Friday, September 24, 2010

Two New Arrivals

Sweet little Saucers was brought back to the Shelter on Wednesday. One of her eyes was looking sore, was slightly closed, runny and irritated. She was not congested and showed no signs of upper respiratory problems. She is doing fine and will be back soon. Maybe she was scratched or got something in it.

Sheba arrived on Wednesday afternoon. She is a beautiful soft gray kitty with gold eyes. She came into the Shelter as a stray but was already spayed. She is a couple of years old. She is a pleasant cat and was friendly from the start and adapted well at the Shelter. Hopefully she will do the same at PetSmart.

Regal is a lovebug!!! He is the kinda cat that walks right out the door and into your arms when you open the cage! He is a black and white male and is a few years old. He is so handsome and so friendly! You guys are gonna love him!

You will see that changes were made to the profile posted for Boots and Tigger. It is made clear on the new profile that the two cats do not have to be adopted together. Although you should encourage a potential adopter to take both please do not discourage someone if they are only interested in one.

The September schedule WAS complete...I said WAS! Coverage is needed for the morning cleaning on Tuesday, September 28 and for the evening cleaning on Thursday, September 30. Please let me know ASAP if you are available on either day.

Please look ahead to October and let me know your availability.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Casper Finally Gets To Go Home!

Casper left on Saturday and his new family is delighted to have him! They arrived thirty minutes early to pick him up. Streetz was moved into the big cage with Skippy.

This weekend is the fall adoption event at PetSmart (Sept 10, 11, 12). Kittens will be brought to the store Friday afternoon and picked up Sunday afternoon. If you are scheduled for morning cleanings keep this in mind and allot some extra time. Kittens can be messy!

I have volunteers for Saturday to help with dogs from 1-3pm. I'm looking for people to do the same hours on Sunday. If you are also available on Saturday please let me know. The more volunteers there are the more dogs we can bring.

Six rolls of paper were brought to the store last week. Five were given to the manager, Stacey, and one was put in the adoption room. Whoever takes the last roll let me know so the supply can be replenished.

We all survived another summer! Let's hope kitten season is over, too!

Below is the dates still open this month:
Sept 16, Thursday, AM

Sept 17, Friday, AM

Sept, 22, Wed, PM or Adoption Table

Sept 29, PM or Adoption Table