Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quiet Weekend

Very quiet weekend. We did have a new arrival that I had not yet told you about that is going to be going home with one of our volunteers. Unfortunately I do not have a picture. Opal, a white long-haired declawed female, will be going home with Ruth either tomorrow or Tuesday. She came into the shelter very matted and with a terrible wound on her neck. She was so pathetic! Her arrival at PetSmart has caused quite a stir among both the volunteers and the customers. Ruth fell for her!!! I can guarantee that this sweet cat will be pampered and happy from now on!

PetSmart Charities, Inc announced that effective today (February 28) all adoption centers must now feed Pro Plan food and use Tidy Cat litter. The managers at the store are aware of this. I filled both bins with the new products and taped exactly what we are to use on the wall above them. Pro Plan will also be providing litter pans and food and water bowls that we must use. When they arrive at the store the manager will place them in the adoption room. Whoever sees them first - please let me know! I am not sure what they look like and the manager does not know either. I hope (fingers crossed) that the bowls fit in the metal rings and the litter pans are suitable.

We are adding another schedued adoption table on Friday evenings 6:00-8:00pm that Ruth will handle. Thank you, Ruth!! This should be a big help!

As I mentioned a week or so ago I am going away from Wednesday, March 3 through Tuesday, March 9. If you have an issue or need to cancel please e-mail and put "Attn: PetSmart Volunteer" in the subject. Remember, you can call the Shelter Monday through Saturday 8:00am - 4:00pm and on Sundays 9:00am - 4:00pm at 465-8923 or call PetSmart at 886-7356 and ask for a manager. If you are doing the adoption table the weekend of March 6 fax applications as you normally would. The Shelter Assistant Manager, Leslie, will be reviewing and approving applications. We won't miss a beat!!

The Shelter is now on Facebook! Please encourage anyone you know to become a fan of the Cape May County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center.

Two openings are left in March:
Friday, March 12, AM

Sunday, March 14, Adoption Table

Don't be afraid to look ahead to April :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Week!!

Two of our buddies went home in the last few days...Nigella and Jordan. Nigella's new mom first met her last Monday and then came back to the store on Wednesday and completed an application. She was so anxious to take her home that I made arrangements for her to leave Thursday morning. Fortunately Leona was there cleaning and off Nigella went!

Jordan went home on Sunday. She will be living with a very nice couple in Rio Grande. Jordan was a little nervous when she first met her new parents in the adoption room but after a short time she warmed up. Between being afraid of the family dog and then being brought back to the Shelter can you blame her for being nervous?!!! Good luck, Jordan!

Gemma arrived on Friday. She is beautiful! She is a a couple of years old. She had a litter of kittens last Spring that we placed through a local veterinarian's office. A family with five kids that adopted one of her kittens decided to adopt her as well. The kitten did just fine but Gemma did not fit in. The house was too rambunctious and noisy and she was nervous so they brought her back to us. Please keep this in mind when interviewing potential adopters. She needs to be in a quieter home without small children. Here she is:

Thanks to everyone for your help at the Adoption Event on February 12-14. Two dogs were at the store on each day which always draws a crowd!

There is one opening still lingering for this month:
Friday, February 26, AM

The March calendar looks good - only four openings. They are listed below:
Friday, March 12, AM

Sunday, March 14, Adoption Table

Friday, March 19, AM

Sunday, March 28, Adoption Table

I will be going away from Wednesday, March 3 through Tuesday, March 9 and will be e-mailing everyone instructions on who to contact concerning PetSmart.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is It REALLY Over????

I sure hope so!!! The forecast for the weekend is good so we shall be able to participate in the adoption event this weekend. Please double check the schedule so you know when to be there. I have the adoption table covered all weekend. Volunteers will be available for dogs on Sunday and I hope to have staff bring a dog - maybe two - on Saturday.

I have one opening left in February...Friday, the 26th, in the morning. Please look ahead to March. There are a few evenings open, some adoption days and a couple of mornings.

Thank you for your help throughout the storm. I have my cable back so my home phone works now! Yippee!! Let's hope we've seen the last of snow this winter - fingers crossed!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Three More Out the Door!

Yep!! That's right...THREE cats went home this week! Sandy didn't stay very long. His new parents had put an application on a cat at the Shelter but were the second hold. They were approved to adopt and when the one adoption fell through they decided on Sandy. He left on Wednesday.

Emma and Geisha left on Sunday and will be neighbors. Emma was adopted by a woman who felt she and the cat had a lot in common - they both needed a little company. Her new mom bought a really nice new soft carrier and Emma walked right into it. She left with her little white bed and a blankie, too. I called today to see how Emma's first night went and was told she did okay - she used the litter box and ate and drank - but is hiding. I reminded her new mom to get some wet food and entice Emma out with it. That will do the trick!

Geisha will be living next door to Emma with four other cats. When she first was introduced to her new family she was nervous but then sat down and seemed to accept them. They have adopted from us before and are old hands at introducing cats to their household. She is going to be just fine!

From now on we will purchase the brown paper and PetSmart will reimburse us. I bought four rolls yesterday. Please let me know when you open the last of the four rolls and I will replenish the supply. I also brought more litter pans down yesterday. NOT remove any litter or food from the shelves. Find a manager and have them do it for you.

Three new cats came today. Jordan is a young black female, about two and half years old. She is declawed. She was a happy cat until her owners brought a dog home. Even though Jordan was there first she was the one who had to go. Keep in mind she can not go to a home with dogs. Also, one of her eyes looks a tad peculiar so do not be concerned when you see it.

Lady is a pretty gray tiger cat. She is a calm girl but can get scared so probably should not go into a home with small children. She came to us when someone walked into the Shelter carrying her and said they found her and she was a stray cat. Hmmm, really??? She is so friendly....someone must be missing a nice cat!

Skippy is a black and white male. He is the shy one of the new bunch. He is good with other cats so should enjoy the company. He has a little white stripe right down the middle of his nose. He needs a little space initially so do not push him if he wants to hang back for a little while.

Here they are.....

The February schedule is just about complete. There is still two open Friday mornings (Feb 12 & 26) and one Sunday Adoption Table (Feb 28). Also, I still need help 12-2pm Saturday, Feb 13 for the adoption table. I have two dog walkers lined up for Sunday, Feb 14 but I do not have any for Saturday, Feb 13.