Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wally Settles In and the Gods Arrive!

Yay!! Wally is settled into his new home and doing just fine!! He is living with a new sister named Buttercup (a calico also adopted from us a couple of years ago) and is doing very well. Wally definitely took the long way home!

Two little cuties arrived at the end of last week...Zeus and Apollo. These two boys are litter mates and we hope they get adopted together. You can tell them apart by their feet - Apollo is a polydachtal and has big white feet with extra toes. (You can clearly see that in the picture below). Both are very sweet and playful and just LOVE each other!

Lady has a very sore chin so we brought her back to the shelter on Tuesday. It appears to be a case of feline acne that requires some medical attention so she will stay at the shelter until it clears up. Don't worry...she is just fine with us! Our cats in sick bay get the BEST care!!

There is still two mornings in April that need to be filled...both are Thursdays...April 22 and April 29. Let me know if you are available.

The Spring adoption event at PetSmart this year is Friday through Sunday, April 30 - May 2. I am hoping to extend the hours of the adoption table on Saturday and Sunday and also to be able to bring dogs to the store on both days. Please let me know if you are available to help.

The Shelter is also participating again in the annual Cape May County Earth Day Fair held at the County Park on Saturday, April 17. Volunteers are needed to man the table and to bring dogs to the event. Please let me know if you can do either.

On Friday, April 30 the shelter staff will be at the Cape May City Post Office from 11:30am to 1:30pm with several other animal advocacy groups from Cape May County to participate in the unveiling of a special stamp created by the Unites States Postal Service to bring awareness to the plight of shelter animals. For more information on this national campaign go to If you are available to help that day please let me know.

Have a wonderful holiday!! I hope the Easter bunny is good to all of you!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Back & Forth For Spider and Wally

Three cats went home this weekend and two already came back. As I said in the title...this week has been back and forth for poor Spider and Wally. Wally was adopted on Saturday and went home. He was going to live with another de-clawed cat who had been adopted from us two years ago. Well, Wally's new roommate wanted nothing to do with him and made it clear! Poor Wally was back at PetSmart before the adoption table even closed on Saturday.

Spider went home on Sunday and came back to PetSmart today. He was going to live with another cat adopted from us a few years ago also. This time it was Spider who was not crazy about living with the other cat. Each day he appeared to get more and more upset when faced with his new roommate. Also, there was a Jack Russel who came over often to visit and Spider did not like him either. So...Spider came back today. looks like Wally will be going where Spider just came from. Initially the couple was interested in Wally but when they came to put a hold on him he was gone. They decided on Spider. They feel Wally was meant to be with them all along. Let's hope this true!!! They plan to pick up Big Wally tomorrow night.

During all this drama Shaina made a very quiet, uneventful exit - thank God! She left on Sunday and will be the only cat in the household. Her new dad seems to understand her personality and it looks like a good match. (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the big girl so can not feature her to the right! I decided to just leave our girl Peaches for another week or so!)

You guys are gonna love our newest arrival - Booger! He is so cute and so friendly and fun! He is less than a year old and as the name implies - he's a little booger!! He was surrendered to the Shelter so came to us with that name. We decided to keep it (much to the dismay of some of the staff) because it seems to'll see!! Meet Booger:

Below is the dates still open in April. You know the drill...let me know if you can cover any of the openings:

April 1, Thursday, AM

April 4, Sunday, AM

April 11, Sunday, PM or Adoption Table

April 12, Monday, PM

April 22, Thursday, AM

April 25, Sunday, PM or Adoption Table

April 29, Thursday, AM

A new stock of the smaller clear litter pans was brought to the store today.

The next adoption event at PetSmart is Friday through Sunday, April 30-May 2 so please mark your calendars. As always I am hoping to be able to extend the hours on the adoption table and bring dogs to the store.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Adoptions This Week!

Wonderful week!!! Gemma was adopted along with a cat at the Shelter named Oscar. Their new family is going away so the two will not be picked up until April 3. Gemma went back to the Shelter until then. Rascal went home on Tuesday. He will be joining two other cats and a dog so will have plenty of company. (I still am amazed it took so long for him to find a home.) Peaches went home Wednesday night. She will be the only cat so it appears her reign of terror has ended! There is going to be a lot less swatting and hissing going on now when everyone comes out to play!

Big Wally never got a proper introduction as I was away when he arrived at PetSmart. He is a good boy! He and his brother Lance were brought to the Shelter a few days before Christmas. Wally is about five years old. He was no problem at all to his family. A new baby was born into his family and she was allergic to cats so Wally and Lance had to go. Lance was adopted about a month ago and the new family already had one cat and did not want three. At the Shelter we all love Big Wally!! Wally is de-clawed.

Three new cats arrived today - all are VERY nice, of course! Karen is a black female lap cat. She is approximately five years old. She came into the Shelter in August a beat up little thing - barely weighing five pounds. She is healthy as a horse now and weighs in at over thirteen pounds! We are proud of how well she has done.

Nicky is wonderful! He is a tiger cat with a lot of white on him and is about four years old. He is super friendly. He went to Crest Memorial Elementary School with Shelter employees for career day and did really well. The new surroundings and all the students did not bother him at all. He will settle in quickly.

Spider is a year old and is another nice, playful guy. He was brought to the Shelter because his owner was sick and could no longer keep him. He has always been an indoor cat. He may be a little shy at first but will be fine. Please give him a little time to settle in.

Here they are...Karen, Nicky and Spider:

Everything went well while I was away! Thank you for being such a great reliable group!

Please look to the right and read the new article under "Shelter In The News." At the end of the article Cape May County Sheriff Gary Schaffer talks about the shelter.

Stay tuned for some Spring events where the Shelter will be participating!

Look at the April calendar and let me know if you are available to cover any of the open dates.