Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Bye Corey & Moe!

Finally Corey and Moe go home and they get to stay together for ever! That is so nice! Judging by their size they are going to become big old guys that get to grow old together!

For reasons unknown Donner has begun to display what appears to be aggressive tendencies toward the other cats as well as the need to dominate. He is not playing well at all and now has begun to spray all over the cages, the room and the storage bins. The Shelter is making arrangements to pick him up some time today (Tuesday). He did not do this in the Shelter. Maybe it is because at PetSmart the cats interact so much with others and he just does not handle that situation well. Once back at the Shelter the staff can see if the behavior changes.

Three new cats arrived on Sunday. Mittens is a male and is declawed. He is a long haired tabby and is beautiful. He has adjusted just fine. Reeny is a tiny little girl that is mostly black. She is a little shy but you can sit with her and she loves to be petted. Freddy is a big old boy who is black and white and a big love. His picture below says it all.

Please make sure you e-mail me if you observe any situation (cat, human, logistical, etc) that I need to address as well as making a note in the volunteer log. Since I am not at PetSmart every day you can not rely on the book as a means of communicating with me. Also note in the book that you will contact me so others know a situation is being brought to my attention.
Karla is still not feeling well so I need coverage for her this Friday, May 30, in the morning. Please let me know if you can do it. Hopefully she will feel better soon!
Here's the new guys.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is The Dry Spell Finally Over?

Yippee!! The lastest hold on Corey and Moe has been approved! The applicant is a PetSmart employee. I am so happy the boys get to go home together! Can't you just picture them bounding through the house wrestling and having a great time?!! The last few weeks have been so quiet. This is the season of graduations, proms and weddings which can tend to keep people very busy. Let's hope this is the end of our dry spell.

Barb A adopted little old Ella. Ella met Cassie Monday night and it appears that after a few days they have settled in together. They are not cuddling up yet but they are sleeping on the same bed. I bet these two live another twenty years together under Barb's watchful eye!

A few reminders: 1) Please do not put away any soiled litter pans or food dishes without cleaning them first. I know that the sink/drain in the back store room has had some issues. If this is not accessible you can spray the litter pan down with the quats liquid and wipe it with paper towels. You can also use the sink in the employee lounge or in the bathroom to rinse out the food and water dishes. 2) Please fill food bowls only half way. 3) Make sure that the cubicles are not set up in a way that the cats can hide from customers. Turn them so people can see the guys.

There is two open mornings in June and both are Saturdays - 14th and 28th. Please let me know if you can do one.

I realized I was remiss and never gave Bertie and Peggy a proper introduction on the blog!! Bertie spent time with us during the adoptathon earlier this month. He is chatty old guy. Poor Henshaw is back, as you guys already know. The man who adopted him brought him back to the Shelter because Henshaw hid up inside his couch and would not come out. He did adopt another cat, a young calico named Triscuit, when he brought Henshaw back. Henshaw, Peggy and Bertie all crowd into one cage and seem to really like each other. The right home will eventually come along for Henshaw.

Here's Peggy and Bertie:

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Visit For the Dogs & Smitty Goes Home!

It was a good weekend! The dogs were well behaved on both days of the adoptathon. So were the volunteers! Here is pictures of some of the volunteers and our visiting mutts. On the top right is Reecie Cup, a pit bull terrier mix, who spent both days with us and was so good! In the picture with her is volunteers Barb and Judy.
In addition, Sandy, a terrier mix and older girl, came in on Saturday. Her family no longer wanted to care for her and now she is in the Shelter. She is with volunteer Joan in the top left picture. One of the PetSmart employees completed an application to adopt her. Hopefully it will be a forever home for Sandy. Little Jenna, pictured below, joined us on Sunday. She is a German Shepherd Mix. All the dogs sure seemed to enjoy being out of the Shelter for a few hours!
We also had four visiting cats each day that slept over in the big stainless steel cages on wheels. (Thank you, Joanne, for cleaning up after 13 cats on Sunday morning!) One of the visiting cats, a little girl named Tinkerbell, got adopted. Arrangements were made to pick her up from the Shelter.
Smitty went home on Saturday! Yippee! His new dad was very anxious to pick him up!
We also received applications for two of the new cats that were brought down to stay. Both applications were approved and the cats are going home Wednesday night. One is a sweet little calico named Golda who is going to be spoiled by a very happy teen age girl. The other is a black and white male cat named Harley who is several years old. Poor Harley’s owner could no longer care for him and he had led a pampered life. He will be happy to be free to lounge about in a house once again!
We have added two new cats to our bunch…Ella and Donner. Ella is an all black older cat – at least eight years old. She is very sweet and gentle and loves to be brushed. She appears to be very shy but is very appreciative when you start to pay attention to her. Donner is a black and white male with medium length hair. He is very friendly and also loves attention.
Good news…on Monday night a hold was put on the boys, Corey and Moe! Hopefully it will be approved and they can go home together.
Special thanks to those who helped out this weekend…Barb, Judy, Joan, Larissa and Joann!

Here is Ella and Donner....