Saturday, April 26, 2014

Adoptions, New Arrivals & Updates!

There is a lot of information to pass on and some wonderful news! 

First are the most recent adoptions.  Maxwell was adopted by one of the vet techs from Parkway Veterinary Hospital.  He will receive wonderful care and joins an animal loving family!!  Gomez joined a man and his son who are both very excited to once again have a cat in their household. At this time he will be the only pet.  I did try to talk him into taking Fester as well however he did not feel ready for two cats.  He did say he would think about it. here is the BEST news!!  Remember we had an application on Mary Catherine and the woman failed to pick her up, saying she was sick and had forgotten?  Well, after not contacting the Shelter for at least two weeks she called again.  I decided that based on what appeared to be a lack of commitment or understanding on her part I would not pursue this adoption any further.  Well, our very own volunteer Nicole who is the regular cleaner on Friday nights will be adopting both Mary Catherine AND Nod together!!!  They will be picked up from the Shelter on Thursday.  What wonderful happy news for the cats and for all of us who care so much about them!!! These two have been waiting so long! 

As most of you are aware we work closely with a small no-kill animal shelter in Connecticut and often transfer cats and kittens there.  We may be transferring Felicity there.  We will make that decision this week.  Please do not let this stop anyone from placing an application on her, though. 

Jinx was having some issues with vomiting and diarrhea so he was brought back to the Shelter.  He is doing fine!!  Sometimes a cat is just better suited for the Shelter over PetSmart.  Maybe the environment was too stressful for him.

I don't think I ever introduced Smokey who arrived a little while ago.  He is a year and half old and was surrendered to the Shelter at the end of January.  His owner was having surgery and could no longer take care of him.  She stated he is "loveable" and "likes to cuddle." This definitely appears to be true! He will do fine in a home with other cats, children and dogs.  Hopefully soon he will be cuddling with a new owner in a home that lasts forever.
Arriving today is three little girls...Trudy, Lanie and Lacie.
Lacey & Lanie
 Lanie and Lacie are littermates that came into the Shelter in early August from a managed TNR colony. We think they are just over a year.  We would love to see them adopted together!  Often times the black cats get left behind which is so sad.  Let's not let Lanie be left behind!!  As always...adopt two cats or kittens and the adoption fee is waived for the second one. 

Trudy had a terrible winter!  She was found outside and was sick and having a terrible time fighting the cold in her condition.  She spent quite a lot of time in sick bay before being healthy enough to be adopted.  She is very sweet and appreciated all the fuss made over her at the Shelter! She is just over a year old as well.

Next weekend is a Tent Event at PetSmart.  A large tent will be placed in the parking lot and our Shelter, along with four others from the county, will bring pets that are available for adoption.  We plan to have four to five dogs there each day.  Click on the below picture for more details. We will bring cats or kittens also if we feel they are resilient enough to handle the stress.  Cats are so different than dogs.  They do not enjoy being removed from their familiar environment and more often than not get sick following being moved around. 

The May schedule is just about complete - however I do have some openings.  I am still looking for a regular to do every other Monday evening cleaning until Judy Mc returns in late June.  Below are the dates needing coverage in May.  Please let me know if you are available to do any of the them.

Monday, May 12, PM Cleaning
Friday, May 16, AM Cleaning
Monday, May 19, AM Cleaning
Monday May 26, AM & PM Cleaning
Friday, May 30, AM Cleaning

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Big Fat Felix Says GoodBye!

Big Felix went home on Saturday and his new mom could not have been more thrilled!!  Apparently she has what could be Felix's long lost twin at home already.  She came to the store with a carrier that opened on the side and Felix walked right into it.  We are so happy for him!!

We did have an approved application for Mary Catherine.  After much deliberation I decided I would allow the adoption to go through even though I really preferred that she go home with Nod.  So, Mary Catherine was scheduled to go home on Saturday.  However the applicant failed to show up.  She was telephoned and stated she "was sick and had forgotten." She was advised to contact the Shelter if she was unable to pick Mary Catherine up on Sunday.  Well, she again failed to show up and also failed to contact the Shelter since.  All that being said... It appears fate has intervened and I should have gone with my initial feelings.  So, I have decided that Mary Katherine and Nod need to go together.  Should anyone go to the store and claim they have been approved and may take Mary Katherine please tell them they need to call the Shelter. 

Two new younger boys arrived today for the big cage.  Fester and Gomez are litter mates that arrived in October at about five months old. They are amusing to watch and hopefully will be adopted together - however it is not mandatory.  Gomez is the more outgoing of the two but both are friendly.

Welcome to new volunteer Marianne who starts this week on her own every other Thursday!! 

There are a few openings in the April schedule listed below.  Please let me know if you are available to cover any of them.

Friday, April 18, Morning Cleaning
Tuesday, April 22, Evening Cleaning
Monday, April 28, Evening Cleaning