Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You Ready for FIVE Youngsters??!!

Marmalade left last night. As predicted he did not last long at all!! He will be living with another cat and an old dog. His new mom is THRILLED! Marmalade is gonna have a nice life!!

Marmalade's two litter mates were brought to the store today and joined their third mate, Oreo, in the big cage. Jeffrey is the orange male and Sweetie is the black and white female. These two are super friendly purring machines just like Oreo and Marmalade! I suspect the three are gonna LOVE that big cage. Here they are:

In addition we brought down a litter of three named Tammy, Tony and Toby. This litter is all grey tigers and tabbies and are gorgeous!! We were told they were "stray" and were brought in by animal control. Um...yea, right....they were in wonderful condition and totally socialized and appeared to have been living in a house!! They are just a few months old. All three will be sharing the top row of cages. Good luck telling these guys apart!! I don't have a picture of Toby but here is the other two...



So how are we able to fit all these new guys? Well, after much deliberation we decided it would be best if Ethan and Lady came back to the Shelter. Both did so much better there than they have been doing at PetSmart. The environment at the store does not agree with every cat. I'll keep everyone posted on how they are doing.

Hopefully all of you received the flyer about the birthday festivities and happenings at the Shelter beginning Friday, July 15. We are excited about it!! Please spread the word!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Duncan & Blackout go home - FINALLY!!!

Yes, it is true!! Duncan and Blackout went home last night! They will be joining three other cats in a large home where they will run free and create havoc! Their new mom is a frequent visitor to PetSmart and saw them week after week still in the big cage. Recently two of her cats passed away so she decided she had the room after all. (She adopted the big Maine Coon cat named Huey last year.) Duncan and Blackout happily walked into her carriers and off they went!

The two young cats that arrived today are so sweet and nice!! They came from the same home but do not have to be adopted together. They will adapt to any home quite easily - with or without one another. Their owner had several unaltered adult cats and - surprise, surprise - then had litters of kittens! We have been working with them to have the adults spayed and neutered and have the younger cats and kittens adopted. All the cats from their home were well taken care of and very well socialized. These two both love to be held and are purring machines!! They will walk right out of the cage and into your arms!! Both are about six months old.

Marmalade is orange and white and Oreo is black and white (I know, I know - not very original name!!) Here they are:

Kittens, kittens, have we got kittens!!! If anyone is asking please send them to the Shelter.

An adoption application has been approved for Lolli and she will be picked up tomorrow (Sunday).

Two new volunteers trained this week (thanks, Joe!!) and they will be helping out in the mornings. Welcome, Toni and Sarah! We are always happy to have more help!

I am so happy with how adoptions have been going at PetSmart! This program is so important and really helps to get our cats out of the shelter and into loving homes. I can not thank you all enough for your commitment to this program and your compassion for our kitties!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ginger & Priscilla Go Home!

Ginger went home with a very happy little girl on Saturday! She will be living with two other kids, two adults and two dogs. Sounds like a nice family for Ginger!!

It sure didn't take Priscilla long - exactly one week from arriving at the store to leaving for home! She left Tuesday night and will be living with two feline roommates. Her new mom is very excited!! If you go to the Shelter facebook page you will see a picture of Priscilla all sprawled out just loving her new home! It is so nice to see these long term residents get to go home - especially during kitten season.

Two new cats arrived today. Both are friendly and will settle in with no problem. Lolli is about nine months old and came in as a stray in late April of this year. She is a sweetheart!! She is a gray, black and brown tiger with beautiful markings. She will be fine with kids, dogs and other cats. Here's lovely little Lolli!

Gabbanna arrived today as well. I call him Gabe - it's easier. He is three years old. He is white, black and brown with some tiger striping. (Sorry...I do not have a picture right now!) He is also very friendly and loves attentions. He lived with another cat named Dolce (get it?) who is at the Shelter. The two did not really get along very well so it is not necessary to adopt them out together. The two have been bounced around for years. Initially they were adopted from a Shelter in Delaware. That owner had them about a year and gave them to her mother. Mom had them about two years where they were inside/outside cats. She then moved and could not take them with her. Hopefully the third time is indeed a charm! (Side should see Gabe's old housemate Dolce...he is a BIG handsome fellow...weighing in at 21 pounds! He can't even fit in the little cages!)

This weekend we will have dogs at the store from 12:30-3:00pm. If you are on the schedule to help with the dogs please be at the store no later that 12:15pm. We also will have the adoption table covered from 12:00-2:00pm as well as from 2:00-4:00pm to help with both cats and dogs.

The June schedule WAS complete until a little earlier today. Thursday, June 9, PM cleaning still needs to be covered. July looks great but still has some openings. If you are interested in a permanent spot for July and August every other Sunday is available.

As you will see PetSmart changed the cage cards - they are bigger now and easier to see.