Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Luck to Wilma & Linsey!

Linsey went home on Sunday and Wilma went home last night. Wilma is going to a home where she will be the only kitty. No longer will the tilted headed monster show her dislike for other cats! It sure seems to be typical of calicos! Why is that??

Poor Freddie and Bluebell! I can not believe they are still with us. Both are such nice cats. Then there is shy Henshaw and his girl Peggy. I wish someone would come along and take those two together.

I was scheduled to do the evening cleaning this Monday, August 4. Something has come up and I can't make it. Let me know if you are available. In addition coverage is still needed for Sunday, August 31 for the evening cleaning/adoption table. The September schedule looks great and is just about full. Two Saturday mornings need coverage - September 6 & 20 - and one evening - Monday, September 22.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So What's Going On.....

Wow! It was recently brought to my attention that the last blog entry was July 1! That's three weeks! I am happy to say that I have lots to report. As you already know Francesca went home last week. Well, Tabs and Puddin both went home on Saturday. These three cats were the featured new guys in the July 1 entry.
Sally got a hold put on her at the Shelter yesterday and the app was approved today! Hooray for our gal Sal! She is going home tomorrow night. She is being adopted by a gentleman with a young daughter so it sounds like life will be good for Sally.
There is a hold on Linsey and the application is being processed. The last I heard there was a discrepancy with the vet reference. I will keep you posted on this one.
I brought three new cats to PetSmart this afternoon. They are Wilma, Donald and Anna. Wilma is a big calico who is very vocal! She is very nice and adores attention. Donald is a gray and white young male. He is sweet and a little scared. He is a personal surrender and his owner could no longer keep him. Anna is all gray and is very pretty. She is a little timid right now but I think she will be just fine. The Shelter sent a box along with her that apparently she finds comfort sitting in. I set that on the bench as it is too big for the cage. She seemed content to be in the cubby within the cage. All three settled in and I think will adjust quickly. For now I did not open their cage doors as I want them to slowly acclimate to this new situation. Keep an eye on them when letting cats out as we don't know how they will react to the others. If it appears things look good we can open the doors between cages and give them space.
I think we should refrain from putting blankets in with litter boxes whenever possible. I made one cage the "bathroom" on the top row and put two large litter boxes in it. I removed everything else. Also, in the big cage the extra large bowls are enough food and water for two cats. There is no need for four bowls in that cage. I put a blanket in that little cubby spot as the cats like to get in there. Remember, we want the cages to look as clean and as uncluttered as possible.
We had more "no shows" in the last two weeks that we have had in almost the entire time we have had this program at PetSmart - must be something in the air!! PLEASE keep an eye on the schedule and mark your calendars!
The rest of July is fine and all of August is covered with the exception of the adoption table on Sunday, August 31.
Here is Wilma, Donald and Anna:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Good Bye Big Bertie!

I am happy to report that Big Bertie went home on Wednesday night. I am sure he is going to make a very loveable companion!

Three shy new girls arrived on Saturday. There is Puddin - a little black female who was very scared when she first got to the store; Francesca - a black and gray tiger; and Tabs - a tan and gray tiger. These timid girls can all be petted and handled but are going to require some patience. Hopefully they will settle in and calm down once they meet all of you!

Yes, the July schedule is complete - but you never know when I may ask for help! Keep your fingers crossed that all cancellations have been reported and covered. The following coverage is needed in August: Saturday, August 9 (AM), Saturday, August 23 (AM), Monday, August 25 (PM) and Sunday, August 31 (Adoption Table). Let me know if you are available. Look to the calendar - I will update it as I hear from people.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!!

Meet our shy girls - Tabs, Francesca, Puddin