Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, They Broke The Mold.....

As you can see from the featured kitty our old friend Cassie has gone home! Barb A, who has a heart of gold and an understanding husband, adopted Cassie after her upper respiratory infection cleared up. Barb said that after hiding under the bed for a little while Cassie is now eating and doing well. Of course Barb had to first find a food that our finicky friend would eat! A big round of applause for Barb and Cassie!!

So, some of us did not even get a chance to meet Mistoffelees or Grady. Both cats went home with families who completed all the paperwork at the Shelter the day after the cats arrived at PetSmart. They both went home last Wednesday night. As much as I would have liked for you guys to meet them I am glad they basically flew out the door!

Shelley Belly is going home tonight. She sure is sweet and received allot of attention during her stay with us.

Our girl Bettina finally got a home!! The application has been approved and Bettina hopefully will be picked up over the weekend. She is the definition of a lap cat! When her new mom came in to meet her Bettina settled right into her lap and purred away.

The hold on poor Webbie has been pulled. It just was not meant to be. Webbie is a shy one and the perfect home will come her way. For now she needs a little extra time and TLC.

We have a new volunteer among us! She trained with me last Saturday and is taking the last couple of open shifts we had in April to include the adoption table on Saturday, April 5. Welcome, Leona!! Brave woman taking on the adoption table! Thank you for your courage!

PetSmart is hosting a Spring adoption event the weekend of May 2-4 (F/S/S). I do not have any details yet but will need help between the hours of 12-5 on Sat, May 3 and 12-4 Sun, May 4. I am hoping to have dogs and additional cats come from the Shelter. Right now nothing is definite but the date. Let me know if you will be available at any time during the event - even if it is just a few hours.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town!!

Busy, busy weekend at PetSmart - four boys arrived and three holds were taken. The new arrivals are Crunchy, Grady, Iago and Mistoffelees. Yes, they are all boys! It seems we have had a run on females lately so this is a nice change.

Crunchy is a gray tabby, Grady is an orange Tabby, Iago is another gray tabby and Mistoffelees (feel free to call him Mister) is a big multi-colored beast! He has some brown, black, gray and alot of white and he is a big boy - say about 20 lbs!! You are gonna love him! Actually, you are gonna love all these guys. They arrived on Sunday and Tracey reported they settled right in. Shortly after being put in their cages they were all at the cage doors asking to look around the place. Tracey let them all out at once to look about and they did just fine and all got along quite well.

There are holds pending on Webbie, Shelly and Grady. The Shelter is waiting on paperwork for all three. In addition another hold looks promising for Grady that was taken at the Shelter. Let's hope Easter weekend brings alot of people into the store to meet our guys!

I need help for Saturday, April 5. I had signed up for the adoption table but now have a family committment and will not be able to be there. Let me know if you are available to do the table that day. Saturdays it is very important to have a representative from the Shelter actually open the table. If worse comes to worse I will settle for just having the cages cleaned but hopefully someone will do the table. Believe me, it is not difficult and you can always call the Shelter if you have any questions as they are open on Saturdays. Also, coverage is still needed for Thursday, April 17 in the morning.

Meet the boys....

Friday, March 14, 2008

Goodbye Clairy, Gossamer & Jellybean

Two long timers left us recently. Clairy went home last week and Jellybean went home Wednesday night. Good for them!! Gossamer went home last Saturday. It seems he has been on quite a journey. If you remember, he was with us in the fall and was adopted last October only to be brought to the Shelter a short time later because he allegedly did not get along with his feline roommates. That was probably because he knew he had a home and just wanted to get back to it!! Then he came back to us at PetSmart. Well, it seems his owner has been in Wildwood Crest all this time and missing him! He was spotted in PetSmart and his name is actually Carl. So, big Carl went home on Saturday.

I spoke with the Shelter today and got an update on our girls Cassie and Glory. Cassie is suffering from an upper respiratory infection and is resting comfortably. She could not smell her food because of a stuffed up nose so wasn't eating. She is doing well. Glory is no longer in quarantine and is doing fine. She just does better at the Shelter than she does at PetSmart so she is going to stay there. Hey, I suppose we are not every cat's cup of milk! She is fine, though!

Four cats will be arriving on Sunday. I will let you know more about them when the Shelter makes a decision as to exactly who will join us.

Remember Katherine who was our regular Monday morning cleaner/feeder? Well, after spending the last few months in Mexico she has decided to move there for good. She was a big help over the last 18 months and I will miss her. Adios y vaya con dios! Fortunately we have a new girl stepping right in on Mondays in the morning...welcome Cristina!! One door closes and another opens!

March AND April schedules look great! The only open date is Thursday, April 17 in the morning. You guys make my job easy! Thank you for your continued support and commitment!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Merlot Joins Two Old Friends!

Merlot left Saturday afternoon and joins two of our old buddies, Otto and Traveller. Remember Otto?? He was adopted the first weekend we brought cats to PetSmart in June of 2006. He was joined by Traveller last year. His new parents had been looking for another black cat with golden eyes. Remember, both Otto and Traveller are black cats. They had met Merlot before but she was shy and would not come out. On Wednesday night they met her again and Merlot walked out of her cage and curled around her new mom's neck! Judy M said that Merlot talked the whole way out of the store on Saturday! Good luck to the Three Musketeers!

Clairy is going home tomorrow (Wednesday) night! Her new mom had two senior cats who recently passed away and when she saw Clairy she knew it was time for a new friend.

I am sad to say the Glory was brought back to the Shelter on Sunday. She has had allot of difficulty settling in. I have been assured that the staff and volunteers at the Shelter will continue to socialize Glory and see if she can come back to us. I know we all hate to see a cat go back to the Shelter but PetSmart is a unique environment and not every cat will do well there. There is so much activity and so many different people in and out and dogs brought up to the window and non-stop noise, etc. The cats we have there need to be able to be handled by different people every day. Glory does not like being handled and let many of us know that. Thanks for your patience with her and hopefully our resident cat whisperer at the Shelter can help her along.

I heard tell there is a new daily form that needs to be completed at PetSmart. I spoke with Concetta about this and she advised me that it is a corporate mandate and management tool that actually was manadatory at the start of this program. Please complete it as best as you can and ask the manager if you need help. Do not let it stress you out!!

Four new cats were brought to PetSmart on Sunday. They are Shelly, Webbie, Socks and Gossamer. Remember Gossamer? He was a tiger striped male that we adopted out last October. He was brought back to the Shelter in December and we were told he did not get along with the two resident cats that he had joined. He appeared to settle in fine on Sunday. Let's hope his next home is truly forever. Socks is a young gray and white female who is very friendly and asked to look around the place after being put in her cage. Shelly and Webbie are both shy and scared and will need some TLC. Shelly is calico and Webbie is a gray and white female. Shelly likes her own space so monitor her before opening up the doors between cages. Webbie is particularly shy and afraid but should come around with time.

The March schedule WAS complete but I have some cancellations that need to be filled. Please let me know if you are available. They are: Thursday, March 6 and Friday, March 14 in the mornings and Monday, March 17 in the evening. The April schedule looks great! The only open days are Saturday, April 5 and Thursday, April 17 in the mornings and Sunday, April 13 for the Adoption Table. You know the deal....let me know!

Here's the new guy and girls: