an information booth at the annual 4-H Fair on Thursday, July 19 through Saturday, July 21. The booth is there to promote the animals of various organizations in Cape May County - including Animal OutReach, Animal Welfare Society and the Cape May County Shelter. Vilma is organizing volunteers to man the booth during the following hours: Thursday, July 19 and Friday July 20 , 3:30-9:00pm, and Saturday, July 21, 11:00-5:00PM. If you are available to cover any of these hours let me know and I will put you in touch with Vilma. It is not necessary to be there the entire time - if you can only do one or two hours, no problem.

I am bringing two new guys down to PetSmart on Wednesday. I will post an update with pictures later this week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weekend News

On Sunday Tracey took holds on the girls, Izzy and Lizzy. Yes, if the application is approved the girls will be going home together! Wouldn't that be great?! The application is at the Shelter for review. Holds are still pending for Diana, Marbles and Blinky.

On Sunday a sweet female kitty arrived at PetSmart by the name of Flutterbee. She is very affectionate and loves to be petted. She is a tad nervous when removed from the the cage and put on the floor. She had her spay surgery on May 31 so her belly is bare! I think you are all going to love her!
What is up with Whitney?? She meows sweetly one minute and sounds possessed by the devil the next! She is so cute but so evil towards the other guys! She is very bossy and ornery. She definitely needs to be in a one cat household.
I trained a new volunteer on Monday...welcome Jen C! Jen is going to help out while she is home from school for the summer.
I am forwarding to all of you a flyer I received from Animal Outreach. As you are aware they suffered a terrible loss a few weeks ago when a fire destroyed their trailer and over thirty cats died. Please forward the flyer to anyone you know who may be interested in helping them as they begin to rebuild.
Here is sweet little Flutterbee:

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Goodbye, Senora! Vaya con Dios!

Yippee!! Senora went home today!! What a great home, too! I met her new mother who is so excited to have Senora. She came to PetSmart with a new snazzy, soft cat carrier and gently packed our little pumpkin up! Senora's new name is Malibu. She is joining a fish and a bird at her new house. Senora was at PetSmart longer than any other cat we have brought there. I know she has grown on all of us so I am very happy to report she is going to be one spoiled kitty!

Marbles got a hold last night and it looks really good. The Shelter is waiting on paperwork for Diana and Blinky.

I brought three new guys to the store today. Izzy and Lizzy are two sisters that are about seven months old. They are almost identical. The only way to tell them apart is by the tails. Izzy has a white tip on hers and Lizzy does not. They are both active and sweet!! They are putting on quite a show in the big cage. I also brought down a very handsome buff colored male named Loki. He is a few years old. You guys are going to love him! He is very friendly and mellow. All three appeared to settle right in.

The Shelter has started to use new cage cards that have information about the cats' dispositions and likes and dislikes. For now just the new guys will have these cards on the inside of their cages. Eventually the new cards will be on all the cages. I think you will find them helpful! We will still use the Petfinder blurbs for the front of the cages.

Take a look at the July schedule if you have not already done so. Please let me know what you can do. If you have already contacted me please double check that I put you on the correct days.

Meet Loki, Lizzy, Izzy :

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Successful Weekend!

It was a good weekend! Roxy finally found a forever home and left on Saturday. Scotty was brought back to the Shelter today and will be picked up there tomorrow and go to his new home along with another cat from the Shelter. There are applications pending on Diana, Blinky and Senora. WOW! I am thrilled! All three apps are at the Shelter for review.

Which leads me to this question...does anyone have any information on who took the applications on Blinky and Diana? When Barb A arrived to clean Saturday morning the applications were on the adoption table. If you know who did the apps please let me know.

I still do not have anyone doing the second shift on next Saturday - June 9. Do the adoption table or just clean and feed. It is up to you!

Look for another update in a couple of days. I am hoping to bring three new guys down to the store on Wednesday.