Friday, August 21, 2015

Kittens Galore!!!

We have been doing very well with kitten adoptions and have decided to capitalize on the momentum!  We picked up a couple of the adult cats and brought them back to the Shelter.  Linda is being transferred to ROAR in Connecticut. April is up for adoption here at the Shelter and so is Buffy.  Buffy has been reunited with her sister at the Shelter and seems happy!

We brought an older male named Milo who is wonderful!  He is ten years and as you see in the below picture he likes to talk!  He is in the big cage by himself.  He qualifies as a Senior For Adoption.

The below kittens have joined Blue and Gouda.  This bunch is a menagerie of mixed and matched litters so there is absolutely no problem adopting any of them out as singles.  Smalls and Bessie were in a foster home together with cats, kids and dogs so if someone is looking for two kittens these two together would be a great choice!!  They are wonderful.

Blossom is precious!!  Look how pretty she is!  She is on the same tier as Smalls and Bessie.  For now she has her own cage.  After a few days we can open all the doors and allow the three to share all four cubbies.
Carmine was found very sick by a UPS driver.  Thankfully he was brought to the Shelter and was nursed back to health.  He is rooming with Blue and Gouda.  We opened the doors and all three are getting along fine.
The plan is to have one cubby be the litter box area and the other three be for playing and cuddling!  Should make cleaning relatively easy.  Also, be very careful and make sure the cabinents are closed when you let the kittens out to play.  They are so little and can hide in the way back!

The September calendar looks great!  I need coverage for Monday mornings throughout the month and the morning cleaning on Friday, September 18.  Let me know if you can cover any of the dates.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Perry Goes Home! Dovey, too!

Perry went home on Saturday to a VERY excited family - all adults.  He will be the only pet in the house and according to the application will spend zero time alone!  He is going to be spoiled and loved!

Little Dovey is being picked up on Wednesday night. She will be going to a very cat friendly home and will have six feline siblings!  The applicant chose her because "she's scared, black and has a weird eye."  It is nice that the applicant understands how important it is to recognize an under dog and not just look for the pretty one or the perfect one.  Dovey will probably end up being the best cat she has!! We are thrilled for her!!

Two female kittens named Gouda and Blue were brought to the store on Sunday. They came into the Shelter in late June as strays born outside. At that time they were about eight weeks old.  Gouda is the friendlier of the two.  They were feral kittens so may be a little scared.  They do not need to be adopted together.
Blue (calico) and Gouda (torti)

Staff cleaned the big cage and put it back together.  We also trimmed all the little razor sharp nails on the kittens!!  I am sure you all will appreciate that!!

Most of the August dates have been filled - only two Sunday mornings remain.  Please let me know if you are available to cover either of them
Sunday, August 16, AM Cleaning
Sunday, August 23, AM Cleaning