Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mystic Goes Home, Welcome Speckles and Ricky!

An very happy new family took home Mystic last night! Mystic looked quite content leaving in a carrier sitting atop one of our crocheted blankets. She will be well cared for!

Two new cats are arriving today...Speckles and Ricky. These two are both young - four months old - and although not from the same litter they get along great. They are about the same age - maybe three weeks apart. Speckles is a sweet torti who is very friendly and starts to purr when you just look at her! Ricky is all black and has long hair. He is very handsome! He also is very friendly and purrs as soon as he is picked up. These two really compliment each other. They have been sharing a cage at the Shelter so will continue to do so at PetSmart. Here they are:

We had a bit of difficulty figuring out how to arrange the resident cats so we could then accommodate Ricky and Speckles. After observing kitty interaction for some time it was decided to try Petunia in the big cage with Misty. Please let me know if that is not working. Apparently Misty seems unsettled with Mystic gone and was acting a bit possessive of her apartment and resisting a new roommate.

Below is the open dates for November. All are mornings with the exception of November 5 - which is the Adoption Table AND monthly Dog Day. Let me know if you are available. (If you have been trained to do the cleaning at PetSmart and are interested in doing the adoption table you can be trained on the adoption paperwork at the Shelter seven days a week. Just let me know when you can do it.) we go:
Saturday, November 5, Adoption Table, 2-4pm
Sunday, November 6, AM*
Thursday, November 10, AM
Friday, November 11, AM
Sunday, November 13, AM*
Friday, November 18, AM
Sunday, November 20, AM*
Friday, November 25, AM
Sunday, November 27, AM*
(*remember...the store opens at 10am on Sundays so you can get a late start...just arrive by 10:15)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Tails, Coco!!

Lots of good stuff happening!! Coco went home Wednesday night. Her new family applied to adopt her on Sunday and the dad was absolutely thrilled when he learned the application was approved. She will be living with three kids and mom and dad. She is also the only pet in the house so will get a ton of attention. She left the store with a big cart full of new kitty cat products, a new family and a wonderful future!

Mystic is going home on Friday. We received her application last night and it seems perfect! Her new mom was very excited to hear from me today and can't wait to get Mystic home.

Remember Tony and Toby? Remember Toby was adopted, then the person came back for Tony, then the person brought Toby back??? Well, Toby spent some time with Beau sharing a cage a while back - before Beau went to PetSmart - and they were buddies. A couple came into the Shelter and wanted two cats and liked Toby. When they were told about Beau they decided to meet him at PetSmart. They met Beau last night and it was a go! They loved him. The application has been approved and Beau has been brought back to the Shelter. He and Toby will leave on Saturday.

So, filling Coco's cage is a sweet torti named Kit. Kit is another one of those poor cats left behind in a rental unit when the occupants moved out. Kit was found there in mid-June with a big fat cat we named Kaboodle. Kaboodle was adopted and Kit has patiently been waiting her turn. She is four years old and very sweet and passive. Nothing seems to bother her. The poor girl came in so flea infested it was terrible!! You can still see some bare spots around her rear legs. She must have been so uncomfortable! Perhaps now she is just in a perpetual state of, "Ahhhhh!!!" and just feels so good nothing can get to her! She will do fine with other cats, kids and dogs. This is not the best picture but here she is:

On Saturday two cats will arrive to replace Beau and Mystic. I'll do an update when we know who is going.

Help is still needed this Sunday, October 23, for the adoption table or an evening cleaning. Also, please check out the November schedule and let me know what you can do.

This seems to be the never ending kitten year! If people are interested in kittens we are still getting them. We just took in eight kittens yesterday. In five days they will be tested and available for adoption.

Let's hope the adoptions keep coming!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Rex Gets A Home...Cubby Arrives

Rex went home last night with an absolutely thrilled new mom! He was carried out in a big, brand new luxurious carrier. He will be living with another declawed male cat that was rescued from a Shelter. Life will be good for Rex!

Cubby arrives at PetSmart today.
He is one of the most handsome tuxedo cats you will ever meet and his story is so sad. He was left behind in the end of August when his owner was evicted. There he sat for several days all alone wearing a flea collar. He had even been neutered already. Animal control thinks he was there for ten days before someone knew. How sad is that? What a terrible thing to go through! He waited for someone to come home and they never did. We estimate Cubby to be about four years old. He came in with an injured rear leg and although he will occasionally limp the vet said the leg is fine. He is a sweetheart and loves attention! Look at that face!!! He is a big guy so he was given the two cages vacated by Rex.

PetSmart management added a large three ringed binder to the adoption cart. There must be a copy of the vaccination records for every one of our animals that are at the store. When cats arrive we will bring an extra copy of the records all ready with the holes punched so the paperwork can be easily added to the folder. Also, in the binder is a list of the cats and when they arrived and then a column for when they leave. Those who work the adoption table...check out that sheet and make sure to put the date next to the cat when it leaves.

Six rolls of brown paper were dropped off at the store last week so we should be fine for quite a while. One was placed in the cage room and five went to the manager's office.

Remember Lady, the orange and white cat, that was at PetSmart for a while? She was adopted this week from the Shelter. A woman came in looking specifically for an inside cat to be a mouser that would also be a nice pet. We showed her Lady and she loved her! We checked up on her after her first night and she was doing great! She was napping on the couch next to her new mom, had used her litter box like a good cat and had settled right in!

Still four openings this month - all mornings. Let me know if you can cover any of them:
Tuesday, October 11, AM
Thursday, October 13, AM
Friday, October 14, AM
Sunday, October 23, AM

Enjoy this fabulous weekend!!!