Thursday, February 25, 2016

Three More Adoptions!!

PetSmart adoptions continue to do well! I am so happy to tell you that five cats left this week! Silky left on Sunday with a nice young man and will be the only pet.  Bea left on Sunday and will be living with a seven year old labrador retriever, a four year old cat, two guinea pigs, mom and dad and three tweens.  There will be a lot going on in that house!  Maybe she'll lose some weight! :)

Three cats went home last night - all to separate homes.  Sweetie went home after spending the last 754 days at the Shelter!  Wow!  This is big! She will be the only pet living with a single man and will finally get the life she deserves! Suzy went home with a middle aged couple and will be the only pet in the house.  After two adoption applications falling through Binx went home!  Yep - third time is a charm!  He will be the only pet in the house with a middle aged couple and their daughter.  Their daughter volunteered with us years ago.  This is a great match!  We are so pleased with all of these homes!

Four cats arrived last night - Fred and Ethel, Charlotte and Jesse James.

Fred and Ethel have been at the Shelter since June of last year when they came in at the age of ten weeks.  They are about ten months old. They will adapt to just about any home out there. They have never lived in a house before and have been growing up in cage.  We really prefer that they go together.

Charlotte is about two years old and loves kids!  She came to us in January of 2015 after following a little girl to the bust stop.  Charlotte likes to play with other cats BUT can get rough.  Please supervise her when she is out. She would do great as the only cat in the house however I will consider applications with other cats. She should also be in a home with older kids. In a nutshell - she is the boss!
Jesse James is a handsome boy about a year old that just came into the Shelter. He would adapt to any household!  He is a perfect gentleman and will make a wonderful pet Look at his picture - it says it all! We did get an application on him last night however it has yet to be completed and approved.  Continue to take applications.
Jesse James

There is room for more cats so expect additional guys in the near future!

The schedule has a lot of openings in March.  Rikki has a family obligation and will need to be out of town for a few weeks.  At this point she will return around Easter.  She does every Wednesday and Thursday morning so this creates quite a whole in the schedule! (Safe travels, Rikki!! We will miss you!)  Below are the dates that need coverage:
RED = Morning Cleaning
Green = Evening Cleaning
Blue = Adoption Table

Wednesday, March 2, AM
Thursday, March 3, AM
Sunday, March 6, AM
Sunday, March 6, Adoption Table
Wednesday, March 9, AM
Thursday, March 10, AM
Thursday, March 10, PM
Sunday, March 13, Adoption Table
Wednesday, March 16, AM
Thursday, March 17, AM
Sunday, March 20, AM
Sunday, March 20, Adoption Table
Wednesday, March 23, AM 
Thursday, March 24, AM
Thursday, March 24, PM
Sunday, March 27, Adoption Table
Wednesday, March 30, AM
Thursday, March 31, AM

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Three Quick Adoptions!

There was not even ample time to introduce these two cuties!  No sooner did they arrive at PetSmart and we received an application. Yes, they were adopted together!
Taz has been adopted and will be brought to the Shelter tomorrow (Thursday) to be picked up Saturday morning.  The applicant volunteered for us in the past.  Taz will be gaining a caine and a feline sibling.

Phoebe was adopted by a young couple who are total animal people.  She will be joining two other cats and a dog.  They were drawn to Phoebe because of her left eye which looks just a bit cloudy.  They felt she needed some TLC and they are ready to provide it. We think the eye is an old injury.  She will have a nice, caring human family and plenty of animal companionship

Binx was brought to the store today.  He is playful and happy and ready for a household with other cats and kids and lots of fun!  He is young - just over six months old.
Two things are happening right now that you can share with the public, friends and is the annual February Feline Frenzy and the other is an early Pit-ty Party.  Click on the below pictures for details and spread the word!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

More Shuffling Around!

A lot of comings and goings to report!  We had to bring Camille back to the Shelter as she had a seizure over the weekend.  Once at the Shelter she did have another one. We are having bloodwork done and started her on anti convulsive meds.  Poor old girl!

Peter has been adopted along with a female cat from the Shelter.  Both will be picked up on Friday so to make things easier on the adopter we brought him back and he will head home from the Shelter along with his new sister, Triscuit!

We had an opportunity to transfer cats to a small no kill private shelter in Massachusetts and jumped on it!  The transfer was set up through the No More Homeless Pets Best Friends Network Program.  We seized the opportunity to establish a relationship with this organization as we will need them once kitten season hits.  The name of the organization is Second Chance Animal Shelter.  You can learn more about them here:

Once this opportunity was presented a transport was set up with the help of the Best Friends Network which was actually three legs.  Our wonderful Kitty Garcia (aka Tuesday morning Kitty) drove seven cats up the Parkway and met someone from the Montclair Animal Shelter who took leg number two which is meeting someone from Second Chance in Connecticut, completing leg number three!  Wonderful!!

So, we pulled Tink and Bart and transferred them to Second Chance.  Below are the cats that arrived today:

Phoebe came into the Shelter in June of last year.  She was found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan, brought home and placed in a carrier overnight pending a vet check the next day.  Well, overnight she gave birth to seven kittens in that carrier!  Seven black kittens!  She was a good mom and subsequently all her kittens were adopted. Phoebe is a quiet, very affectionate girl, about four years old.  She would be best as an only pet in a quiet home - however we will entertain applications with other animals and decide from there.
Suzie is a seven month old torti that came in as a stray in October.  She is sweet and is fine with other cats! She lived in a quiet foster home with other cats for a while.
Taz came into the Shelter as a stray at six weeks old and is accustomed to people! He may seem shy at first however he is very sweet and will push his head into your hand for a petting session! He loves other cats.  He does have the runny eye that comes and goes so do not be concerned if you see it.
And last,  but far from least,  is Sweetie.  Would you look at that face???  Sweetie hit her second anniversary here at the Shelter on January 31.  Two years in a cage.   Police in North Wildwood received an anonymous call in January of 2014 that two cats were in a box at the Super Fresh parking lot at 25th Street and Delaware Avenue.  Sweetie was in that box with another cat we named Valentine - a male Siamese. Valentine was adopted.  We think Sweetie is about five years old now.  We allowed Sweetie to walk around the main cat room to stay active and stretch her legs and she loved it!  She was a tad afraid and hissy at first so may revert just a little with this change in environment.  Read her reactions and let her set the pace. 
February schedule is good!!  The only remaining openings are the Adoption Table on Sundays, February 21 and 28.  (Meanwhile our Leona who we miss DEARLY is doing well and will be back when she is all better!!) 

The first adoption event of 2016 is February 12 - 14.  We will have dogs at the store all three days and additional cats if we can. 

There was an open box of Fresh Step Litter in the cage area and Peter had a box full of the clay.  Please refrain from using the clay litter.  We lobbied hard to get back to the pine to avoid the dust and mess of the clay.  If a cat does not care for the pine litter initially give it a while.  We certainly do not want to go back that clay mess!!