Friday, November 21, 2014

Adoptions & Arrivals!!

Thank you all very much for carrying on without me while I went on vacation!!  I truly appreciate how everything moves along even without me!  Like a well oiled machine!

Good news...Gouda and Darlene went home Wednesday night together. They are joining a family with two other cats and a dog as well as kids.  Each cat settled into the arms of a human sibling and seemed relaxed and ready to go!

Based on several reports that Raven was not settling in and seemed very stressed out she was brought back to the Shelter yesterday.   As I often remind everyone - not every cat can handle the Petsmart environment.  She and Eliza could be sisters, I suppose!

Poe was moved down to the lower tier so he can more easily be picked up and put back into the cage, or should he either choose to jump down or be put on the floor.  Marilyn, Cyrano and Jester are all doing well and were put on the top tier.

Two handsome all gray brothers, Popeye and Pluto, are on the lower tier with Poe.  Please leave Poe's door closed.  P & P are litter mates that came into the Shelter in early August as young kittens - maybe seven weeks old. Poor boys had a rough start and were very sick.  They are fine now and really cute!  You will be able to tell them apart by their collars.  They do not need to go together.  When dropped off they were very wary and afraid.  Please be careful letting them out for a few days.  They are very nervous and squirmy.  Hopefully they settle down soon.
Popeye and Pluto
Anya and Brody are in the big cage.  Sadly these two were last year's Christmas presents and now have been returned.  They are about a year and a half old.  They are not siblings however they are bonded and love one another. We are hoping they go home together.  Brody is not crazy about being picked up - few cats are though! They are nice, friendly cats and would do well in a home with other cats, kids and dogs.  Their family was moving and could not take Anya and Brody.  They did live with a dog


Special thanks to Cindy David who is taking over the cutting of the brown paper!!  Rolls were left on the shelf for her to take home.  Cindy, please ask a store associate to take a roll down when you need it.  Be careful!

Coverage is needed for one day next week - Wednesday, November 26, AM Cleaning.  Please let me know if you are available to cover.

At the beginning of December I will be setting up the schedule for 2015.  If you have a regular time and need to make a change please let me know.

We are again doing our Black Furr-iday cat adoption promotion.  We have 39 black cats available for adoption.  Fees are 75% off until Christmas.  Please share the below flyer with anyone who may be interested

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends - four and two legged alike.  Of course what we are most thankful for is all of you and everything you do for the Shelter and our precious cats and kittens!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

TJ & Colby Get To Go Home!

Since PetSmart employees were trained to help with adoptions we have seen an increase in the number of cats going home!!  TJ left last week and will be joining an elderly cat - 19 years old - and a hamster named Phineas. He will also have an 11 year old human sibling!  Sounds like a nice home for TJ!

Colby is leaving tonight. A young woman came into the store on Friday and met him and loved him!  She said she would be back on Saturday to do an application and left.  How many times have we heard that?  Well...this one did come back!! Yay! Colby will be the only pet in the house and will be quite spoiled!

Gorgeous Raven arrived today!!  She is a long haired torti and is beautiful.  She may remind you of a long haired Eliza but do not be afraid!  She is a friendly girl! She came into the Shelter in early August already spayed. We estimate her age at four years. Should someone recognize her check the paperwork and if it appears she belongs to them or they know where she belongs have them call the Shelter.

We will be doing our Black Furr-iday Special again this year.  All black cats will be 70% off from Friday, November 28 through Christmas Eve.  You will all receive the flyer via email to share!!

Dare I say that only one day needs to be filled on the November calendar?!  Special thanks to Toni for picking up Tuesdays through the month to cover for Kitty!  Right now Monday, November 17, AM Cleaning is the only open spot. If you can cover it let me know.  If you are reading this after Friday afternoon and can do it please call the Shelter. The below paragraph explains why!

IMPORTANT: I will be away from Friday evening, November 7,  through Saturday night, November 15.  I get home at 3:00am on Sunday morning, November 16.  During that time period if you need to cancel a day you are scheduled call the Shelter at 465-8923. If you have any information you need to pass on to the Shelter you can call or email  Remember...the Shelter is open seven days a week and the phone is answered until 4:00pm.

Should you need to cancel immediately and the Shelter is not open please call Crystal Blackburn and she will take care of getting the time slot covered.  Her phone number and email address were included in the email that accompanied this blog update.

I am sure this program is in good hands while I am away!  Thanks for everything!