Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Tails, Daphne!!

Fun loving little Daphne went home last night to a totally animal friendly family!  She will have three feline siblings and one canine sibling in addition to her human mom and dad.  They adopted their dog from us as well.  Prior to heading home they bought lots of good stuff for their new arrival. As soon as Daphne's cage is filled you will all be introduced to her replacement.  The cage is clean and ready.

There is a lot of openings in the April calendar so I am sending the dates out early. If you can jump in an extra day or two it would be great.  Rikki does two mornings a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays) and has a family obligation for April.  As you can see she will be missed! So, in a nutshell, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings need coverage, as well as one Friday.

Wed, April 1, AM Cleaning
Thur, April 2, AM Cleaning
Mon, April 6, AM Cleaning
Wed, April 8, AM Cleaning
Thur, April 9, AM Cleaning
Mon, April 13, AM Cleaning
Wed, April 15, AM Cleaning
Thur, April 16, AM Cleaning
Fri, April 17, AM Cleaning
Mon, April 20, AM Cleaning
Wed, April 22, AM Cleaning
Thur, April 23, AM Cleaning
Mon, April 27, AM Cleaning
Wed, April 29, AM Cleaning
Thur, April 30, AM Cleaning

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Adoption, Three Girls Arrive and Two Transfer Out

Prince Harry went home on Sunday.  He will be the only pet in the house and the couple are very excited to add him to their home. We did ask that they consider Lola as well however they were hesitant to have two cats.  What's the big deal, right???!!!

You will see a few new faces at Petsmart and bid goodbye and good luck to two great cats - Russ and Lola.  Both are being transferred to ROAR in Connecticut.  Just to remind you...ROAR is a wonderful, small animal shelter in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  They do good work and screen all adoption applications very well.  They were looking for an older friendly cat to be their mascot and greeter and Russ sure fits that bill!  He will be a wonderful advocate and ambassador for homeless cats and will show everyone just how great a cat can be!!  Lola is a sweetheart and will be adopted quickly.

Below are the three new arrivals - all females:

Jade, a three year torti, will make a great pet.  She will do well in a home with cats, kids and dogs.  Jade, formerly known as Katniss, was adopted from our Shelter in 2012 to a young couple.  A few months ago the adopter called us to say they they needed to bring her back and they were told when to do so.  She never showed up.  In mid-February a cat showed up in an entirely different town on someone's back porch.  A microchip check revealed it was our Katniss/Jade.  We were never able to contact the original adopter to see who she decided to give our cat to. She is a real sweetheart!
Daphne is a young female - about five months.  She is incredibly playful and will be quite a handful.  She would do well with a dog and kids!  She was living in a house and was surrendered to the Shelter right after Christmas. We suspect they kept her just to have a kitten around and they no longer wanted her.

Emma is a young female - about seven or eight months.  She is part of a TNR situation where the  "N" part was being ignored!  Sadly several litters were born.  She came into the Shelter at six weeks old along with several other kittens and even another litter.  The adults were all spayed and neutered and are safe back in their colony. The kittens were fostered and put up for adoption.  Emma is the last one of the bunch.  She is shy but will make a nice companion.  She is better suited for a quiet household or one where the adopter understands Emma will need a little bit of time to acclimate.
We are running our Meow Madness special again!  If you work the adoption table please be aware of the reduced fee schedule.  If you have any questions just shoot me an email.  The special starts on March 17 and will run through April 7. 

At this point the March schedule looks fine. Special thanks to Barb A for taking all the Monday mornings! I will need help covering Rikki on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the month of April as she needs to fulfill a family obligation.  (We will miss you, Rikki!!) 

As the weather changes our old friends return...Deb and Warren and Toni.  Feel free to jump in you guys!!  What a winter we had!!