Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carmen Goes Home!! Yippee!!!

Yes, it's true!! Carmen has finally emerged triumphant after three trips back to the Shelter. She went home Wednesday night! I am sure that will make everyone very happy.

Little Jess is fine and is being observed for any more signs of bleeding. She is a sweetheart and said to tell you all she said HI!

Two old friends are back with us and were brought to the store on Thursday. As much as I like them both I wish they weren't back. Remember Fae? She was adopted out of the store this year - sometime around late February. She was returned to the Shelter at the end of April. The owner said someone in the house is allergic. Then there's Frankie. He was one of our very original adoptions. He was with us in the summer of 2006. Frankie was having some litter box issues so was brought to the Shelter. He seems to prefer clay litter so keep him separated from the others and give him the clay litter. We can try the pine if he appears to be doing ok. Both kitties are black and white and very friendly. When taking applications on these guys stress the fact that they have been bounced around.

More of the smaller plastic litter pans were brought down the other day so we should be set for a while. Someone let me know when we get down to one stack.

There is quite the article in the 7 Mile Times about yours on The Shelter In The News, look to the left and click on page 66 and read all about it!

The Shelter is also in the news as we are looking for foster homes. I am hoping the plea makes it into the local papers next week. Read the article by clicking on More News.... to the right. Please share it with anyone who may be interested in fostering.

Remember these guys? Frankie is the one with the more symmetrical coloring on his face.

I still need to get the cleaning on Monday, Memorial Day, covered in the morning. If you can do it let me know ASAP. Keep in mind the store will be on holiday hours so you can sleep in a little. You can get there between 9:30-10am.

Here's the open dates for June:
Sunday, June 7, AM
Saturday, June 13, Adoption Table

Sunday, June 14, Adoption Table

Saturday, June 27, Adoption Table

Sunday, June 28, Adoption Table

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Four Out - Four In

It was a good week for our feline friends at PetSmart. Dixie and Zach went home on Saturday and Kisses got a hold on Sunday. Dixie went home with one of the PetSmart employees who has adopted from the Shelter in the past. After Zach went home Kisses was put in the big cage with Zorro. When Kisses' new family heard they were approved they felt bad leaving Zorro behind so decided to take him, too!

You are going to like the four cats that arrived this week. We have had a run on girls so now it's time to bring on the boys! Rudy and Hazel arrived on Tuesday. Hazel is the only female among the new bunch. She is a sweet, friendly torti. Rudy is an orange and white male who is very friendly and playful.

Puss and Boots arrived today. They are in the big cage and hopefully will be adopted together. They are brothers who were surrendered to the Shelter by their owner a few months ago. The owner had to move and the new landlord would not allow cats. He often checks up on these guys to make sure they are okay. Boots is gray and white and Puss is all gray. They are not lap cats and are a tad independent - however they are friendly. Prior to living at the shelter they were inside/outside cats so they have gone through a period of adjustment losing their freedom. Should anyone show interest in either one please make sure to tell their story and encourage the person to take them together.

Poor little Jess is back at the shelter. Wednesday night she had some blood AGAIN in her litter box. She went to the vet today and will be on some medication for a little bit. I will keep you posted on how she is doing.

Here's our new guys.....

There are still some open dates in May which are all over Memorial Day weekend. They are listed below. Here they are:

Saturday, May 23, AM
Sunday, May 24, Adoption Table or PM
Monday, May 25, AM

Big news!!! I am now the manager of the County Animal Shelter so please do not hesitate to call me there during regular hours.

**If you are doing any of the cleanings on Monday, May 25 please be aware that PetSmart will be on their holiday schedule.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Four Go Home Together!

Yes, it's true! FOUR cats went home together Wednesday night....Johanna, Grace, Prince and Prinny. It is awesome that Prinny and Prince get to stay together! I talked with their new mom today and she said all four are doing well. Little Grace hid her first night but is already out and about and part of the crowd. Apparently Prince and Prinny moved themselves right in and took over and Johanna settled in without a problem.

That adoption cleaned out the cages so six new guys and an old friend arrived on Thursday. Welcome back, Carmen! You know what they say - third time's a charm - let's get this girl a home!

Five of the seven new guys were surrendered to the Shelter by their various owners. Zach and Zorro are a pair of tabby brothers given up by their owner. Hopefully they will be like Prinny and Prince and get to go home together. Dixie is a feisty black and white male also surrendered. Wendy is a pretty black female with a stubby tail brought in by her owner. And then there's Jake, who you may remember. We adopted him from PetSmart in the middle of 2008. He is a gorgeous buff colored guy. When his owner moved the new landlord would not allow cats. Too many surrenders these days!!

And then there's little Miss Pirate. She has a very cloudy eye which she most likely can not see from. She came into the Shelter as a stray and is sweet but a little shy.

Jess and Xena each got a hold on Wednesday night. The applications are at the Shelter. It also appears that Dixie boy already may be spoken for. A PetSmart employee is applying to adopt him.

This weekend is the Spring Adoption Event at the store. The adoption table is open extra hours and dogs will be visiting on both Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-3:15PM. Four dogs attended the Earth Day Fair and did great! Tell everyone you can to come meet our dogs!

Here's the line up:

There is still a few shifts open in May so let me know what you can do:

Tuesday, May 12, morning

Friday, May 15, morning

Saturday, May 23, morning

Sunday, May 24, adoption table OR evening cleaning

Monday, May 25, morning