Thursday, April 04, 2013

Happy Tails, Paige and Claus!!

Busy week at PetSmart!!  Paige left last night with a perfect match!!  Since she is over eight years old she qualified for the Senior For Seniors adoption program.  She will be the only pet living with her new mom, a human senior citizen!  We already received an update...Paige settled in immediately and is totally enjoying looking out the window and watching the world go by! 

Just a reminder...the adoption fee is waived for applicants over age 65 should they adopt a pet over age eight.

Claus was adopted however he will not be picked up until next Thursday.  He was brought back to the Shelter to allow another cat to get exposure at PetSmart.  He is doing just fine!!  He was put in an large cage and has plenty of room.  He was always a staff favorite  so will not be wanting for attention. When he goes home he will be joining an adult only household with another cat - a male, two years old, adopted from the Cumberland County SPCA.  A good fit for Claus!

Three new guys arrived at the store today bringing our total back to eight cats - our maximum occupancy.  Here they are:

Thomas is a male around nine years old so he qualifies for the Senior For Seniors program. If the adopter is younger than 65 years old the adoption fee is $20.  Thomas is a four paw declaw.  That's right...every one of his toes was amputated.  It appears one may be growing back in a rear foot. Thankfully all the trauma he faced has not seemed to dull his spirits.  He is a sweat heart!  He does get along with other cats and would also get along with kids.  We are not sure how he would do with dogs, however at his age that may be a tough transition.  He came into the Shelter as a stray in early March.


Eddy is adorable and a highly desirable orange male just under a year old.  He is another friendly guy that likes other cats and would do fine with kids and dogs as well. We have had him since late August of last year.
Caramel is a gorgeous torti that is just turning one year old.  Her adoption fee should now be $35. She shared a cage with Eddy at the Shelter so we know she will do fine with other cats.  At PetSmart she and Eddy will continue to room together.  She is slightly younger than him...maybe a month or two...her adoption fee is $70.  She may be a little scared initially.  She was a scaredy cat when she first came to the Shelter in late July so you may see her revert a little.  She and Eddy are not littermates and it is not required that they be adopted together.  If they do go together of course it would be great, though!
Adoptions have been picking up (knock on wood) in the last week both at PetSmart and at the Shelter.  Let's hope it continues!

The calendar for the rest of this month looks great...only two openings remain...both in the morning:
Friday, April 19 and Sunday, April 21. 
Let me know if you can cover either one.  (By the is wonderful to have Toni back!!!)

This Saturday is the monthly dog adoption day at the store.  Peggy, Arlene and Linda will be there Noon-3:00pm with two of dogs.