Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Bye Gus - Hello Liam!

It didn't take Gus long to get adopted! He was not crazy about being stuffed into a carrier but he will be just fine. His new family is wonderful and he will be have the best of everything.

The person interested in Spider then Cheyenne has changed her mind. There is no application pending for either cat. This is another example of why we should never discourage a second application.

Liam arrived today. He is a nice cat!! He is friendly and good with other cats and kids. He will love being able to run around. He is one of those soft buff colored guys that people really like. His belly does not tolerate wet food so please make sure any potential adopters are made aware of this fact. He's really cute! This picture says it all....

We are all set for this weekend's adoption event. Dogs will be at the store on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-3:00. Please spread the word. The forecast is beautiful so hopefully a lot of people will be out and about.

Also, the Shelter will be at the Cape May Post Office on Washington Street tomorrow 11:30am-1:30pm for the unveiling of the stamp Animal Rescue: Adopt A Shelter Pet. Animal OutReach, Animal Alliance of Cape May County and Beacon Animal Rescue will be there as well. There will be both dogs and cats available for adoption from all the organizations. WCZT 98.7 The Coast will be broadcasting live from the event. If you can not stop by at least tune in! You can read all about this nationwide campaign by clicking on Stamps To The Rescue under Links to the right.

There is three openings left on the PetSmart schedule for May:
Friday, May 15, AM

Friday, May 28, AM

Monday, May 31, PM

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not leave soiled litter pans in the cage room, in a cabinet or in the adoption room. There is a sink in the back room where they can be rinsed out. If you do not know where it is please ask a store manager or associate to help you. Disease control and odor control are very important!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adios Don Juan!!

No, I am not the least bit surprised that Don Juan arrived on Friday and went home on Sunday! His new family had two carts full of stuff for him when they came to pick him up! He is gonna be totally pampered.

Little Tipper arrived at PetSmart today. She is very special! Tipper is about six months old but looks younger. She was brought into the Shelter in mid-January by a man who found her lying by the side of the rode in the pouring rain. She had a wound on her lower back and her back legs appeared to be paralyzed. The vet recommended "physical therapy" which was accomplished by holding her up and allowing her to very gently put weight on the back legs as well as fully extend them. Well, she pulled through like a champ!! After a month or so she went into foster where she continued to get her therapy and also got to hang out with the resident big cats. She had a ball! (Thank you, Jenny!! You did good!!) Please keep an extra eye on Tipper when she is playing. We also recommend that due to her injury she not go into a house with small children. She is precious....

The May schedule has some openings. Please let me know if you can fill any of the below dates:
Sunday, AM, May 2

Thursday, AM, May 13

Friday, AM, May 14

Monday, PM, May 24

Thursday, AM, May 27

Friday, AM, May 28

Monday, PM, May 31

Don't forget the adoption event the weekend of April 30. I plan to have dogs at the store on Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-3:00. If you can help please let me know.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Guys & Booger Go Home!

Dimitri and Skipper left on Wednesday night. They are going to a perfect home! Their new mom is a groomer who also has experience with special needs animals. She came to the Shelter on Thursday and told us that they did great their first night.

The whole family came to the store Wednesday night to pick up Booger! They were all so excited to take him home. New dad is a crazy cat man! I love Booger's little round face!

Wait til you see the three that came today! I don't think they're going to remain homeless very long. Cheyenne looks like a pure bred Russian Blue. She is beautiful! She has plush gray fur, beautiful green eyes and a little smile that will make YOU smile! Don Juan will amaze you! He is so handsome - you will not be able to believe he came in as a stray. You can't miss the Siamese in him. It is amazing that no one is missing him! Gus is one cool tom cat! He is friendly and nice and loves attention.

Cheyenne does have a bit of an issue but it is easily handled. She can only eat Science Diet Adult Light dry food. We brought down a marked container. After trial and error we found she tolerates this food - and only this food - without having "issues." She is allowed to come out and play with everyone but otherwise keep her alone in a cage. We don't want her having access to the other food.

Tomorrow 10:30AM - 3:30PM staff, volunteers, dogs and cats will be at the annual Cape May County Earth Day Fair at the Cape May County Park. Coming to the park is Willy the black lab and Elvis the English Pointer. Both are good boys, good with kids and would be great family dogs. They will be joined by the feline boys Archie (the orange and white guy) and Liam (the buff colored one). Both these cats are friendly and outgoing! If you know anyone interested in adding a family pet please send them to the park!

Don't forget about the adoption event at PetSmart in two weeks - Friday, April 30 - Sunday, May 2. Let me know if you can help out. Click on "Shelter in the News" to the right for the County press release detailing the event.