Friday, June 30, 2006

Organization & Paperwork

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the paperwork and organization of it is confusing and as a result potential adopters are not getting accurate information. I am going to take care of that in the next few days. It is not nearly as confusing as it looks. The problem is that we do not have a copy machine at Pet Smart so two copies of each form need to be completed. I am going to have all the paperwork organized into individual folders for each cat to make things easier. In addition I am going to have a notebook in the adoption table for you to use as a quick reference for seeing if a cat has a pending hold or has been adopted and is just waiting to be picked up. This should eliminate alot of confusion. We do take more than one hold for a cat as sometimes the adoption application is not approved or the director may determine that one household is a better fit for the cat than another. In the case of Atlanta and Atlantis the first hold failed to return and complete an adoption application. Had we not taken the second hold they would not be in their new home today.

Monday, June 26, 2006

What a Weekend!!

The Grand Opening weekend at Pet Smart was great!! Atlanta and Atlantis, Otto, Penny and Aquila went home. Groucho's adoption application was approved and he should be going home very soon. Barb A brought three dogs (Sheeba, Marlo and Corky) on Saturday and they were a smashing success! All three received adoption applications. Marlo went home on Sunday. I met so many nice people. So many more people are becoming aware of the County Shelter and the animals we have through this partnership with Pet Smart. I also got five more volunteer applications.

Special thanks to all those who helped this weekend...Barb, Vilma, Joanne, Jen L, Lauren, Jen R and Pat. Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. Also, apparently I overbooked the Sunday cleaning - sorry guys!!

Please continue to let me know how the cleanings are going. Do not hesitate to ask Pet Smart managers and employees for help if you do not know where something is or where to put things. They are all very supportive of this project and want to do all they can to help. In addition my phone numbers and the Shelter number is posted in the adoption room. Call if you need anything.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rex Went Home!

Rex was picked up today by his new family. He was so well behaved. When I put him in the card board Pet Smart carrier he promptly sat down so I could close the top. He is a good cat and will make a great pet!

Grand Opening at Pet Smart

This weekend is the Grand Opening at Pet Smart. Volunteers and Shelter staff will be at the Adoption Center on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25 from 9am until 5pm. Thanks to Barb and Pat for getting the cages and cats ready for Saturday and Pat and Jen for doing the same on Sunday. Let's hope more of our furry friends get to go home by Monday!

Monday, June 19, 2006

3 Home Forever

This weekend three shelter cats at Petsmart were adopted into forever homes. Benny and Josie went to a home together on Sunday and can keep each other company. Marty went home on Monday. Thanks to our great volunteers for making this happen!!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Be a Solution

Volunteers, the heart and soul of any shelter, are needed in every category. Whether you've had experience or not, your special talents will make the shelter a success for animals and people.

Interested residents over 18 can sign up to volunteer at that time. Teens 14-17 years old may volunteer when accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult.

To volunteer call the shelter at 465-8923 and leave your contact information. Or, you can email Volunteer Coordinator Judy: To volunteer call the shelter at 465-8923 and leave your contact information. Or, you can email Volunteer Coordinator Judy:


PetSmart Volunteers

Petsmart in Rio Grande has a beautiful location where our cats and dogs can be presented for adoption. Petsmart will supply the food, litter and toys. The shelter will supply the volunteers. That is where YOU come in. Volunteers are wanted to make the animals comfortable with clean cages and fresh food in the morning (7-9am) and evening (6-9pm). Volunteers will also man an information and adoption table at the store on Wednesdays (6-8pm), Saturdays (2-4pm) and Sundays (12-2pm). More exposure for our home seeking animals means more adoptions. Discover how YOU can help today. Call the Shelter at 465-8923 or email Judy: