Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome back, Ginger!

Ginger was returned to the Shelter as she was not playing well with other cats in her new household. She is back at Pet Smart. Let's get her a good home!!

Chocolate Chip apparently reeked havoc Thursday night into Friday morning. He managed to free himself from the confines of the cage (after trashing it) and was found wandering about the cat room by Kitty G. She no sooner put him back in the cage and he trashed it again!! Apparently he needs more time to learn how to behave! The staff and volunteers at the Shelter will continue to work with him.

Coverage is needed for the adoption table on Wednesday night, November 15, 6-8pm. As always, if you can not do the table but can do the PM feeding/cleaning please let me know.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Latest Arrivals

Chocolate Chip, Lydia and Oreo joined us at Pet Smart today. Lydia is a little shy so please take some time with her. She is very pretty!!

Becky and Sarah went home last night!

A Volunteer/Staff appreciation party is in the works for Wednesday, December 13 so please mark your calendars. Details will soon follow.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Great Weekend!! Becky is Going Home!!!

An absolutely wonderful family came in to Pet Smart on Saturday and put a hold on Becky! They had come into the store several times and seen her and had already met her once before. They went into the adoption room a second time and decided to apply to be her forever home. I think Becky is going to be one spoiled kitty in that house! They came in again on Sunday just to visit with her! Good things do come to those who wait!

Three other holds are pending as well for Scooter, Greaser and Sarah. All the applications are at the Shelter for the director to review this week. I put a note on the inside of the cages of the cats with holds so you guys are aware what is going on.

Shelter staff also brought two dogs to the store on Saturday. The jacket made by Katherine S looked fabulous on Poncho! I am working on having dogs at the store on a routine basis.

Please keep an eye on the food bowls and do not fill them to overflowing. Filling the bowls halfway is enough. I know we all love to give the guys food but it turns into a lot of waste.

I still need someone for the adoption table on Sunday, October 29. Again, if you can not do the table but could do the evening feeding please let me know. It is important that the adoption table be manned as our presence really increases the adoption rate. At the same time we can spread the word about TNR and the importance of spaying and neutering feral cats.

The November schedule is really shaping up! Please take a look at it and let me know what you can do.

Again, thank you very much for everything you do! I know that you have jobs, families and other committments that take up time. It is great that you make time for our homeless cats and the Shelter is better for it!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Arrivals, Becky, and More

Six new cats arrived at Pet Smart today and they are a great bunch! We have a FULL HOUSE - ten cats!! Becky was scheduled to be returned to the Shelter but one of the Pet Smart employees told me that her brother-in-law will be driving down on Saturday to meet her. I decided to keep her there in the hope that this becomes her forever home. Another thing which may work in her favor is a reduction in her adoption fee. She is over a year old and therefore her fee should be $35. A change was made to her card. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!

You will meet Scooter and wonder why his adoption fee is only $8. When he came into the Shelter he had an injured leg that appeared to be an old fracture. For this reason he was classified as "special needs." The leg is doing fine and he does not appear to be any worse for wear. However, please be cognizant of this when handling him.

Major is scheduled to go home tonight(Wednesday). Pierce does have a hold however there is a glitch in the application. Do not hesitate to take another hold on him.

Please make sure to send me an e-mail when you sign up for a shift. The paper copies posted at Pet Smart are for two volunteers who do not have a computer. It is not a sign up sheet. I like to keep schedule changes current to make things easier for everyone and update the calendar as soon as I hear from you.

Katherine S made a BEAUTIFUL embroidered jacket/shirt for dogs to wear at Pet Smart that says "Adopt Me." Using velcro strips she made it adjustable so it can fit many different size dogs. It is in a bag in one of the lower cabinets. Take a second and look at it. It is adorable!! I am working on getting dogs down to Pet Smart on a more regular basis.

I will be at the adoption table this Saturday (10/21). If you are interested in learning the paperwork please stop by and I will be happy to go over it with you.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ginger, Tangare & Pepper

The family who were to pick up Ginger Wednesday decided they did not want a cat after all. Luckily we had someone waiting in the wings who had already adopted Merangue last week. The adoption was quickly approved and Ginger got to go home on Saturday. Pepper and Tangare went home on Sunday. Tracey R said Pepper's new owner could not have been more excited and that Tangare did not hesitate to walk into the carrier of her new owner. How great is that! Also, there are holds on both Pierce and Major. If the adoptions are approved they should leave Wednesday night or Saturday afternoon. I am planning to bring some new kitties to PetSmart on Tuesday.

The Shelter does have three of the Himalayan and Persian cats you may have read about in the paper last week. The phones have been ringing off the hook concerning these guys so soon they will be home too.

October's schedule is complete with the exception of Sunday, October 29. Please let me know if you can do the adoption table or even just the evening cleaning that day. Also, look at November and let me know what you can do.

Rolls of the brown paper used to line the cages is kept in the managers' office. If you see you are running low just ask and they will bring you a new roll.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Adoption & Two Holds!

Wow!! Great job while I was away!! Thank you everyone!! Arrangements have been made for Ginger to be picked up Wednesday evening. Also, holds and adoption applications were taken to the Shelter by Tracey R for Tangare (yippee!) and Pepper. Unfortunately the couple interested in Becky never returned with the completed paperwork. Poor Becky! I hope she gets a home soon.

Just a gentle reminder...please do not post holds on the outside of the cages. Remember, we will take a second hold on a cat as sometimes the first applicant is not approved or the second applicant appears to be a better fit. Also, should someone inquire about a cat you may be able to persuade them to meet another one once they learn of the hold. We want people to hang around and approach us!!

Diane Mc needs coverage for the evening of Monday, October 16. Please let me know if you can cover for her. Also, take a look at the November schedule and let me know what you can do.