Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Week!!!

Fabulous weekend at PetSmart! OK...so where do we begin???  Gladys left on Saturday.  When her new family came to pick her up they also decided to adopt Gabby, a 12 year old lab mix who was at the store with volunteers.  Both of these senior pets are going to have a wonderful life!  They will be the only pets in the home.

Below is a picture of Gabby with her new mom. In addition the other dog that went to PetSmart this weekend, Stretch, a basset hound mix, was also adopted and went home from the Shelter today! 
Gladys' new mom and canine sister
Here is BIG news....Daisy went home today!!  Yay!  Her new mom put a hold on her Sunday and she was so happy to be able to pick her up today.  Daisy cheerfully got into the carrier and seemed more than ready to go home. AND...Daisy just may get a new brother or sister, too.  Even after being warned that Daisy can be a tad annoyed with other cats they still think they may adopt a kitten as well.  Maybe Daisy will behave herself in a home.  There would be room to get away from a younger sibling...or for him/her to get away from Daisy! For now Daisy will be the only pet.

Honey is leaving on Sunday!  She also will be the only pet in the house. After being at the mercy of her evil sister, Lily, while here at the Shelter this is a well deserved break for her!

Two precious kittens arrived at PetSmart today!  You guys are going to love them! Both are about three months old. Archie and Armando - along with their calico sister who has since been adopted – were found down a long road that ran along a stretch of woods abandoned in a box . A good Samaritan was walking her dog and came upon them.  They had obviously been domesticated and living in a house.  They were so clean and very friendly!  She carried the box for almost half a mile and sure they were delivered safely to the Shelter. We cringe to think what would have happened to them had they not been found!  They do not need to be adopted together however it would be wonderful if they were.  Two brothers from the same litter will be fast friends forever and anyone who adopts them need never worry about leaving them when they go out. AND...as always…adopt one and the adoption fee is waived on the other! 
Archie & Armando
We have three new volunteers helping us at PetSmart!  Two of the three, Diane and Kayla,  are a grandmother, granddaughter team who will be covering every Tuesday.  The third,Marianna, has committed to every other Thursday night for a while.  Welcome, newbies, and thank you so much for your help!  You are joining a great group of people! Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

Due to a cancellation someone is needed to cover the morning cleaning on Sunday, July 29.  let me know if you can do it.
The August schedule is really shaping up.  Below is a list of the dates that still need to be covered.  Please let me know if you available to do any of them:
Friday, August 10, PM cleaning
Saturday, August 11, AM cleaning
Sunday, August 12, AM cleaning
Friday, August 24, PM cleaning
Sunday, August 26, AM cleaning

So, there ya have it!  Good week all around! Let's hope the adoptions continue!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catch Up Time!

First,  I would like to thank everyone for their patience while I was out.  Things went smoothly!  Hopefully this entry will get us all caught up.

Stallone went home and will be the only pet in the house.  He left PetSmart with a cart load full of new items to make his new life complete!

Neither Skittles and Starburst, nor Leigh and Sentra, received a proper introduction.  Skittles and Starburst came into the Shelter together in October of last year as strays.  At that time we estimated them to be three months old. They are just about a year old now.  The adoption fee is $10 for these guys because they have been with us so long and also to encourage someone to adopt them together.  Starburst is a friendly orange male and Skittles is the female gray tabby.  Skittles is a nervous girl.  These two love each other so we really need them to go home together.  Orange males are so popular.  We want to avoid sending the friendly guy home while his scared sister continues to sit in a cage.  If adopted together the total adoption fee will only be $10 since the Animal Alliance of CMC pays the fee for the second adoption. (We did have a hold on them but the landlord did not approve the adoption.)

Leigh and Sentra arrived at PetSmart together however it is okay to send them to different homes. Leigh, the black female, came into the Shelter in early August of last year. She is just over a year old.  Sentra, the calico, came into the Shelter two weeks after Leigh.  She also is just over a year old.  As you can see,  soon they will have been in the Shelter for an entire year.  At one point during their stay with us they were put into the same cage to create room. They will be fine if separated.

Our newest arrival is Honey.  Honey is about a year and half and is very nice.  She and two other cats were left behind when their owner could no longer care for them.  One of the cats she came in with has been adopted.  The other cat, her sister Lilly, is here at the Shelter.  Honey and Lilly were sharing a cage but Lilly was so mean to Honey!!  She was always swatting her, growling at her and beating her up!!  What a horrible sister!  You could not even pay attention to Honey without evil Lilly intervening.  Lilly is all lovey dovey with people but is so mean to other cats!  Honey must be sooooo happy to be away from her!
Happy Honey

This weekend we will be bringing kittens to PetSmart on Saturday and Sunday.  Staff will stay with the kittens on both days and bring them back at the end of the day.  We have many, many, many kittens.  In addition this Saturday we will be bringing dogs to PetSmart.  We were originally scheduled to be at Smeltzer's - however he had to cancel so we are bringing the kittens and dogs to PetSmart.

Two reminders: 1) Bowls are to be placed in the container on top of the cart in the back room.  The manager named Amanda is washing them for us.  This will not be done daily - however there should be ample bowls there to cover a few days at a time. After washing Amanda will put the bowls on the second shelf to air dry.
2) Please use the measuring cup and only put 1/2 cup of food in the bowls - once in the morning and once at night. It is very difficult to monitor if a cat is eating or not when the amount of food being placed in the bowls is not consistent.

There is one opening in the schedule this month: Tuesday, July 31, Evening Cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available.  Also, look ahead to August and let me know what you can do.