Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally An Adoption!!!!!

Toby was adopted today!! Yay! Hopefully this breaks our dry spell. He will be living with a dog and two women and will have a nice life. The application was received on Sunday and the new mom was very anxious so we arranged pick up today at the Shelter.

You will see big changes at the store when you go in next. I know it is sad and a tad upsetting when we bring cats back to the Shelter but it simply had to be done. We have so many young altered kittens and we need the space at the Shelter. I am hoping the ones that arrived today will move quickly. Please do not worry about the guys we brought back – they will be fine!!!

Piper and Shiloh came back to the Shelter and are in a cage together. Siam came back also as well as Domino. Both Siam and Domino seem to do better here anyway.

Get ready for this….SIX kittens arrived today. By kittens I mean under six months old. All have been altered (of course!!) and microchipped and are ready to go.

In the big cage is a litter of three named Suzy, Sahara and Saboo. They came from a hoarder type situation and were relinquished to the Shelter in June. As a matter of fact their plight will actually be part of the A&E television series Hoarders in a few months. Initially they were very sick and they remained in our quarantine for quite a while. They were finally old enough and well enough to be altered in the beginning of this month. Sahara is the calico, Suzy is the black and white one with more black, Saboo is the other black and white and is a male. All three love each other!! They are all good with other cats, dogs and kids.

On the top row we now have litter mates Stevie and Ray. These two are the same age as the other three. They were brought into the Shelter by a woman who had not altered an older cat that had subsequently had kittens and she could not care for them. We did see that mom was finally spayed!! These two are gray tigers that look a lot alike!! Stevie is the one who has white reaching higher up between his eyes and also has more white on his chest. These two are very friendly and will do fine with other cats, dogs and kids.

Jasper is a Siamese mix lynx point and is sooooo cute!! He is the same age as the others and came in as a stray. He is another friendly guy who will get along with everything and everybody!!

All the new kits were wormed today, nails trimmed and ears cleaned and treated. If you see stuff in or around the ears it is the medicine doing it’s job!

Della has two cages on the bottom row and Gabbana has two cages on the top row. Jasper and Tony have their own cages on the bottom row. Steve and Ray are sharing two cages on the bottom row. Jasper and Tony initially did not get along so please keep the door shut for a few days. If they appear to be okay we can eventually open the door. If not, both are small enough to remain in a cage alone. PLEASE give it a few days. Placing a cat with another one and no escape can cause stress which inevitably will lead to illness. Do not rush introduction and communal living!!

REMINDER: The disinfectant bottle was filled with glass cleaner. Please ask the manager for help when refilling the bottles.

Volunteers are needed at the store for dogs on Saturday, September 3, 12-3p, for the regular monthly visit. Please let me know if you are available.

The annual PetSmart Fall Adoption weekend is Saturday and Sunday, September 10 & 11, 12-4pm. Volunteers are needed to help with dogs on both days 12-3pm. Please let me know if you can help.

Now that summer is winding down let’s hope adoptions start to kick in again!!

Below are the dates that still need coverage in September. Please let me know what you can do.

Sunday, September 4, AM cleaning

Friday, September 9, AM cleaning

Thursday, September, 15, AM cleaning

Friday, September 16, AM cleaning

Wednesday, September 21, Adoption Table

Friday, September 23, AM cleaning

Sunday, September 25, AM cleaning

Thursday, September 29, AM cleaning

Friday, September 30, AM cleaning.