Friday, February 22, 2013

Juliet Gets A Proper Goodbye!

I have been remiss in saying goodbye to Juliet!  She left last week and now lives with one of our volunteers.  Adopted with her was a cat at the shelter named Katrina.  They have new names now - Teagan (Juliet) and Branna (Katrina).  They have settled into their new home!!  Thank you, Judy McL, for adopting these girls!!

Our last arrival at PetSmart did not receive a proper hello!!  Her name is Genevieve and she is VERY pretty!!  She came into the Shelter a little over a month ago and was already spayed.  We are still so surprised no one was looking for her.  She loves attention - loves to be brushed and loves her belly rubbed!  She could be described as a lap cat.  She is fine with other cats and would do well in most households. We think she is about a year and half old.
Lady Genevieve
Votes are in...looks like we are sticking with the pine litter.  Almost everyone feels it is easier to keep the area clean when not dealing with all that dust.  I always thought it looked better with the color of the cages and the brown paper. 

Again...a reminder...go easy on the litter and food.  Only put a half of a cup of food in the bowls.  At night if you see most of the food is still there do not add another half of a cup - just add whatever appears to have been eaten.  There should never be more than a half cup in the bowl at any give time. As far as litter...only use about an inch. Remember, we are in there twice a day.  We really need to be cognizant of waste.

Thanks to all who have volunteered for a time slot for Shopaholics.  There is a few spots left.  I'll send out an update schedule this week.

Someone is needed to cover the adoption table next Wednesday, February 27, 6-8pm.  I can change the time if earlier is better.  If no one volunteers for the table I will be looking for someone to just clean.

The March calendar is shaping up but there is still many open slots...all mornings.  Please let me know if you can cover any of them.
Sunday, March 3, AM cleaning
Saturday, March 9, AM cleaning
Sunday, March 10, AM cleaning
Friday, March 15, AM cleaning
Sunday, March 17, AM cleaning
Saturday, March 23, AM cleaning
Sunday, March 24, AM cleaning
Friday, March 29, AM cleaning
Sunday, March 31, AM cleaning

Hey, back yet???


Saturday, February 09, 2013

OK...we're back in business!!!  Eight cats were brought back to the store after everything was stripped and cleaned not once but twice.  Bell, Sandy II, Midnight and Mr. T returned.  Newcomers are CC, Juliet, Sierra and Claus. 

So, what happened to the rest? Winston was adopted and went home over a week ago.  He is going to be the only pet in the household and is going to be spoiled and happy and never lacking for attention!  Book went home also and will be living with a dog and three children!!  He not only got a home...he got a whole family!!  Ruby, Amethyst, Tyler and Cuddlebug are all doing well at the Shelter.

Wonderful news about the change in litter, huh?!!!  This should make cleaning a lot easier and should make the entire area looked neater.  The pine litter was placed in the canister yesterday.  Again...I beg of not use too much of it as it is more expensive than the clay.  If this becomes cost prohibitive we will go back to the clay.  Scoop when you can! 

Here is the new guys:

Sierra is a pretty blue cream torti that unfortunately has been bounced around lately.  She was first adopted from us a few years ago and had a lovely quiet home.  Sadly, her owner died and she was brought back to the Shelter last March.  She was adopted shortly after that but was returned eight months later.  An infant moved into the house and the disruption was a bit much for Sierra.  This is something we actually see quite often - cats that come from quiet homes often do not react well when circumstances drastically change.  Please make sure potential adopters are aware she needs a quiet home and individual attention.   She is over five years old so her adoption fee is only $20.
Juliet is so precious!!  She lived in a home with four other cats and is very friendly!!  Her owner moved into assisted living and Juliet and the rest could not go with her.  sSe is very affectionate and just loves being held and fussed over!  She is about three years old.
Claus is a handsome young man who came into the Shelter as a stray in mid December.  He is another friendly guy and will be a wonderful companion!  We estimate he is just at a year old. 
CC is a doll!  She is special as an orange female is not very easy to come by! She also came from a multi-cat household.  She was surrendered to the Shelter along with six others when her owner was evicted.  She is lovely!!  She is five years old.
So, here is the set up...Sierra has two cages.  Remember, she did best in a quiet home and a change upset her. Do not force her to mingle as the stress may be too much for her.  Juliet and CC are in singles and need to stay that way until we see them settle in.  Bell and Sandy II are sharing three cages because we know they will do fine with each other as they are returnees.  Claus is a single and also needs to stay that way for now. Big Mr T and Midnight are in the big cage.  Slow introductions for the new guys, please!!

We are working on the air filter system.  Hopefully we will get that done soon.  In the mean time let's hope the thorough cleaning did the trick.  Thank you for your patience!

There is a few openings this month listed below.  Please let me know if you can cover any of them:
Sunday, February 17, AM Cleaning
Wednesday, February 20, AM Cleaning
Saturday, February 23, AM Cleaning
Thursday, February 28, PM Cleaning

The Animal Alliance of Cape May Couty has received grant money from PetSmart Chairities to spay/neuter and vaccinate stray and free roaming cats in any area with the 08260 zip code...that includes all of the Wildwoods.  The surgeries will be done at no expense to the pet owner!  If you know anyone who needs help in that area please have them call 465-6388 or the Shelter for more information.