Thursday, October 22, 2015

And They're Off!!

Bear and Sam left Wednesday night as scheduled.  I still have not heard from the original applicant for Sam so this was definitely the right move! I have a good application for Tina so hopefully the next blog has her going home, too!

New arrivals!!  Tawney, Groucho and Trevor.  We are switching things up a little and sending some older guys down

Tawney deserves a break.  In early August she showed up on a neighbor's porch very thin and hungry.  We learned that her owner had passed away and she was put outside because she had fleas. What??  Sadly no family member would take her.  Can you imagine how confused she must be?  Tawney is nine years old so qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  She is a sweetheart with a fantastic personality!
Like Tawney, Groucho needs a break, too. He is seven years old and declawed.  In mid-July he was discovered by a neighbor in an apartment where he had been left behind when the occupants moved out.  He would do best in a quieter household and is a great lap cat. We are guessing at his age so do not hesitate to offer him as a Senior For Senior should we have someone interested.  We did indicate that on his cage card.
Trevor is the only kitten this time. He is a wonderful, playful, spirited little stinker!  He is about three months and will adapt to any household.
It is so great how our PetSmart cats have been getting adopted!!  Let's hope it continues!!

FYI...the adoption hours on weekends change from 2:00 - 4:00pm to 1:00 - 3:00pm starting the weekend of November 7.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Tails to Sweet Elsa!!

Elsa left as scheduled and is home with a new brother!  Her new dad was very pleased to be bringing her home.  Such a nice man!

After giving the first applicant for Sam ample time to contact me with an appointment to have his dog neutered I have approved another application.  The new adopter is a true cat person and a repeat customer at the Shelter.  We have a call out to her to advise her she has been approved.  I am hoping he can go home tomorrow night.

As expected we got an application for Bear immediately and it has been approved.  Bear's family will be a young couple and two feline siblings - both young just like him.  He is going to have some fun!  Hopefully Bear will be leaving tomorrow night, too.  His pick up has not been scheduled.

Yesterday little Opie was brought to the store.  He is about three or four months old and loves attention!!  This little guy will adapt to any household!

If you are available to clean on Thanksgiving let me know.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only days of the year where we do just one cleaning.  The time is coordinated with the PetSmart Pet Care Manager who comes in to clean and feed the store's pets.  The time has yet to be determined however it is usually before 1:00pm. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Three Kittens Go Home and Elsa Finds a Dad!

What a great week!!  Chandi and Thyme went home where they will join two dogs, a cat, a human teenager and a pre-teen and mom and dad!  What a fun household!

Wilbur went home with a single man and will be the only pet.  His new dad is very concerned about helping Wilbur acclimate to his home and plans to spend all weekend with him.

And the best adoption of all...Elsa!!  She is leaving tomorrow.  She is gaining two dads and a 10 year old feline brother.  A very nice man read Elsa's story and decided he needs to be that guy who gives her the second chance of a lifetime.  He has a ten year old tom cat that belonged to his mom.  When she passed away two years ago the cat came to live with him.  This will be a nice quiet household for Elsa. Perfect!!

I spoke with Sam's applicant yesterday and he said he is planning to schedule his dog for neutering at Cumberland County SPCA and will let me know the date.  Once that has been confirmed Kathy K has offered to foster Sam rather than have him come back to the Shelter.  For now we will still take applications.

Two younger cats arrived yesterday, Tina and Bear.  Tina is a feisty little girl about three months old.  She seems fearless!  She should acclimate quickly to the store and the surroundings and will do well in a home with other cats, kids and dogs.  Bear is a little older than Tina and a little shy.  He is so handsome with his long hair and fluffy tail!  He came in to the Shelter with two other cats.  Although he has had contact with humans he was living outside and has never lived in a house.  He will be a little timid and shy so move slowly with him.  Potential adopters should be told his story.
Tiny Tina
Baby Bear
We are still looking for someone to handle the transport of four adult cats and two litters of kittens to ROAR on Tuesday.  If you can do it please let me know.

The November schedule looks good so far.  If you need to make any changes to your usual time slot due to the Thanksgiving holidays let me know so we can start to fill any vacancies.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

New Arrivals and Information

We have received an application for Sam however it does not appear the applicant is going to follow through.  The application is not complete and also has some issues.  Please continue to take applications on him. 

Poor Harriet.  She had an approved application and when the woman arrived to pick her up she decided she wanted Kitten instead.  She made some remark about not knowing Harriet was not nice.  Harriet IS nice!! People always choose the cute kitten over the mature cat.    In the meantime Harriet had some scratches around her neck and the back of her head.  She also had a matted area toward her back side.  We brought her back to the Shelter where we will treat her for ear mites and let her know we think she is nice!  She will be fine!

Below are two adorable kittens and one adorable teenager.  We suspect all three will go quickly!

Chandi and Thyme are about three months old.  They were in a foster home together with kids, adult cats and a dog.  They are wonderful!! If someone is looking for two kittens these two are it!  However, it is not necessary that they go together.  Chandi is a girl and Thyme is a boy.  They will share two cages.

Lawrence is a total sweetheart and will make a fantastic pet! He is about six months old.  A good Samaritan found him injured and brought him to the Shelter back in July.  At that time the vet felt he had an old injury to one of his legs.  He is good as new!  We put him in a single next door to Wilbur.  After a few days the door between them can be opened and they can share the space.
The October schedule is complete.  Please double check it and make sure I did not make any mistakes!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

And the Adoptions Continue!!

Nancy went home last to a very excited nine year old boy!  The family has not had a cat for two years and they were so happy to hear their application was approved.  Nancy will be the only pet in the house and will be a pampered princess!

Harriet is scheduled to go home on Saturday where she will live with a single woman.  She will be joining two other cats - one three years old and one twelve years old.  She will be part of a nice little feline tribe!

Four cats were brought to the store yesterday.  They range from kitten to ten years old. Below is pictures and bios...

Wilbur is a playful outgoing kitten and the last of his litter.  He is about ten weeks old.  He would be fine is any home!  Look at that little face!
Little Wilbur
Kitten is a precious little calico.  Yes, that is her name - Kitten! She was in a foster home for a couple weeks with other cats and two dogs.  She will make a wonderful pet and will acclimate well to any home.She is friendly and playful.
Pretty Kitten
Barney came in the Shelter in late July already neutered.  He does have an ear tip so obviously someone was taking care of him,  however no one ever came looking for him.  We think he is about four years old. He is a sweetheart and should also acclimate to any home.  Keep in mind the ear tip indicates that Barney is accustomed to being outside so once in a home he may want to be an indoor/outdoor cat.
Elsa has been passed around and hopefully the next home will be her real forever home.  She came into the Shelter in early July when her owner died.  We discovered she was microchipped and that the chip had originated from us.  Her file showed she was originally adopted from us in 2008.  The adopter must be aware that Elsa's owner passed away since we discovered they are neighbors. Sadly, they expressed no interest in taking her back.  Elsa is about ten years old and is a lap cat!  She is wonderful!  She will acclimate well in a home with dogs and cats.  She also qualifies for our Senior For Senior Adoption Program.
I saw that we need more brown paper and will pick that up and get it to the store so Cindy David can do her cutting.  Until then please use what is left sparingly!
Due to Hurricane Joaquin,  which will bring us some type of unsettled weather,  I am canceling Dog Day Saturday and the Adoption Table on Sunday.  PetSmart employees will check boxes and food Sunday afternoon.  

I did speak with Stacey at PetSmart about store policy in bad weather.  In the event of a declared state of emergency the store will close and she will make arrangements to care for the store pets.  She has assured me there is store staff in the area that will care for our cats when they come in to attend to the store pets. I will be in contact with Stacey through the next few days and keep all of you up to date on what is happening.

Stay safe and pray Joaquin decides to goes west!!