Saturday, December 23, 2006

Three Go Home For The Holidays

It was a great day at PetSmart!! Hobbes went home and so did Oreo and Razzle! Oreo and Razzle were adopted together which is wonderful!

CB came back today along with five new guys - Patsy, Brandon, Baron, Midnight and Violet. It is another great bunch! Brandon and Baron are brothers who have been in the same cage at the Shelter. Please keep the door open between their cages as they love each other's company. Cathy and CB were chasing each other around the big cage this afternoon and having a ball!

Each cat has a page on PetFinder which a picture and a biography. From now on we will display the information from the PetFinder site on the front of the cages. The Shelter cage cards will be put inside the cage room only. Whenever a new guy arrives the Shelter will include a print out from PetFinder. The page is then trimmed down to fit the clear holder on the front of the cage. It includes the bio, a picture and the adoption fee.

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Lydia Is Home For Christmas

Lydia went home for Christmas Wednesday night! One of our volunteers was quite smitten with her and now she is part of her family. Lydia really came out of her shell at PetSmart. Thank you all for being so patient with her! Hobbes is going home on Saturday.

Arrangements are being made with the Shelter to bring four more kitties on Saturday. CB's eye is doing well and he will be back soon, too.

Thanks to everyone who attended the dinner on Monday night. It was quite a success! I hope those who were unable to attend can make it next year. Everyone had a good time.

If you are scheduled to clean and feed on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day please make note that PetSmart has special hours on these days and will be closing at 6PM. Christmas Day the store is closed but a manager comes in to take care of the store's animals and gives us access to the cats. That shift is covered.

I know everyone is busy with Christmas just a few days away. Once things have calmed down please take a look at the January schedule. It is just about full with the exception of the following mornings: 19th (Fri), 22nd (Mon), 26th (Fri) and 29th (Mon). Let me know if you can cover any of these days.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for everything you have done all year long!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Joey, Hobbes and Santa

The dogs and their owners loved Santa at PetSmart on Saturday! It was a great success! Thanks again to Doug and Patti for their help. Here is a picture of the three of us between photo shoots with the dogs.

Joey went home on Saturday. Cathy, CB's sister, a pretty calico, was brought down to PetSmart on Friday. She is a little shy so be patient with her. Now that Joey has gone home we can put Cathy in the big cage with CB once she appears to have settled in.

Hobbes got a hold on Saturday and the application looks good! Here's a first...a woman went into the adoption room and captured Oreo and her antics on video to send to her mother in Pittsburg. She thinks her mother would love Oreo and will be sending her the video by computer. Let's hope it's a match!

On Friday Heidi, a staff attendant from the Shelter, went to PetSmart and trimmed the cats' claws and cleaned their ears. Lydia was not cooperating so Heidi was unable to get her claws done. However, she was able to do everyone else.

We put some pieces of non-skid matting under the shelf pieces in the big cage and rearranged the structure. Hopefully this will rectify the slipping problem. The remainder of the roll of matting is under the cages in a cabinet for future use.

CAUTION: Twice last week cats were found roaming free in the cage room. Double check the cages when you leave and make sure when you arrive you close the outside door behind you before opening the door to the cat cages. Can you imagine trying to capture a kitty that gets loose in the store?!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good Bye, Scooter! Welcome New Volunteers!!

Scooter went home last night!! I am sure that makes everyone happy! Four applications were taken on him before the right match was finally made.

Yesterday I met with four new volunteers at PetSmart. Welcome Christina, Denise, Judy and Caroline! It appears our new volunteers have an interest in manning the adoption table which is wonderful! You will note on the schedule that in addition to Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays the adoption table will be open Friday nights
through January.

LAST CHANCE... To date we have 83 people attending the dinner at the Golden Inn on Monday, December 18. If you would like to attend and have yet to RSVP please contact me ASAP. I am giving the Golden Inn our final headcount Friday afternoon.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Three Pending Holds

REMINDER...if you plan to attend the dinner on December 18 at the Golden Inn please let me know ASAP! I would love to see you all there!

Little Razzle, Scooter and Joey have pending holds. Joey's application has been approved and the new owner has been notified by the Shelter. However, he will not go home until December 16. Razzle actually had two holds but the first one, taken last Sunday, was cancelled by the applicant. Apparently someone in the house is allergic to cats. Luckily Barb A had taken a second hold for Razzle Wednesday night. Scooter has two pending holds and the applications are now at the Shelter being reviewed.

Should someone else want to put a hold on Joey please explain that his adoption has been approved but still take the second hold. As you can see the adoption is not complete until the kitty is picked up and taken home.

I have had a report that intermittenly small blood droplets are being seen in Scooter's cage however it is not in his litterbox nor is there any sign of injury on his body. The medical department at the Shelter has been advised of this. I suspect it is coming out when he sneezes.

On December 16 and December 17 from 11a-4p volunteers for the Cape May County Animal Shelter Alliance will be at PetSmart dressed as Santa and Santa's helpers for pictures of customers and their pets. (My husband will be Santa and I will be his helper on December 16!!) 50% of the money generated will go directly to the Shelter Alliance. Please tell your friends, co-workers, family members, neighbors, etc to bring their pet down and support a wonderful organization. The cost for two Polaroid photos is only $9.95. If that weekend does not work for people tell them that this weekend (December 9 & 10) volunteers from the Animal Welfare Society will be there - another wonderful organization.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Two Leave and Two Arrive!

Aden and Pierce went home as scheduled on Wednesday night. CB and Joey have been transferred to the big cage. They are litter mates and hopefully will also get a home together.

Two new guys went to PetSmart today - Napoleon and Razzle. Both are nice guys and settled right in. Napoleon had an issue with eating and immediately vomitting. At the Shelter he was put on special food and fed only half a bowl twice a day. He seems to be doing just fine. For now we are going to continue feeding him the same way. His food is in a zip lock bag in the big food bin. After this week we will mix his food with the Purina Cat Chow and wean him from the special diet. Hopefully this will be an easy transition.

Scooter has a hold and the application is now at the Shelter for review.

Mary M is out of commission for a while due to a knee injury. I covered her today on the adoption table and she is covered for December 16 (Sat). However I just noticed she is also on the schedule two more times this month - the evening of December 4 (Monday) and the evening of December 22 (Friday). Let me know if you can cover either evening.