Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doogie, Doug and an old friend go home!

Doogie went home Wednesday night. He went right into the carrier without any trouble as if anxious to get on with his new life. His new dad bought him a bed and some other stuff and off they went!

Doug went home Friday night. He and our friend Cassie were adopted together. They will be living with two little girls - ages 5 and 6 - who are thrilled to have them! For those who don't remember Cassie she was at PetSmart at the very beginning of September and didn't seem to like it so we brought her back to the Shelter. She was the sweet little gray cat found in Wildwood stuck under a house. She was wearing a collar at the time but no one claimed her even after a canvas of the neighborhood. Here she is:

Fern and Sabrina arrived today. Fern is about a year and half old and is very sweet. She loves to be held and petted. She likes other cats and would also do great with kids. She is a cutie and very soft! She is a tiger cat with a lot of white!

Sabrina is a torti between two and three years old. She is also a sweetheart and will do fine with other cats and with kids. She is missing a toe on her back left paw which may be a little sensitive. I know some of you guys trim nails so please be careful with her.

Leona had Sabrina and Fern out for a short time today when they first arrived - and after putting all the other guys away. The two walked around and did a little hissing and grumbling which is to be expected. As always give them time to settle in before forcing them to share quarters with the other cats. Let's see how they do first. Here they are:

Hold on Rhett!!! I'll keep you posted!! Hopefully he gets to go home for Thanksgiving!!!

The following dates are still open in December:
Thursday, Dec 9, AM cleaning

Friday, Dec 17, AM cleaning

Thursday, Dec 23, AM cleaning

Saturday, Dec 25 - only one cleaning - not sure what time

Special thanks to Anne and Leona for teaming up and volunteering to clean on Thanksgiving Day.

Mark you calendars: Sunday, December 12, 12-3pm is the volunteer and staff Christmas get together at the Shelter. This year Santa will be at the party to pose for pictures with pets from 12-2pm!! The public is invited to come get their pet's pictures taken as well! The pictures are free and donations are welcome. There will be plenty of food on hand as well! It should be a lot of fun! I hope to see many of you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jinx & Cali Were Short Timers!!

Most of you did not even get a chance to meet Jinx and Cali and they are already gone! Yes, they went home together just last night. A family had come into the Shelter and met them last weekend but did not complete an application. Well, they came into the Shelter yesterday and completed the application and were easily approved. They have two little dogs and three other cats - obviously animal people!! Jinx was a tad stressed last night when they were picked up so we checked on them today. They are doing fine!

This is surprising...Tigger has settled in wonderfully and they are loving him! He adapted immediately. JoJo is the one who is taking a little more time and is a tad stressed. And, initially they did not want Tigger! (Since we all were so fond of Tigger and Jinx and Cali were such short-timers I have decided to allow Tigger to continue to be the featured cat!!)

Two girls have moved into the big cage. Although they were bunking together at the Shelter they did not come in together. Please do not hesitate to take applications for them separately. Although at first you may think they will be difficult to tell apart they are not at all.

Stefania is a gray tiger that came to us as a stray in February. She is two years old. She is a love! She is the one with the sleek body and thin face.

Meow is also a gray tiger that is two years old. She is the pudgier of the two and has a round face. She was surrendered to the Shelter in March when her owner was moving and could not take her. She is a nice kitty and very loving.

Stefania is the first picture and Meow is the one below it.

The December schedule looks great already! Please take a look and let me know if you can fill any of the remaining spots.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hooray for Tigger!!!!

Yes, it is true!! Tigger has finally gone home! A family went to PetSmart and saw JoJo and Tigger in the cage together and initially chose JoJo. They came to the Shelter to complete an adoption application and decided to take Tigger as well. The boys will be living with an Old English bulldog and two boys - ages 7 & 9 - as well as mom and dad. Tigger came from a family of kids and dogs so should do fine. JoJo is so nice and easy going so he will be fine, too. They went home Wednesday night.

Sky and Mayhem are having trouble shaking an upper respiratory infection so we brought them back to the Shelter. I promise they will be back when they get better - hopefully they will get adopted before that, though!

Rhett and Gable took over the top row of cages Wednesday afternoon. These two came from a group of seven cats that were all trapped at one location where it appeared they were all inside/outside cats. Apparently the tenant in a rental property left them all behind when he moved out. The new tenant notified animal control and the cats were brought to the Shelter. Both are males about 6-8 months old and are very friendly and should do well in any situation. Rhett recently represented our Shelter cats at a visit to the Crest Haven Nursing & Rehab Center and did really well. Rhett is the brown tiger striped guy and Gable is black and white. Here they are:

Jinx and Cali took over the big cage today. These two are litter mates and are five years old. Their owners were moving and could not take them. Jinx is the black cat and Cali is, of course, the calico. They love each other! It seems bad luck is following them. A very nice woman came in and was adopting both of them. The day before she was to pick them up she learned her sister was very ill and needed her. She was really sad but could not go through with the adoption. She has promised to come back and get them as soon as she can but does not want to deter anyone else from choosing them as she is not sure when she will be able to actually bring them home. She paid the adoption fee but asked they continue to be available. If we find the right people we can waive the adoption fee. This is a pair that ideally will go home together. Please remember to tell their entire story to anyone who shows interest in one or both of these guys.

This weekend is another adoption event at PetSmart. We will have dogs at the adoption table on Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm. In addition we will have our regular adoption table hours on Friday from 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 2-4pm. Animal OutReach will also have volunteers at the store with Shelter cats on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Adoptions have been going so well (knock on wood)and let's hope it continues!

Please look ahead to December and let me know if you can fill in on any of the open dates.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sixty Goes Home & Sky Comes Back

Sixty went home last night. We all knew he wouldn't last long! He will be living with another cat and a Golden Retriever. Poor Mayhem will have to live without him.

Sky came back today. She is doing great! She is bunking with Mayhem and Doug on the top floor. Marilyn and Brandi are sharing cages on the bottom floor. The woman who put a hold on Marilyn picked two other cats at the Shelter and canceled the hold on Marilyn. We were so excited as she chose two five year old cats that were surrendered together. Unfortunately due to an illness in the family she had to withdraw the application completely.

Here's some GREAT news....Sheba was adopted from the Shelter!

I have received e-mails about Doug sneezing. I cleaned this morning and kept an eye on him and he wasn't sneezing. Let me know if you see it again. Also, just a reminder... When you observe something you think needs medical attention e-mail the shelter at and Cc me. Put Attn: PetSmart Medical in the subject line. Each morning and throughout the day the e-mail is checked at the Shelter and your message will be forwarded to the medical staff. In the event the e-mail is not being checked due to a holiday or sick day I will be aware of that and will see that the message gets where it needs to be. Please do not text me or only e-mail me. Also, between the hours of 8a-4pm you can call the Shelter as well.

Doogie, a long haired black male cat, arrived today. He is a nice cat and gets along with other cats, dogs and kids. He is on the lower level in a cage by himself. I think he will settle in just fine and after a day or two we can open the door and he can hang with Marilyn and Brandi. The guys seem so comfortable and happy when three share four cages with one cage being the "bathroom!"

I have two openings left this month and both are Thursday mornings...November 11 and November 18. Also, let me know if you are available to help with dogs for the adoption event at PetSmart on Saturday and Sunday, November 13 & 14.

I will be doing the schedule for 2011 that includes the regulars. Please let me know if you want to change anything.