Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Couple of Lucky Girls Get Christmas Gifts!

Silky has gone home for the holidays!! She was a surprise Christmas gift for a young girl from her mom and dad. The lucky girl met her furry little gift at PetSmart Wednesday night and the two clicked immediately! Silky then happily allowed herself to be packaged up and carried out. What a wonderful gift for both of them!

Josie is going to be a surprise Christmas gift for another lucky little girl. She was brought back to the Shelter as Dad wants to pick her up Christmas Eve. Lucy has an approved application and will also be brought back to the Shelter. She will be picked up in a week or so. Her new mom is having some work done on her home and will pick up Lucy as soon as she can. Lucy is going to be joining another cat named Jack that was adopted from the Shelter a couple of years ago. We love repeat customers!

Gray has an approved application and will be going home on Saturday. It sure did not take her long!

The hold on Nora fell through. Guess it just was not meant to be!

Sweet little calico Geisha was brought to PetSmart this week. She is under a year old. She is a little nervous and shy but nice. Please give her a little extra TLC and let her settle in at her own pace. Here she is:

Anybody have time Christmas Eve to to do the evening cleaning?? I know everyone has alot going on but if you can stop in and check on the guys that night please let me know ASAP. The store closes at 6pm. My mom is doing Christmas morning - that's one of my gifts!!

Here is the remaining openings in January:
January 8, Friday, AM

January 14, Thursday, AM

January 15, Friday, AM

January 22, Friday, AM

January 28, Thursday, AM

January 31, Sunday, Adoption Table

January 29, Friday, AM

Please remember that PetSmart has some schedule changes due to the holidays. Here they are:
Christmas Eve: 7a-6p
Christmas: closed
New Year's Eve: 9a-6p
New Year's Day: 9a-6p

It was nice to see so many of you on Sunday for our little holiday gathering. It was a nice time and a good turn out.

New cages arrived at the Shelter and were installed this week. They look so nice!!! The isolation/sick area was upgraded as well as the area for housing new arrivals. Please stop in and see us at the Shelter and check out the new stuff. We are all VERY excited about it!! Yep, feels like Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Look At All These New Arrivals!

Three leave and five arrive! Lonnie and Emily left on Saturday. Both were very well behaved when packed up to go. Heart left on Sunday. She will be the only pet in the house so should be spoiled and happy.

On Sunday three youngsters arrived. Bentley is a black male and was from a litter of ten! He is small for his age. As a kitten he was alot more friendly than his litter mates and domesticated easily. Silky is a really nice gray striped tabby. She loves other cats so will really enjoy the romping time at PetSmart. Oliver came into the Shelter marked as a "feral" cat by animal control. He is anything but feral! He is sweet and playful.

A warm welcome back goes out to Rascal!! Remember him??? He did some time in sick bay at the Shelter but is back and better than ever! Gray came with him. She is a big dilute calico. She came into the Shelter in July along with four other housemates. Their owner was being evicted. One was immediately adopted, two were over ten years old and the owner came back for them. Gray has been with her last housemate, Puddy, ever since. Puddy was adopted and Gray is the last one remaining of the group. Let's hope she gets to go home very soon! She is a nice old girl but may need some time to settle in. Be patient with her.

Lucy was in with the three new guys (Bentley, Silky and Oliver) and not having a very good time. She is now sharing space with Rascal and seems happy. Please leave her there.

Izzy appears to be doing well with Oriella in the big cage. Poor Izzy!! When will he get to go home! Nora is continuing to express dislike of her fellow felines. Keep her by herself!

I have received a great response for the holiday get together this Sunday. Ya got one more day to RSVP!

Here's Oliver, Silky and Bentley:

...and here's Gray and our old friend Rascal:

Please look ahead to January and let me know what dates you can do.

Friday, December 04, 2009

New Homes For the Holidays!

Good week!! Coconut and Harlequin went home Wednesday night. Harlequin will be the only pet in the house which is just the way she likes it! Her new dad was getting alot of attention from her when he arrived to pick her up. Coconut was packed up in a pretty blue carrier and carted away - he had an appointment with the groomer the very next day! Two wonderful homes!!

Emily is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow and so is Lonnie. Lonnie's new mom came to the Shelter and completed the application today. He will be the only pet in the house and she is very excited to get him. She has grandchildren that visit often so Lonnie is guaranteed to have some fun!

Lucy and Nora were dropped off yesterday at PetSmart. Lucy is orange and white and is a great cat. She likes it all - dogs, kids, other cats, people - everything. She is about two years old. She was adopted from us over a year ago and was returned. Her story is one that is all too familiar - her owners were moving and couldn't take her with them. She hates being in a cage. She is very sweet and very friendly.

A couple of months ago Nora and a male cat - her brother maybe - were left in a box in the foyer of the spay/neuter clinic which is next door to the Shelter. The male cat (we named him Nick) was adopted several weeks ago. Although she was left with Nick she appears to be stressed around the other cats. This could be because she is not familiar with them. Watch her carefully with the others and do not force her into an uncomfortable situation. Let her mingle at her own pace. She may be just fine once she settles in.

Here's Lucy and Nora:

Thanks to Joyce, Joan, Ruth, Fran and Lauren for helping to make the Princeton fundraiser this weekend a success. Because we had so much help four Shelter dogs got to spend a few hours out and about. Below is a picture of Joan with Anchor. He was very well behaved! He is a young Treeing Walker Coonhound and is a great dog! He is presently in a foster home and is proving he is crate trained and house trained. If you know anyone interested in a hound dog please let me know.

Lauren did a GREAT job working the crowd! After the dogs and owners posed with Santa Lauren gave them a bag of ribbon-tied dog treats and asked for a donation for the Shelter. Who could say no to that face?!!! She is pictured below in action....

There must have been close to one hundred dogs at the Sandy Paws 5K & 1 Mile Pooch Walk in Stone Harbor! It was alot of fun! Pictured below is one of the dogs entered in the Best Dressed Competition. Check out BatDog!

Don't forget - Barb and company will be in the West Cape May Christmas parade tomorrow night with a float representing the Shelter. Anchor will be representing the Shelter dogs. Contact Barb if you want to participate.

On Sunday, December 13, 1:00-3:00PM come to the Shelter for a little holiday get together. Light lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Family members and friends are invited, too! Throughout the year the Shelter staff and volunteers work hard for the animals of Cape May County. It's nice to get together and spend some time with people who share a common bond. I hope to see all of you there.