Friday, March 30, 2007

Iris Goes Home - Finally!! Taye Goes Home, Too.

After COUNTLESS holds and applications Iris finally went home on Wednesday night. She patiently waited while the right home was chosen for her. Taye went home over a week ago and I neglected to give him a proper send off!! My bad!! Remember a while back when he left only to be brought back the very next day? He, too, patiently waited after that disappointment. Good luck to both of our guys in their new homes.
Jill was not doing well and never quite seemed to settle in so was picked up by staff and returned to the Shelter. Some of the cats just do not do well in the PetSmart setting. It can be sensory overload - what with customers, different volunteers at every feeding, dogs at the windows, etc. Jill will do better awaiting her home in the calmer confines of the Shelter under the watchful eyes of the staff.
Three new cats will be brought to PetSmart on Saturday, March 31. I will post who they are once I have them settled in. I plan to do some rearranging, too. Apparently Freckles is a tad resistant to a new roommate. I'll have to see about what to do with the big cage.
The April calendar is just about full. The following mornings still need to be filled: Friday, April 6, and two Saturdays, April 21 & 28. One evening needs to be filled, Wednesday, April 18. The adoption table is usually open on Wednesdays however if you are available only to clean and feed that is just fine. The table is open Monday, Tuesday and Friday that week.
I am kinda happy to see March end. Adoptions slowed down considerably both at PetSmart and at the Shelter. I hope April proves to be more like January & February.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A "Senior" Cat Goes Home! Three New Arrivals

Madame went home on Friday night. It is nice to see one of our "seniors" get a home. There are no other cats in her home however she will have to share space with a dog. Hopefully she will enjoy the dog's company more than the company of other cats!! I really enjoyed my time with her and am so happy she is home.

There are pending holds on Iris and Taye and one of our new arrivals, Bob. Unfortunately the hold on Freckles was removed when the applicant had a change of heart.

The three new guys are Bob, Jill and Elise. Bob settled right in and has a ball when you let him run around. He has no tail - hence the name! Bob arrived Sunday afternoon and had a hold by Monday afternoon. You will know why as soon as you meet him. Elise and Jill are very similar in appearance. Both are big black female torties. Jill is about two years old. She seems a little sad and is hesitant to come out of her cage and join the fun. I am sure she will come around. Elise is an adult who was left at the front door of the Shelter back in September. Initially on Monday she was very friendly and then became a little standoffish and a littly "hissy." I am sure she will come around as well.
Angel, who was so shy at first, is friendly and playful and loves to stretch her legs out! Some of the guys just need a little more time to adjust.
The April schedule is almost complete. There is one evening that still needs to be covered - Wednesday, April 18. There is three open Friday mornings - April 13, 20 and 27 and three open Saturday mornings - April 14, 15 and 28. Let me know if you can cover any of of these days.

Here is Elise, Bob, and Jill (in that order)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Great Job While I Was Gone!!

Thank you all very much for doing such a wonderful job while I was away! It certainly helps me enjoy a vacation when I know things are well taken care of at home! Special thanks to Jenny G and Mom for being my "go to" girls and to Barb A for keeping in touch with the Shelter.

So, here's the latest...Estralita went home on Saturday. I am sure that Taye will miss her terribly. Freckles joined Taye in the big cage to help him adjust. The two are getting along very well. However, there is a chance that Taye will again be looking for a roommate - Freckles got another hold on Saturday. Incidentally, the man who put the first hold on Freckles last week decided on another cat, Stitch, when he went to the Shelter with paperwork.

Iris has received a couple of holds as most of you know. The first applicant did not return calls from the Shelter and the second applicant is being processed. The second application looks good so let's hope it works out for Iris. I can not get over how good she looks since the surgery to remove her eye. She is such a sweetheart and deserves a nice home!

The March schedule is complete with the exception of the evening cleaning on Friday, March 23. Please let me know if you are available. The April schedule also looks great. Please take a look at it and let me know if you can do any of the available slots.

While in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in Belize my husband and I visited the local animal shelter to say hi and make a donation. We also bought t-shirts! It was nice to talk to people so far away who are doing the same work with the same compassion that we are doing here in the USA. They do TNR, Pet of the Week, low cost spay/neuter - the whole deal. People really aren't so different no matter where you go!!