Friday, September 25, 2015

A Good Couple of Days!!

Milo left on Wednesday for a room all set up for him so he could take his time acclimating to his new home.  Nick and Nigel were adopted together and were picked up from the Shelter today.  They will be joining two other cats in their new home.

Mozart has an approved application and will be leaving tomorrow - Saturday! He will join a dog and two big parrots - one is 33 years old!  His new mom was at PetSmart picking up supplies and always looks in on our cats.  She saw Mozart there and thought his chances at adoption were diminished because of his eye. She decided he had to go home to her house!

Harriet has an approved application however the person now is unable to get her until October 3.  Should she call at the end of next week Harriet will go home - however please continue to take applications just in case it does not work out.

On Saturday big old Sam will be arriving and will take up residence in the big cage. He weighs over nineteen pounds!  He is about six years old, an orange tabby,  and came in as a stray in early July. When he came in he was already neutered.  Sadly no one reported him missing.  This big friendly guy is going to enjoy the freedom of that bigger space!

When Mozart leaves and Sam arrives there will be a lot of open cages.  We will be working on filling them as soon as possible!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Adoptions Continue To Go Well....

Happy left PetSmart on Saturday.  His new parents were not planning on adopting a cat however when they saw Happy they immediately had to have him.  He will be the only pet in their home.  (Yes, we did encourage them to adopt Mozart as well.  Sadly they decided not to.)

We have an application pending for Milo that so far looks good!  It is a Senior For Senior Adoption. We also have a pending application for the two boys - Nick and Nigel.  I'll keep you posted on the three.

I did not properly introduce the three kittens so will now...  Nick, Nigel and Nancy. All three kittens are friendly, feisty and fun!!  They came into the shelter on July 30 and went into foster prior to being spayed/neutered.  All three will acclimate to a home with cats, kids and dogs.
The October schedule is shaping up well.  Coverage is needed for only one date...Friday, October 30, AM Cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available to cover that day.  Also, please monitor your emails for cancellations.

I received an email that trash bags are needed at the adoption center.  PetSmart provides all the supplies - to include trash bags and paper towels.  Please ask a manager for those items.  Some volunteers purchase better quality paper towels and trash bags than those provided by the store.  That is why you see different items at times.

REMINDER:  This is my annual reminder for a couple of the little things...  Please remember...only 1/2 cup of food per bowl.  Do not over feed.  Food gets thrown out and the cost expended by PetSmart increases.  I assured PetSmart we would be aware of quantities and would be frugal if we could have the pine litter.  We do not want to spend too much on feed and go back to clay litter!!  Also, one blanket or bed per cage please.  Thank you!!

Friday, September 04, 2015

Lots of Adoptions!!

Lots of adoptions to report on since I have been out!  Carmine was the first of the kittens to be adopted.  Followed by Gouda and Blue that went to a home with a young couple and will be the only pets.  Bessie was adopted by a PetSmart employee named Tom and will gain a seven year old male feline sibling! Smalls will be joining a small family and a lab mix named Ralphy.  He will have a mom, a dad and a 13 year old human sibling...sounds like a perfect match for Smalls.  He was fostered in a home with other cats, a lab mix and kids.  Blossom is leaving on Saturday and will be joining a big family and a lab named Wanda.  She is gaining mom and dad and three human siblings!

Three new guys arrived yesterday.  They are all adults.  Hopefully they get adopted as quickly as the kittens did.  Here they are:

Mozart is three years old and has an old eye injury.  He is very lovable!  He will climb on top of you for attention. He lived with Happy, a seven year old easy going inside/outside cat.  Happy really likes the freedom of going outside and will insist upon it in whatever home he goes to.  Happy has some little lumps in his ears - no says they are most likely the result of an old injury. These two were adopted by a Coast Guard family who opted not to take them to their next station.  Very sad. 
Harriet is a one year old torbi.  She would acclimate well in a home with cats, kids and dogs.  She is playful, resilient and lets everything just roll off her back!  No worries for Harriet!!
The September schedule is complete thanks to all of you!  Please keep an eye out for emails asking for help in the event of cancellations. We will be seeing more of Kathy K who is now retired!  Yay for KK!!  Happy retirement!  We are glad to have you! 

Everyone have a safe and fun holiday weekend!!