Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jack is adopted!!

Jack went home last night! His new parents were in the store and fell for Jack after reading his story and seeing he was an older homeless cat. He will be living with a couple of other cats and will have a great life from here on out.

At the shelter we did receive emails that Gabbano and Toby were sneezing and that Della's eyes were weepy. Staff went down to the store and gave some meds to Gabbano and Toby. Della's eye is a chronic condition and although she had dirty ears it was not mites. If you clean her eyes please use warm water only. Wipes being used specifically stated on the directions not to be used for eyes. Please carefully read the directions on any products you buy!! Also, please take a minute or two to read the notebook and note observations made in the last few days prior to your shift to see what has previously been reported and addressed.

Two new arrivals were dropped off at the store today...Domino and Siam. Both are very friendly!! Domino is a black and white long legged male who is gonna have a lot of fun playing outside his cage. He is about a year and half old. He came into the shelter as a stray. Siam is a black female that was surrendered to the shelter when the owner's landlord told him she could no longer stay. She is two years old. Both cats will do fine in a home with kids, dogs and other cats.
Siam & Domino:

The August schedule looks great but still has a few openings. Please let me know if you are available to cover any of the below dates:
Sunday, August 7, AM cleaning
Friday, August 12, AM cleaning
Sunday, August 14, Adoption Table
Sunday, August 21, AM cleaning

The 7th Birthday Party at the Shelter was a great success!! Thanks to all who attended! We received very good press coverage as a result. Please see the link to the right Shelter In The News for one of the many stories that appeared in the local paper and pictures of a couple of our PetSmart volunteers!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Adoptions Became A Tad Difficult to Keep Up With!

Wow!! Cats were flying out the door lately!! It all got a bit ahead of me. I'm not complaining though!!

Clancy laft last week - on Wednesday night. He was adopted specifically for a young girl who is VERY happy! Rizzo replaced Clancy on Saturday. I never had an opportunity to introduce Rizzo because he left Monday night!! Last night Sweetie went home which left poor Oreo all alone. Not for long though!! Oreo's application was approved today. The applicant adopted one of the dogs from Louisiana we helped to place last summer. It is a nice family!! That's four in seven days!! Wow!!

We moved Shiloh and Piper into the big cage so they could stretch out and hopefully become more social. Poor cats have been at PetSmart a long time.

Two adult cats were brought to the store today. Both are solid gray and both are really friendly. Hopefully they will move quickly and get homes!!

Jack is a twelve year old declawed male. His owner apparently moved and simply left him behind outside. A kind neighbor noticed he was getting beat up daily by her outside cats and had trouble getting to the food. She took him inside for a few days but could not keep him. This old guy needs to spend his golden years in a loving home not fending for himself outside with no claws!!

Hear is Jack:

Della was found living under a trailer with a male cat that appeared to be the same age. Both are approximately eight years old, were altered and appeared to have been well taken care of. The male cat was adopted but we still have Della. She is...well...a big girl! She is a fatty and very lovey!! She also is a talker. This is Della:

I spoke with Stacey, the head manager of PetSmart today. She has been advised by her higher ups that some new procedures are going to be initiated. It really does not appear to be anything that will effect most of the volunteers. It is a new system of documenting when cats arrive, when they leave and proof of vaccinations. It may be something the adoption table workers will need to be aware of. I was told this is happening because of incidents which have occurred in other stores involving other Shelters. Stacey assured me she sang our praises to her district manager. I assured Stacey that she can expect our full cooperation as we are all aware how important this partnership is to the Shelter. More details will follow in a week or so.

Don't forget our big birthday party tomorrow at the Shelter!! It begins a week of reduced adoptions fees, microchipping and nail clipping. Spread the word!! Channel 40, the Atlantic City Press and The Herald will be on hand to cover the party. Publicity always results in increased traffic at the Shelter and increased adoptions and donations!! We hope to share birthday cake with a lot of you guys tomorrow. The staff does not interact with the PetSmart volunteers in person very often and we love to show our appreciation when we can and give you all much deserved hugs!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Two Adoptions This Week!

Jeffrey left Wednesday night. He is going to have a wonderful life!! His new parents are great "cat" people and are very excited to add Jeffrey to the crew. They originally liked Marmalade but were just as happy to adopt Jeffrey and were thankful Marm went to a good home. Yes, the orange cats are very popular! Let's hope Sweetie and Oreo get some attention now!

Tammy left on Friday. She left in style - in a large, soft, cat carrier with a very nice couple and their daughter. Seems they had trouble telling her apart from Toby and Tony but finally got it right. The boys are going to miss her but they know it's for the best!!

You will love Clancy, the white and orange male that arrived on Saturday. He is young - about five or six months old - and is so friendly. He'll walk right out of the cage and into your arms. He will be sharing quarters with the Tony and Toby so I'm sure they will all have a lot of fun!! Meet Clancy:

We have a couple of openings for this month - all in the morning. Let me know if you are available to cover any of them:
Sunday, July 10
Thursday, July 21
Sunday, July 24

It is working out well bringing dogs to the store the first Saturday of the month! I need one more person to help on Saturday, August 6. At this point two volunteers will be there so one dog can go - but it would be better exposure for the dogs to have two there.

Remember the Shelter birthday party on Friday, July 15, 1:00-3:00pm. We will have cake and light refreshments. I hope a lot of you can stop in. We rarely all get to see each other so it is nice to get together once in a while and chat with kindred spirits!! The party kicks off a week of free microchipping and nail clipping and our adoptions fees will be reduced by fifty percent. We should be getting some good press prior to the event.

Have a Safe and Fun July 4th!!!!