Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad Break For Belle

Sadly, Belle was brought back to the shelter in less than forty-eight hours. I am so sad for her. She went home Wednesday night. Thursday night the couple who adopted her tried to bring her back to the store. By this time the cages had been filled and the store manager told them to call us in the morning. In the meantime she left me a phone message and I immediately called the people. It seems Belle hid under the bed initially which I tried to assure them was totally to be expected. She later told me that Belle also urinated on their bed and they immediately decided they would not keep her. Poor old Belle.

Patch went home Wednesday night also. His family seems very nice and very excited to get him. He was a surprise for one of the kids.

On Thursday Tigger and Boots arrived. They are just over a year old. If adopted together their fee is $35. Tigger is a brown and gray tabby and Boots is an orange tiger. Their story is one we have heard too often lately... Their owners were evicted and had many animals and could not keep all of them when they moved out. They relinquished four cats and a nine year old Rottwieller to the Shelter. Among the cats was Boots and Tigger, a kitten, and a nine-year old full bred male Maine Coon cat named Huey. He is beautiful! The kitten and the Rottie have been adopted. Huey is at the Shelter. I would really like to see these two leave together however they can be adopted apart as well. Both are very friendly.

At the Shelter we have decided to offer microchipping to Cape May County residents on a regular basis. Please read the press release under Shelter In The News to the right.

Kittens from the Shelter will again be brought to PetSmart over this weekend by volunteers from Animal Outreach. This program has been a huge help to us! Special thanks to Anne!!

No takers for tomorrow morning yet... Don't can sleep in a bit as the store does not open until 10am. I do not have a taker for Thursday morning either....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots Going On!!

Finally it looks like the heat has broken and people are leaving their homes and adopting our kitties!! Let's hope it continues! Alice and Cindy left on Sunday. It is great that they get to go together! Leona reports that their new dad is wonderful and very nice.

Belle and Patch will be going home Wednesday night. Belle will be splitting her time between Cape May Court House and Lancaster along with two other feline siblings. Patch will be living with a couple of kids but no other animals. Both are great homes!

Clementine is fine so expect her back very soon.

Tomorrow two kittens, Ronnie and Charlie, will be arriving. These two boys have been raised in one of our many foster homes and are fun and sweet and nice! You know the deal - they go together and the adoption fee is a total of $70. Both are black and white - Charlie is the one with the white chin. They are just a few months old. Here they are:

On Thursday, after Belle and Patch have gone, we will bring down two adult cats and probably Clementine. Dora was brought back to the Shelter on Sunday. She was involved in a bit of a cat fight and a volunteer was bitten and scratched by her as she attempted to break them up. By law she must now be quarantined for ten days. She is fine and is none the worse for wear. Don't worry about her! (The volunteer will be okay, too!)

The August schedule looks great. There is only two openings - both are mornings: Sunday, August 1 and Thursday, August 5. Let me know if you are available to cover either day.

Stay cool!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cindy and Alice Arrive

Anya and Willow came back but had to return to the Shelter. They are having a difficult time shaking an upper respiratory infection. Looks like they will be spending some more time in sick bay. Poor little guys!

Alice and Cindy are the new kittens that arrived Wednesday. They are part of a litter of four girls named Marcia, Cindy, Jan and Alice. Get it?? The Brady Bunch! Jan and Marcia have been adopted and these two are still left. Alice is smokey gray and Cindy is a tiger. They are about three and half months old and are typical kittens. They love each other and they love to play. Should they get adopted together the fee is $70.

Skippy was limping around on three legs so we brought him back to the Shelter and he saw the vet today. No worries!! He is fine. The vet feels he has a patella that actually shifts out of place from time to time. He feels this is most likely something Skippy was born with and should not stop him from having a wonderful little kitty cat life. Once at the Shelter he was putting weight on all four legs. He will be back by the weekend.

Has the heat slowed down our adoptions or what?? We did get an application on Patch but it will not work out. The hold has been pulled. This weekend volunteers from Animal Outreach will have kittens from the Shelter at the store on both Saturday and Sunday. They have been a big help. Through their efforts two of our kittens were adopted July 4th weekend. Hopefully more will be adopted this week.

The August schedule is just about complete. Coverage is only needed on two days and both are mornings: Sunday, August 1 and Thursday, August 5. Let me know if you can cover.

Meet the last of the Brady Bunch:

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Old Guy Gets A Home!

Well, well, well...guess who went home yesterday...our old buddy Archie!! And guess who took him of our very own PetSmart volunteers who also happens to be my mom! Here is a picture of him in his introduction cage. It is quite large and he is very comfy in it. This way he can be slowly introduced into his new home and to his new sister. Mom LOVES him!

Anya and Willow came back today. As promised here is finally a photo. Anya is the lighter colored of the two. They are just about four months old.

Until the end of the month if someone adopts a cat or kitten from the Shelter - this includes our PetSmart kitties - the Animal Alliance of Cape May County will pay the adoption fee for a second cat. Please keep this in mind for Anya and Willow as well as the rest of the guys. Also, if anyone inquires about kittens please send them to the Shelter!

The updated July and August schedule has been posted in the cage room. I do have one opening in is Friday morning, July 30. Please let me know if you can cover it. Also please look ahead to August.

There is a new notebook in the adoption table when the present one is filled. More hold agreements, adoption applications and volunteer applications were placed in the folders. For those of you who send cats home...another form has been added to each packet that requires a signature - I know, I know.... It is a liability waiver. Please make sure to get that signed when adoptions are finalized.

The shelter is participating at the Whale of a Day Family Street Festival on Clubhouse Drive in Town Bank this Saturday, July 10. This event is sponsored by the organization Historic Townbank, Inc and will feature many vendors, food and family fun. Shelter volunteers will have a table at the Festival along with a dog and a litter of kittens. The animals will arrive in the morning at around 10:30 and the length of their stay will depend upon the heat. If you are in the area stop by and say hi to Barb and Larissa.

Also, next weekend on Saturday, July 17 Paw Pals is having their annual yard sale from 8am-3pm at 915 Towerview Road in Erma. Paw Pals is an organization formed by Shelter volunteer Barb Allison. Each year she gives a portion of the proceeds from this sale to the Shelter and to the Farm Sanctuary. Last year they purchased the furniture that is in our new pet introduction room at the Shelter. If you have any items to add to the sale or if you can help Barb that day shoot me an e-mail for her phone number.

I hope you and all your furry friends are staying cool in this heat!! Thanks for all your help!