Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Couple More Of Our Cats Get Sprung!!

Happy Spring for Fred & Ethel and for Hannah!! Hannah left on Sunday and will be the only pet living with an older gentleman.  Her new dad had a cat for years and misses the feline companionship.  The Senior For Senior Adoption Program came through again!  Fred and Ethel left on Sunday as well.  They will be the only pets in their new home and will be gaining two human siblings - ages 11 and 9.  There is a lot of fun and attention in their future!

Arriving at PetSmart in time for the Wednesday adoption table is Buster, Persephone, and Fluffy.  Charlotte and Godiva are still at the store.

Buster is a friendly guy who will adapt to any home.  He lived with other cats prior to arriving at the Shelter.  We are familiar with Buster's previous owner and actually helped him to get Buster neutered about a year and half ago.  The owner was evicted and left Buster behind. 
Fluffy is a five year old male that is yet another victim of an eviction.  He is very friendly and will sit on your lap.  He seems afraid of dogs however is fine with other cats.  He is a long hair and is going to need to be brushed a lot!  He will love the attention.  This picture does not do him justice... 
Persephone is a two year old, very ladylike torbi.  She is very delicate and little with beautiful colors.  When you open the cage she looks at you for a second and then comes forward for a gentle pet or scratching of the ears.  She craves human attention and is very sweet!  She would do best in a quiet home as the only cat.  Although she would tolerate other animals it would be best if she was one-on-one.
Did I forget someone  for this Thursday, March 24?  The schedule still shows it as available.  Let me know if you can cover or if you already told me and I neglected to add it to the schedule.

The April schedule looks great!  Deb and Warren are back on Sunday morning duty starting April 10. (Welcome back, guys!)  Rikki, I assume you are back and good for Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please let me know if you need coverage.  Judy M, Larissa and Anna, please let me know your availability for weekend adoption table days.  I do know I need coverage for the below dates:
Thursday, April 7, PM Cleaning
Thursday, April 21, PM Cleaning
Friday, April 29, AM Cleaning

Kitten season has begun.  We did get our first litter last week.  Please - if you know anyone that needs help with spay/neuter for cats have them call the Shelter at 465-8923 or call the Animal Alliance of Cape May County at 465-NEUT.  There are low cost clinics every Thursday next door to the Shelter.  Depending on the circumstances we can also provide no cost.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Jessie James Goes Home!

Jessie James was picked up Wednesday night.  The first applicant never followed through with required information.  Thankfully we received a second application on Monday.  JJ is now living with an Akita, another cat, mom and dad and two teenagers.  He will have lots to do!

Hannah and Godiva were brought to the store today. Both qualify for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.

Hannah is a pretty torti about eight years old.  She came into the Shelter in July of last year as a stray.  She was spayed at that time so someone knows her!  Hannah could acclimate to a home with other cats.  She does needs a nice quiet home so older kids are best.

Godiva is a nicer older girl - she is about 10.  She also came in spayed and as a stray.  A local animal advocate helping someone TNR discovered her and brought her to us in December.  She will do fine in a home with other cats.  Poor Godiva was suffering from entropian when she came in. She had surgery in January to alleviate her symptoms . For those who are not familiar with this, entropion is a condition in which the eyelid or lids fold inward. It is very uncomfortable, as the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea causing irritation. Her eyes may appear sore,  however she is just fine and feels and looks a lot better than she did!
Hannah and Godiva are on the bottom row - each with two cages.  Keep the door closed between their living quarters.  Charlotte has two cages on the top row and the remaining two are ready for new arrivals.  Fred and Ethel are in the big cage.

The calendar for this month is shaping up!  Special thanks to Toni K for jumping in to cover Rikki!  Below are the remaining dates that need coverage:

Sunday, March 6, AM Cleaning
Thursday, March 10, PM Cleaning
Sunday, March 13, Adoption Table
Sunday, March 20, AM Cleaning
Thursday, March 24, PM Cleaning
Sunday, March 27, Adoption Table