Saturday, January 29, 2011

Basil Goes Home - Flurry Joins Her Littermates

Basil went home Wednesday night with a happy family and a cart full of new kitty cat supplies!! He is going to have a nice life!

Nike was brought back to the Shelter because he appears to have some type of allergy. It looks like he is getting hot spots or itchy areas which he then scratches and little scabs are forming at the site of the irritation. You know he is in good hands with us at the Shelter.

Two new cats arrived on Friday - Baxter, the orange tom and Flurry, the pretty tiger with white. Flurry is litter mates with Blackout and Duncan and was left behind just as they were. She has beautiful markings and is VERY friendly! Baxter is about two years old. He showed up at a TNR colony and was so friendly the caretaker brought him to the Shelter where we discovered he was already neutered. He is a nice guy. Their pictures are below:

George and Jerry arrived safely at ROAR in Connecticut. Thanks, Paige!!

I am very happy to announce that on Friday at the Shelter three new volunteers were trained in the paperwork for the adoption table - Kathleen, Lydia and Joe. They will be working with each other and seasoned volunteers in the next few weeks. Thanks, guys!! If anyone else is interested in learning the paperwork please let me know and I will arrange your training at the Shelter. As I always is not rocket science but it is a tad tedious. We can go over it at the Shelter without interuption.

Dog Walkers & Handlers...I am short on help for the Adoption Event in February. I have three volunteers for dogs for Sunday, February 13 but only one for Saturday, February 12. If you can help on Saturday please let me know.

The February schedule looks great. Below are the only openings that still need to be filled:
Friday, February 11, AM Cleaning

Thursday, February 17, AM Cleaning

Friday, February 18, AM Cleaning

Friday, February 25, AM Cleaning

Update on the dogs seized by the SPCA... The accused still has not signed the dogs over to the various Shelters. SPCA officials and the County Prosecutor's Office are doing everything they can to move this process along. I will keep everyone posted.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Topeka Heads Home! Three New Arrivals!

Topeka left on Wednesday night. Her new family had settlement on a new home last weekend and are thrilled to have Topeka coming with them! They were very excited to pick her up!

George and Jerry are going to Connecticut to the Ridgefield Operation For Animal Rescue (ROAR) where they will go up for adoption. (Please click on ROAR under links to the right for more information on this organization.) We have had amazing success with this small Shelter since they starting working with us last summer. On Friday, January 28, Paige will be transporting George and Jerry along with four kittens that are presently in foster up to this wonderful little shelter. I did receive two applications for George and Jerry however neither worked out.

Three new cats arrived yesterday. Two brothers, Blackout and Duncan, are now sharing the big cage. They are wonderful! They are a couple of years old and were left behind - along with a third cat named Flurry - when their owner moved out. Flurry is just getting over an upper respiratory infection and is in sick bay. You will probably meet her soon! You can tell them apart by the amount of black on their little noses. In the pictures below Blackout is on the left and Duncan is on the right.

The third new arrival, Violet, is a sweetheart! She is under a year old and has been growing up at the Shelter - we have had her since August. She is very friendly and sweet! Here she is:

All three of these guys will do fine in homes with dogs, kids and other cats.

Three new volunteers trained this week! Welcome to Peggy, Lydia and Joe! Thanks to Ruthann and Larissa for doing the training!

Still one opening in January...Friday, the 28th, in the morning. Let me know if you are available to cover it. Please look ahead to February, too.

If you need to call me please call my house phone first and then my cell. If the cell ringer is turned off I won't hear it. I will send those two numbers to all of you in an e-mail.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Topeka Is Not In Kansas Anymore!!

Topeka arrived yesterday! She was scheduled to be at PetSmart on Saturday but the snow canceled her trip so she arrived Sunday instead. She is a nice gray and white female about a year and half old. We've heard her story before...someone moved out of an apartment and simply left her behind. She is named after the street where she was living in Wildwood Crest - Topeka Avenue. She will do well with other cats, kids and dogs! Here she is...

Attention those who work the adoption table: we have changed the language on the hold agreement. Often times applicants feel a "hold" implies that we will no longer accept applications and that the adoption application is a mere formality. Please take a minute and read the new form. You will see a spot has been added for the applicant to initial indicating they understand the Shelter reserves the right to decide what home best suits the needs of the cat and that the deposit does not guarantee the adoption. Hopefully this will eliminate some confusion and keep everyone happy!

I still don't have any takers for two mornings this month... Thursday, January 20 and Friday,January 28. Let me know....

Looking ahead to February...I will need someone to fill the adoption table on Wednesday the 2nd.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 Starts With A Bang!!

Let's hope the first five days of 2011 are an indication of how the entire year is going to go!

On Saturday, New Year's Day, Meow and Stefania went home together! Some of you may remember the woman who adopted them. She was approved to adopt Jinx and Cali and had even already paid the adoption fee. The day before she was to pick them up she learned her sister was very sick and she needed to care for her. In the mean time she asked that we keep Jinx and Cali up for adoption and even use her money should we find a home for them. Well, we did and off the two went. On Saturday, she came to PetSmart and fell for Meow and Stefania. Since only six weeks ago she had been approved to adopt two cats there was no reason to make her wait! She went home - made some arrangements, talked to her resident cat and came back and picked up the girls!

Lucy's new mom submitted her application on Sunday and was approved a few days later. Her heart went out to Lucy after reading her bio. Lucy went home last night to a very excited mom and dad. She will be the only cat - no kids either - and will be spoiled rotten!!

Two new cats arrived on Tuesday - Basil and Nike. They both will be fine in a household with dogs, other cats and children. Both are members of large litters and, unfortunately, are quickly growing up at the Shelter. Basil is the last of a group we called "The Spices." We suspect he was continually overlooked because he is plain looking while the rest of his litter had striking physical characteristics. He is a young tiger striped male with a very pleasant personality. He is a nice, friendly cat who will make a great pet.

Nike is one of a litter of four - three black cats and one tiger. He also is friendly and outgoing and will adapt to a household with everything. As you can see from the picture below he has a slim, delicate face and just may be mistaken for a female.

Five rolls of paper were given to the manager on New Year's Day. Please let me know when you take the last roll so I can arrange to pick up more before the only pieces left are all tightly curled and totally annoying!!!

Only two open dates left this month:
January 20, Thursday, AM Cleaning

January 28, Friday, AM Cleaning

Attention Dog Walkers...the next adoption event at PetSmart is Saturday and Sunday, February 12 and 13. I would like to have dogs at the store from 1-3pm on both days. Let me know if you are available to help that weekend.