Thursday, May 08, 2014

Handsome Arrival!!

Handsome Igloo was brought to the store today.  He came into the Shelter three weeks ago and had been neutered.  You will see a line across his body where it appears perhaps his front leg became caught in a collar and rubbed for a long time. We think that somewhere along the line the collar must have broken allowing the leg to finally be free.

Igloo is a couple of years old - maybe three.  He is friendly and will make a wonderful family pet!  He will be fine with other cats, dogs and kids.  Give him a few days to acclimate and he will be fine.

Sadly Diane and Kayla will no longer be doing every other Tuesday night beginning June 3.  If you know anyone interested in a permanent evening spot let me know.  I do have some emails out right now checking with new volunteers.

Coverage is still needed for the morning cleaning on Monday, May 19.

Have a wonderful weekend...and for all you moms...Enjoy!!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Successful Weekend!!

The first tent event at PetSmart proved to be successful!  Special thanks to everyone who helped both with the dogs and the cats!  Three cats were adopted and one dog.  In addition cats were adopted from the Animal Alliance.

Trudy went home with a young family and it is a perfect fit!  The young mother literally waited for hours for me to arrive to process her application.  Trudy will be the only pet and will live with a toddler and an infant.  They will all grow up together! Smokey is also going to be part of a family.  He will join a dog, a cat, mom and dad and four kids!  Mom is a vet tech at South Paw Animal Hospital so Smokey is in good hands.  She was so excited to take him home this weekend.  And gorgeous long haired Whiskers will be the only cat in the house with a senior citizen.  She will receive non-stop attention and tended to like a queen! For those of you who did not meet her...she just arrived this week - we knew she would not last long!

In addition to the three cats one of the dogs, Bo the Beagle, was adopted!  He will be joining a wonderful family and gaining a big beagle brother named Skeeter.  The family can't wait to get Bo home!

Three new cats were placed at PetSmart - one on Thursday and two yesterday.  They are all tigers so you will have a tough time telling them apart!

Walnut was the first to arrive.  He is probably just about a year old.  He arrived at the Shelter in March.  He was trapped in a colony of cats that have taken up residence in Belleplain State Park.  The management of the park want all the cats removed. Walnut seems to be a domestic cat that was probably dumped there as he is so friendly.  When he came in he was very thin.  He is doing well now!  He is loveable and friendly and a staff favorite!! You will love scratching his big head!!
Handsome Walnut
Watson and Sherlock came for the weekend and got to stay because Trudy and Smokey left. These two arrived at the Shelter in late March.  The gentleman who brought them in said he found them in an apartment next door to him when the tenant moved out.  Coincidentally this same young man lives with a woman who brought a cat to us a few weeks prior to this because it did not get along with her iguana.  Hmmm.  So, these two domestic, friendly guys found themselves under our care. They are probably just at a year old.  It is not necessary that they go home together.

There is a clean cage ready for a new arrival.  We will bring one down this week so please keep the door closed.

The Meow Madness promotion has ended but we have replaced it with yet another one!!  Click on the below for further information.  June is National Adopt A Shelter Cat Month so we will be lowering adoption fees for all cats and kittens for the month of June.  In addition to that we are doing an Early Bird Special for the month of May.  If you choose to adopt a cat over a year old prior to June 1 the adoption fee is only $10.  Right now every cat at PetSmart is $10 since all are a year old or close enough.
Toni came to the Shelter today and picked up a lot of pre-cut paper.  It will all be spread open and held down with several cans to make it easier for you all to work with.  Please do not automatically change paper.  Only do it if it is soiled and can not be swept up.  The paper is very expensive.

I did notice yesterday that the lock on the inside door is temperamental, tricky or just plain broken.  If you have trouble it is not you!  Get the manager to help you.  Hopefully this gets fixed soon as it is somewhat aggravating.

The calendar for May is complete with the exception of one open date, Monday, May 19, PM Cleaning.  If you can cover it please let me know.

And here is some great news...Mary Catherine and Nod have settled in and are doing well. Nicole's lab is grooming Mary Catherine and they love each other!  Nod is still shy and hiding a little but hopefully being a part of this household will lessen his fear soon and he will get to be groomed by the dog as well!