Monday, September 19, 2016

Zoosh, Java and Oceana Get Adopted!

It was a good week!  Oceana went home last Saturday with a nice young couple and will be gaining a two year old feline brother.  Zoosh and Java went home together this past Saturday.  They will be joining a household with mom and dad, a young adult, a teenager and two big dogs - a Rottie mix and a German shepherd.  Wow!  The two dogs did live with cats in the past.  The Rottie is twelve years old and the Shepherd is four.  The new family does understand the need to move slowly when introducing the cats to the dog and to the home in general.

Three new guys arrived yesterday - two seniors and a young female.  Ysobel is pretty calico/torti that came into the Shelter in early August.  Her owner simply had too many cats - eighteen total - and could not care for all of them. Ysobel was an inside/outside cat at her last home.  She is sweet and will make a good companion!
Penny is a twelve year female polydachtal that has spend some time in the past with us.  She first came into the Shelter in December of 2007 at the age of three after her owner passed away.  She was adopted in March of the next year.  In early August of this year she was brought by a Good Samaritan who found her in Tuckahoe.  After being scanned for a microchip we found she had been adopted from us years ago.  We attempted to contact the person who adopted her and met with a dead end - the person had moved and the phone numbers were all dead ends.  Lets hope the third time is indeed a charm for Penny!  She will acclimate to any household
Gabriel is a feisty ten year old tom cat that likes to play rough!  He would do fine in a home with other cats and even dogs. He does not act his age!!  The below picture shows his wild side!! He came in as a stray in early July.

Of course both Penny and Gabriel qualify for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.

If you are available to do the adoption table on Sunday, September 25 please let me know.  Otherwise the rest of the month of September is covered.  Please look ahead to October and let me know what you can do.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Sage and Dusty Miller Go Home and Three New Cats Arrive

Dusty Miller and Sage went home on Labor Day.  These two lucky cats will be joining a household that is the definition of cat friendly.  The applicants have adopted from us in the past as well.  When we called for a vet reference the receptionist knew them immediately and said they are wonderful pet owners.  Dusty Miller and Sage joined Luke and Laura who were adopted from us last year, Sven, Dale, Penn, Woody and Pretty Boy.  Pretty Boy is 20 years old!  Sounds like a nice place for a cat to end up! 

Two youngsters and an elderly gentleman arrived at PetSmart yesterday.  Zoosh is an 11 year old male and qualifies for the Senior For Senior Adoption Program.  He has a wonderful, outgoing personality.  He is great with other cats and will be an instant pet.  Nothing worries Zoosh!  In his previous home he lived with four other cats.  Sadly all had to come to the Shelter in late July when their owner could no longer care for them
Marvin is 10 months old and came from a marina where the owner wants all cats removed.  He came in a tad unruly however has domesticated quite well! He will acclimate to just about any house hold.
Oceana is about four months old.  She, her two litter mates and her mom were brought into the Shelter in mid-July.  At that time little Oceana was about seven weeks old.  Mom went back to the community where she was trapped and the kittens stayed with us and went up for adoption.  She is so pretty and is a sweetheart, too!  She will acclimate to just about any household as well.
Sorry for the delay in dropping off more brown paper at the store.  Five rolls were brought last week so we are good for a while.  Cindy D will continue to take the paper home and bring it back all cut and ready to go.  (Thank you, Cindy!)

The annual fall PetSmart National Adoption Event is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, Sunday - September 16, 17 and 18.  Volunteers will be bringing dogs to the store all three days Noon-3:00pm.

The September calendar is just about complete.  Below are the dates that still need to be covered:
Saturday, September 10, Adoption Table, 2-4pm
Sunday, September 25, Adoption Table, 2-4pm
Friday, September 30, AM Cleaning