Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Four More Adoptions!

Midnight went home last Wednesday night. Sorry for the delay in passing that information along - I don't know where the week went! Fae went home on Saturday. She seems to really like her new mom and happily went into the carrier to be brought home. Valerie was picked up on Sunday and Bamboo left from the Shelter on Wednesday. Four more guys leave PetSmart that you all helped to find a forever home!

Tinker joined Allie in the big cage. Both are coming along well. Jess, Carmen and Squiggy are in the top row and getting along just fine. Corky, James and Daisy are sharing quarters on the first floor and having a ball.

James got a hold on Saturday. The adoption application is at the Shelter being processed. Unfortunately the hold on Squiggy was pulled. He's a good boy, though, so I am sure he will get another hold soon.

The couple who adopted Midnight stopped in last night and said he is doing well. They expressed interest in adopting Allie. OMG! Keep your fingers crossed!

Paige managed to get all the nails clipped last night with the exception of Allie and Tinker. Everyone loves when the nails get clipped! Thank you, Paige!

The last I heard we were totally out of brown paper for the cages. One of the managers was told and said it should be there this morning. Can someone give me an update? Did the paper arrive as scheduled?

I had a cancellation for this Saturday (Feb 28) in the morning. Please let me know if you are available.

The following days in March are still open:
Sunday, 3/1, morning
Tuesday, 3/3, evening
Monday, 3/16, morning
Friday, 3/20, morning
Saturday, 3/21, morning

FYI...PetSmart opens later on Sundays so you can sleep in a little - as long as you begin cleaning by 10am it is fine.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Second Chance For Love a Success!

The Second Chance For Love Adoption Event was a success! Special thanks to Barb A, Celine, Judy M, Joan, Larissa, Joann, Barb C, Jenn and Tracey for all your help! Also special thanks to Joanne and Barb C.....Saturday and Sunday morning in addition to our normal lot they had six more cats in a rolling cage to clean and feed. It was all worth it! Throughout the weekend holds were taken on four cats - Valerie, Midnight and Squiggy. Valerie's application has been approved and she may be going home Wednesday night. A hold was also put on one of the visiting cats, Bamboo, who is now back at the Shelter. He is a young male ( maybe 7 months old), smokey gray and all kitten. Here he is:
Also, on Saturday we had two dogs come spend time with us. Here is Robin, being very good with volunteer Jenn, and here's Roxy relaxing between volunteers Joan and Joann. Holds were taken on both dogs. It looks like both applications have been approved and our girls are going home.
On Sunday Miranda, a white young female Pitt Bull Terrrier and Edmund, an older male Pitt Bull Terrier, spent the day at PetSmart. Below you can see Both Miranda and Edmund relaxing. How good it must feel to them to be out of the Shelter for a couple of hours!

We had some room in the PetSmart cages so James stayed on and Tinker came back. James is a younger male and is friendly and outgoing. Tinker is happy to be back on the fast track for adoption. Here's James:

So, it was a good weekend!! I will keep you posted on the status of the rest of the pending adoption applications.
Due to a cancellation coverage is needed for Monday, February 23, in the morning. Let me know if you are available. Friday, February 27, in the morning is still open as well. Please look ahead to March as it is rapidly approaching.
If you missed the NBC TV40 coverage of the adoption event just click on The Shelter in the News to the right directly under the volunteer schedule.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Luck of the Irish for Shannon!

Yes, Shannon went home on Saturday! Our girl came a long way from being a stray on the streets of the Villas to the comfort of a forever home! Another happy ending! Cricket left on Saturday as well. Cricket is going to be pampered by a young girl and will live like a princess.

We had lots of cats arrive over the weekend. Squiggy came back and is reunited with his friend Jess. Carmen welcomed him into the fold as well! Welcome back, Squig!

In addition we now have Daisy, a white, gray and brown female. She is young - under a year - and has a ton of energy. You can even see that in her picture! Valerie is a dilute calico who is a couple of years old. She is a little shy and nervous but was not averse to being petted while sitting in the cage. Hopefully in a day or two she will be jumping out. Midnight is a young, big, long-haired black male. He is a beauty! He is very playful and loves attention. Because of his size he was given two cages. Corky is black and white male who is under a year old. He has no problem joining everyone for a romp.

Allie is doing so much better in the big cage! Last night she had a great time playing laser light. Some of the guys just take a little more time than others. Keep working with her.

Someone from the Shelter went today and took care of the issues mentioned in the book concerning Carmen and Jess and the matts on Midnight. Tinker is doing fine and should be joining us for the weekend.

REMINDER: If you need something brought to my attention it is not enough to note it in the volunteer notebook. You need to e-mail or call me directly. You can look at the schedule and see when I am actually at the store to read what is noted - it varies. I always check my e-mail. If you call the Shelter to report something please let me know. If you return a cat to the Shelter or one is picked up while you are there please let me know.

Here is the schedule for the Second Chance For Love Adoption Weekend Feb 13-15. If you see I have made a mistake let me know:

Friday: 12-3p Barb A, Celine
Saturday: 12-4p Barb A, Larissa, Joan, Jenn (dogs)
Saturday: 1p-3p Judy M (adoption table)
Sunday: 12-4p Barb A, Joan, Barb C (dogs)
Sunday: 2-4p Tracey (Adoption Table)

In addition to PetSmart the Shelter is having volunteers man a table in the lobby to answer questions and assist visitors. If you are available to help Vilma on Sat or Sun 12-4pm let me know.

Please click on Shelter in the News to the right and you will see an article about this event that is in the Herald. Forward the link to anyone you know who may be interested.

Special thanks to Leona who stepped in at the very last minute for me on Saturday. I clumsily fell while running and sprained my ankle and spent some time in the ER. Don't worry - I'm on the mend and will be 100% in a week or so.

Yeah! Feb 13 was filled!! Feb 27....going once....going twice....

Say hi to our new friends....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Shy Frankie Goes Home!

Our shy boy Frankie left on Sunday. Seems he may have wanted to stay! Tracey had to climb into the big cage to get him - then he jumped right out of the carrier as soon as he was put in it and tried to climb back into the cage. He will be so happy once he gets in his new home and meets Madame. She was adopted from us early in 2007.

Cricket's application has been approved and she will be picked up on Saturday.

Tinker had a bit of an eye issue and was brought back to the Shelter on Sunday. I'll keep you posted on how she is doing and she can come back to us as soon as she is given a clean bill of health.

Arrangements have been made for new cats to come to the store on Saturday. I will post a blog on Sunday giving you the scoop on the new guys, the weekend update and Cricket's send off.

Still no takers for the two Friday mornings....Feb 13 & 27. Please!!!