Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Latest News.....

Time to play catch up and properly introduce the cats at PetSmart and give a wave and best wishes to those who have been adopted!! 

Happy tails to all of you....  Gia and Flower were picked up on schedule at the Shelter and went home.  Their new mom was really excited! As stated in an email I sent a while back Damsel was adopted.  Lovey left last Wednesday and will be joining two cats and two dogs.  Her parents bought her some new food bowls and toys as a welcome home present!! Tracey went home with a family to live in Springfield, Virgina.  The family was looking for a younger cat that would be a good fit for their eight year old son.  Tracey totally fit that bill!  The family has a relative they visit often here in Cape May County and stopped in the Shelter to meet our cats.  Once we heard what they were looking for we sent them down to PetSmart to meet him.  Spencer went to a home where he will have both a canine and a feline sibling.  I think that's everyone!!

I have been receiving a lot of emails and concerns about Dovey and her eyes.  Lovey was adopted so quickly and we were hoping Dovey would too.  They both came into the Shelter in mid-May at about five weeks old and were very sick.  Dovey's eye appears to have developed scar tissue - otherwise she is healthy.  Mid-July the vet advised us to leave the eye alone and just watch it.  For now we will keep her at the store and see how she does.  She is very sweet and hopefully someone will fall for her!  If the condition appears to worsen we will come and get her.
Perry is a big nice guy who has fell on some hard times in his life.  He first came into the Shelter in March of 2011 as a stray.  He was adopted a few months later and stayed in that home for over five years.  Somewhere along the line he was de-clawed.  In June of this year he was brought back to the Shelter because his owner was moving and the new roommate is allergic to cats.  He is a big, handsome fella about nine years old.  He is friendly and good with cats, kids and dogs.  He also qualifies for the Senior For Senior Program.
Perfect Perry
Lovely Linda is a sweetheart and is just over a year old.  She came in as a stray.  She cuddles and is a lap cat!  She will do fine in a home with cats, kids and dogs.  She just adores attention and people!
Lovely Linda
These two are breaking the chart on the cute meter!!  Gus and Garfield will be arriving tomorrow afternoon.  They are littermates so it would be nice if they went home together - however it is not required.  They are 3-4 months old and will acclimate to any home.  (Of course Garfield has the orange!)
Cutie Cute Gus and Garfield
I think I speak for everyone when I say Barb Clark is absolutely wonderful for adopting Starburst and Skittles!!  BEST news this summer!!

July is nearly over so please look to August and let me know what you can do. All but one are morning cleanings.  It is every Monday and a few Sundays (Deb and Warren are taking a little trip!  Safe travels, guys!) Below are the dates that need coverage:
Monday, August 3, AM
Tuesday, August 4, PM
Monday, August 10, AM
Sunday, August 16, AM
Monday, August 17, AM
Sunday, August 23, AM
Monday, August 24, AM
Sunday, August 30, AM
Monday, August 31, AM

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Adoptions, Arrivals and News

Glitter went home last Wednesday to a very excited little family!  She will have two human siblings, one canine sibling and mom and dad.  They have not had a cat for a couple of years.  Their last cat lived until 18 years old!  Hopefully that is an indication of how well Glitter will be taken care of and loved she will be.  Hopefully she has a similar long life!

Gia and Flower have been adopted together,  however will not be picked up until July 14 due to a preplanned vacation.  They were brought back to the Shelter to await their new family's arrival.  They will be the only pets with a doting mom and a twelve year old daughter. They are so excited!!   They had two cats in the recent past - one lived until 15 and the other lived until 18 years old! 

Noodles was picked up and is being transferred to the Animal Adoption Center.  They are a great little Shelter and he will be fine!  If you would like to know more about their shelter click on the link to the right with the title Animal Adoption Center of Lindenwold.  They also have a Facebook page.

So...you have four new arrivals at the store...Spencer, Tracey, Buffy and Damsel.  Allow me to introduce them...

Spencer and Tracey are littermates that came into the Shelter very recently...July 6.  This is a somewhat typical and annoying situation we see often.  The owner allowed her cat to have four kittens.  Of course five cats in your house is a far cry from one adult cat and four kittens.  Once the kittens become "teenagers" and are no longer little and cute and are running willy nilly throughout their home we are notified and told they are unable to keep so many cats.  So...here we are with Spencer and Tracey at four months old.   They are very nice and have been in a home.  They would adapt to any household...cats, kids and dogs.  They are like having two little boys in your home rip racing about and playing and rough housing! The new family will see this and so will you!  Tracey is buff colored with white boots and Spencer is a tabby swirl. Spencer cries to get out of the cage! I can't blame him!  He just spent the first four months of his life happily playing and exploring. Tracey is the calmer of the two.  Absolutely no need for them to go together.  At the shelter they were in different cages.

Buffy is about a year old and came from a home where many cats were being trapped and added to an outdoor TNR colony.  She was much too nice to be put outside!  She can be a tad shy initially but will come around just fine! 

Damsel is a sweet cat that came into the Shelter in early June as a stray.  She had a scrape like wound on her back so initially spent a lot of time in our sick bay.  Under the expert care of our medical staff and with plenty of TLC she healed and here she is! She is about ten months old.
As always please be patient with the new arrivals and let them acclimate to the new surroundings at  their own pace.  Do not force any of them to come out and play with the others.  Open their cage door and see what they do.  If they choose to stay in...so be it.  We so often hear people at the Shelter when choosing a new pet say "they will just have to get over it" or "put them together and let them work it out."  This is certainly not in the best interest of their pets!  As you all know we advocate for a slow introduction to a new home, a new environment and a new co-pet.

Schedule looks great!! One cancellation in July...Sunday, July 26, AM Cleaning.  If you are available please let me know.