Monday, July 23, 2007

Tucker Goes Home and Three New Youngsters Arrive

Tucker went home on Saturday. He is such a loving and friendly guy! He is going to make a wonderful companion to his new owners!!

Three new guys arrived on Sunday. They are youngsters - five months old. They are litter mates. The three will have run of the top four cages so please leave the doors open between them. There is Biolage, a female tabby, and Redkin, a male tabby. These two look very similar but you can tell them apart by their size - Redkin is a little bigger. The third is Suave, a gray male. When he first arrived he was a tad scared and sat on top of a shelf while his mates ran willy nilly. Let's hope he settles in soon! There is no pictures available as kittens are not put on PetFinder until they get a little older.

Amanda and Anna were both brought back to the Shelter and will be seeing the vet. Amanda has a sore spot above her eye. Since she was living with Anna both cats will be checked out. The Shelter staff are going to take precautionary measures and scrub out the big cage. Until that happens please do not allow the other cats to run free. For now clean the cages around the cats and make sure to use the hand sanitizer. I will let you know as soon as the Shelter advises me staff has cleaned the cage. Hopefully Anna will check out fine and be brought back very soon. I will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Three Guys Go Home!!!

Mouse went home on Saturday. Greco and Loki went home together last night. Apparently mild mannered Loki was able to bust out of the cardboard carrier! Barb A described the scene as something out of the Incredible Hulk! As Barb says, "First a foot, then a leg, and then with a blast out comes his head and he is free." Barb said he was good though - did not bite or scratch - and was just a little scared. Meanwhile Big Greco was not effected and just patiently waited in his carrier for Loki to stop making a scene. Loki will be fine once he gets to his home and has his big pal to take care of him.
As far as pending holds... The people who had put a second hold on Greco are now awaiting approval for Tucker and the hold on Anna has been pulled.
Anna and Amanda had been roomates at the Shelter for a long time. Now they are back together in the big cage. They really love each other and often curl up together. Please push for them to be adopted together! Remember...right now the adoption fee is waived on the second cat if you adopt two.
We need to get Whitney a home!! She will be going back to the Shelter very shortly. She is being placed into the Open Your Heart and Home program which reduces her adoption fee to $10. We have never brought any cat back to the Shelter since PetSmart opened for no reason other than they were not adopted. I know she can be tempermental and quite mouthy but there must be a home out there where she can reign as the queen of the house!
Arrangements are being made for new comers to arrive at PetSmart sometime on Thursday.
I still have no takers for the adoption table on Saturday, July 28. Please, someone give a try!! If I have no takers by next Wednesday I will send out a plea to have someone merely feed and clean that evening.
I know we are out of brown paper for the cages. The managers have been told about this and apparently are working on it.
Just a reminder for Jen & Lauren, Barb A and Jenny G - this is the last week of your schedule change. Starting next Tuesday (July 24) we are back to Jenny G doing Tuesday evenings, Barb A doing the adoption table on Wednesday evenings and Jen & Lauren doing Thursday evenings. Please let me know you are aware of the change.
Say goodbye to Mouse and the Incredible Loki...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Anna & Amanda Arrive!

Anna and Amanda arrived together on Friday. They are buddies who have been rooming together at the Shelter. Anna is a tortie who is a little shy but has a sweet disposition. Amanda is a calico with alot of white. She came to the Shelter with an eye infection. A vet treated her for the infection and she can see with it however there is some scar tissue on the eye. Although she is now fine she is still classifed as a special needs adoption and her fee is $8. She also has a sweet disposition. Since Anna & Amanda are buddies please keep the door between their cages open.

On Thursday an applicant put holds on both big Greco and Loki. She initially liked Loki but after meeting Greco decided she liked them both! In addition holds were put on Tucker and Anna today. Now this is what we like to see!! Although it would be nice to see certain cats go to a home together we can't always get what we want!

Coverage is needed for the morning cleaning on Thursday, July 11 and for the adoption table on Saturday, July 28. If no one can do the table on July 28 I will put a plea out for someone to do an evening cleaning. Please consider trying to do the adoption table!! Remember, you can tell me what hours you would like to do!

Meet Anna & Amanda:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day For Izzy & Lizzy!!

Izzy and Lizzy went home together last night. They will join a labrador retriever and a horse and some pigs!! This house knows animals! The couple who adopted them were very anxious about getting the girls home. I think these two are racing around their new home right now!

Two new cats were brought to PetSmart on Tuesday. Mouse is a young black female with a sweet disposition. The other guy is a big male named Greco. Greco is so big that he needs to be housed in the big cage! He is a polydactyl cat - that is, he has more than five toes on his paws! Some call these cats "mitten cats." For those of you who do not know the story, Ernest Hemingway was given his first cat by a ship captain in KeyWest, Florida. Yes, it was a polydactyl! Today there is approximatley sixty cats that live at the Ernest Hemingway Museum and Home in Key West. About half of these cats are polydactyls and believed to be direct descendants of Hemingway's first cat. Often people simply refer to polydactyl cats as "Hemingway Cats." I was fortunate enough to meet many of these cats a few years ago during a visit to Key West!
The arrival of this big male appears to have shaken up the females. Loki and Tucker are not phased but apparently Whitney, Blinky and Mouse were a tad upset Wednesday morning and a little aggressive. Please be aware of this when letting the cats get their exercise. Let me know if the girls continue to be out of sorts. Hopefully everyone will settle in after a day or two.
Let's hope the adoptions keep moving along like this week! Poor Whitney!! When will she find a home!
Here is Greco and Mouse:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Goodbye Lady Di, Flutterbee and Striker!!

I am so happy to report that it was a great weekend!! Striker went home on Saturday with two little boys and their mom who could not be more excited. Diana went home to Wildwood Crest. She will be spending winter months in Florida and summer months in the Crest. Her new mom wanted a companion for a cat at home and wanted to adopt one who had been in the shelter a long time. Diana loudly announced she had been in the shelter for months and promised to be a good cat! Sweet little Flutterbee will be getting all the attention she needs in her new home!

There is still holds pending on Izzy and Lizzy - yes, together. The applicants came in to visit the girls on Saturday. Hopefully they will be approved early in the week and can go home.
I removed the pieces of hardware inside the big cage and rearranged them so the cats can no longer hide on the top shelf. Please make sure the pieces stay that way. Yesterday one of the girls was on the top shelf and it looked like only one cat was in the cage. We don't want them to be able to hide from potential adopters!!
Loki and Tucker are getting along very well in shared cages so please let them continue to hang out together. Hopefully this will encourage someone to adopt them as a pair.
There are kittens galore at the shelter!!! If you know anyone interested in adopting a kitten please tell them about the shelter!!!
The July schedule has a few holes in it. Please look at the calendar and let me know if you are available to fill in on any of the open dates.
Say good bye to Flutterbee and Striker!!