Sunday, January 28, 2007

Adoption and Hold Updates

The FIRST applicant for Connie went to the Shelter to bring the tax bill and fell in love with Manny, a cat at the Shelter, and decided to adopt him. The SECOND applicant for Connie went to the Shelter to bring paperwork and fell in love with Debbie, a cat at the Shelter, and decided to adopt her. Today I took a THIRD hold on Connie. Hopefully three times is a charm!! This applicant is very anxious and even went home and brought a copy of her tax bill back to PetSmart to speed the adoption process. The first two applicants still adopted cats from the Shelter so it is all good!!

The applicant for Brandon was finally contacted by the Shelter and they no longer want to adopt him. They were told they could pick up the hold money at PetSmart. Apparently they had adopted a cat from some where else. Brandon appears to be none the worse for wear. He and Midnight were transferred to the big cage today and last I checked they were having a ball!

On Saturday Judy M took a hold on Chuckie. The application is at the Shelter for review. (By the way Judy...nice job on the paperwork!!) Also, on Saturday Judy chatted with Nero's new dad. After spending a day in hiding he appears to have settled in!

Two new kitties arrived today...Smudge and Freckles. Freckles is a friendly girl that likes to play. Smudge is a shy little girl but is quite a cuddler. They are both white. This group right now is a really nice mix of colors!!

If you see that we are getting low on paper please tell the manager. Do not wait until it is all gone. The paper is bought from Lowe's and the managers go to the store to buy it when the supply gets low.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Homes For Nero and Smokester

The applications for Nero and Smokester were approved and both cats went home last night. How exciting!!

Two holds were taken last night on Connie - it seems she is in demand. When I stopped in the store today she seemed a little full of herself!

You can expect two new arrivals on Sunday. A final decision on exactly who will be joining the clan at PetSmart has yet to be made. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two More Holds

I took two holds today at PetSmart - one on Smokester and one on Nero. Both seem to be good applications and are being forwarded to the Shelter for review. Brandon still has a hold pending.

Chucky got very anxious when I took him out of the cage and put him down on the floor. He tried to climb up the cages and got stuck and ended up looking through the bars at Midnight who proceeded to hiss and growl at him. In an attempt to get away from Midnight he kept climbing right past Cathy and lost his hold when he reached up and grabbed the plastic tray full of toys. Needless to say Chucky went flying along with the toys and empty food and water bowls next to the toys. It all made quite a racket! One of the managers came running to see if everything was okay! Chucky then ran into the cat carrier in the adoption room and jammed himself as far into the back of it as he could. I let him settle down for a little while before I put him back in the cage. careful...Chucky needs a little more time to settle in!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Violet Goes Home!

Violet went home on Saturday. She is going to a big house with kids and a couple of dogs! She is a surprise for a fourteen year old young lady who will be her primary caretaker. Something tells me Violet is in for a good life!!

Three new guys were brought to PetSmart on Sunday. Connie and Smokester are both females and although they are not litter mates they were roommates at the Shelter. They are in the big cage. Cathy was moved to a smaller cage. Chucky also arrived on Sunday. He is part of the Open Your Heart And Home progam so his adoption fee is $10. Chucky came to the Shelter when he was about five weeks old so he has spent nearly his entire life in a cage. A decision was made to put Midnight in the Open Your Heart And Home program as well so his adoption fee has been lowered to $10. He also came to the shelter a few weeks old and has spent his life in a cage. Chucky and Midnight are on the fast track for adoption!

Remember Chocolate Chip?? He was adopted from the Shelter last week.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork... I know this issue seems to come up often!! Anyone who would like extra training in completing the paperwork for holds, adoption applications and sending a cat home please let me know. Between Sue and Tom (employees at the Shelter), someone is available seven days a week at the Shelter to help with training. This may be easier than trying to arrange a time to meet me at PetSmart. Let me know if you would like to meet with Tom or Sue and I will set it up for you.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Family Reunited! CB Goes Home!

CB went home last night. He was adopted by a radio DJ and Barb A's husband heard him talking on the radio about the adoption. Looks like CB is going to be famous!

Blossom (aka Roxanna) was reunited with her family today and left with her mom. Apparently last weekend mom's thirteen year old daughter went into PetSmart and saw Blossom and recognized her as a cat they had lost in May!! Mom came into the store and lo and behold it was her Roxanna!! Thanks to a microchip implanted by the Shelter that won't happen again.

Brandon has a hold and the application is at the Shelter for review. Violet has two holds pending right now. Both applications are being reviewed.

I was afraid that CB's leaving would be difficult for Cathy but it looks like I was wrong. While at PetSmart today I thought she seemed friendlier and more relaxed. She sure is pretty! Unfortunately the hold on her has been pulled as the adoption application was not approved.

I taped the directions for taking a hold and completing an adoption application on the wall of the adoption room as well as to the top of the adoption cart. Applications that do not have a hold with a cash deposit will not be processed. PLEASE make sure to get the deposit! Also, review the applications and make sure they are complete and every applicable question is answered. If the applicant owns their property the Shelter requires a copy of their tax bill. If the applicant rents their property the Shelter requires a copy of the lease or a letter from their landlord saying pets are permitted. These documents can be faxed to the Shelter. PLEASE follow these directions as not doing so only slows down the adoption process. Again, all the directions are right in the adoption room to guide you along.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lots Going On!!!

What do you think of the new layout for the blog? Pretty snazzy, huh!! It is absolutely no different to maneuver - the calendar is still on the right and the first link you see. The archives are located after the links - just scroll down. I'll try to keep things interesting by occasionally changing the picture.

I have great news!! Napoleon went home on Friday as scheduled. There are holds on Violet, Cathy and CB! Wow! The adoption applications are at the Shelter for review. No, Cathy and CB will not be going home together if the applications are approved. I am sure they will miss each other but it is for the best, right?

Three new kitties arrived today and, as usual, they are wonderful. You will meet little Ellie, a female gray tabby with an exotic little face, Blossom, a BIG fluffy lovable calico, and Nero, a black and white boy without a tail. It had to be amputated but believe me, he is no worse for wear and is quite handsome!! You guys will love all three of our new furry friends!

Wednesday night a woman is coming in with her kitty from home. She is interested in adopting Brandon or Ellie but wants to see how her kitty interacts with them. If her cat is as well-behaved as ours there should be no problem!

I think 2007 is going to be a good year for Cape May County's animals!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Napoleon is Going Home!!!

Arrangements are being made for Napoleon to go home!! The adoption application has been approved and hopefully he will go to his forever home on Friday. He is going to bring alot of joy to his new home - I will miss his handsome face.

Remember Becky? Who could forget her?? I heard from her dad and he said she is fine and meows constantly! Apparently she is quite vocal.

Look for some new guys soon - on Sunday we should have some new arrivals.

The schedule looks GREAT for January and February! Thank you so much!! I will start hounding you for March before you know it!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

First Adoption For 2007

Happy New Year!!

Baron went home Wednesday night. He is our first adoption for 2007! Fifty-one cats went home in 2006 between June 17 and December 31. This number should double in 2007. Thank you for all your effort!

Apparently the key to the adoption room has been misplaced. If anyone has any ideas on where it may be please let me know. For now the managers have been opening the door for us with their key. Until the key is replaced be careful not to lock yourself out once the manager opens the door.

Take a look at the February schedule and let me know what you can do.